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A Fat Man Tells You About Fitness Apps

10h ago - John The Braptist for Fully 'Avin It writes: Remember Wii Fit? That was fun, wasn’t it? Pretendin... | iPhone

What The 3DS LL Should Have Been

1d 12h ago - MegaJon28 writes "The 3DS LL has been announced and looks to be an improvement over the 3DS XL. T... | Wii

Will Minecraft be the Biggest Selling Game Ever?

2d ago - TG-Gaz questions whether Minecraft will one day be the Biggest Selling Game ever and the reasons... | PC

Harmonix unveils A City Sleeps, a ‘music-driven shoot ‘em up’

3d ago - Harmonix, the developer of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, have unveiled a teaser for a new shoot ‘em... | PC

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

ADG | Short And Simple Review: Double Dragon Trilogy (Ouya)

4d ago - ADG reviews Double Dragon Trilogy on the Ouya. | Android

Top 10 Video Games About Cats

4d ago - The top 10 games about cats is a purrfect list (no regrets) for gamers with cats. | Xbox

The Gamebrit Podcast - #010 — Bum Bag Dogs

4d ago - Sound the double digit klaxon! Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast has reached episode... | PS4

Psichodelya Review mousenjoypad

4d ago - Josh over at MouseNJoypad reviews Psichodelya for the PC. | PC

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 Walkthrough

4d ago - "Our Build-a-Lot Mysteries 2 Walkthrough features thorough written instructions as well as comple... | PC

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Walkthrough

5d ago - "Our Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Walkthrough features all the advice, hints, and information... | PC

Joe & Kieran Play - Mount Your Friends

5d ago - The two guys get all on top of each other in today's Steam video. | PC

The Republican Party has made a video game for election aid

5d ago - The Republican Party has created an 8-bit platformer game named Giopi: 2014 Mission Majority. | PC

Flappy Bird creator has been accused of plagiarising to create Swing Copters

5d ago - Another Dong Nguyen game, another cloning controversy. But this time it's the Flappy Bird creator... | iPhone

The OUYA Plans To Bring Its Games To China

6d ago - Remember the OUYA? The Kickstarter-funded Android gaming console that stumbled out the door despi... | Arcade

Are Card Games Cool Again? | MONG

8d ago - illgrillchill writes: "When I was in elementary school, a major Japanese franchise hit American... | Casual games

Top 10 Worst Mario Party Minigames

8d ago - Excerpt from the article: "Mario Party has accumulated a gigantic library of 648 Minigames across... | GameCube

By Jove! Finally a Game for Upstanding Gentleman Comes To Android: Hardcore Droid News

8d ago - I got a chance to play this game at PAX East this past April and I loved it. It’s ridiculous, com... | iPhone

The Overseas Connection Podcast #283

8d ago - The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE (Gaming For The Elderly) Community weekly podcast disc... | PC

Destiny Game Official Trailer Collection – Continuously Updated

9d ago - I collect the destiny official trailer video, just like a movie, what do you think? | Xbox 360

Dota 2 combined with Pokemon is a thing now

9d ago - Someone is creating a Pokemon mod for the Dota 2 Workshop. | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

My Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games

9d ago - "The Nintendo 64 was the console to own when I was a kid. It pretty much defined my childhood.... | Culture

Modojo: What's The Deal With Flappy Bird And What's A Swing Copter, Anyway?

9d ago - Brittany Vincent of Modojo writes: "The game was called Flappy Bird, and it took the entire mo... | iPhone

Monument Builders: Alcatraz Walkthrough

10d ago - "Our Monument Builders: Alcatraz Walkthrough is just the thing you need to help you tackle the mo... | PC

Modojo: Swing Copters Tips and Tricks

11d ago - Brittany Vincent of Modojo writes: "So you've just downloaded Swing Copters at the behest of h... | iPhone

Checkmate: I Got Burned by an Indie Game

11d ago - How not to get burned buying new indie games, no matter how trendy and promising they may seem.... | Culture
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