Racism row over Nicki Minaj Nintendo gaming ad

The commercial for the Wii release Just Dance 2014, which appears to include the N-word, has shocked scores of telly viewers.

Tracks by acts including One Direction and Lady Gaga are on the game, which is aimed at the teen market.

But marketing execs picked Nicki Minaj’s track Starships for the publicity campaign, which has been running for almost a fortnight and is shown in slots before the 9pm watershed.

The short clip includes the lyric “My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki” which is said quickly.

When rapped by the singer, she appears to say the word “n****r”.

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majiebeast1802d ago

Pretty big oversight by Nintendo and Ubisoft if its even true.

Kingthrash3601802d ago

imma say this being a black person...this annoys me when people dont understand what we say so imma let yall know

1. she would never say [email protected] never, no. thats dumb to assume.
2. no rapper say [email protected] in their songs...thats just wrong and also dumb to assume.
3. what we say is [email protected], notice the "a" at the end.
4 [email protected] is acually spelled n.i.g.g.a each letter has a meaning. it truly means
this is something that is in the black culture so if you dont understand thats fine, just think how you dont understand koreans when they talk. its similar...a better example jamaicans speak english just in a really deep accent that unless your are jamaican you wouldnt understand unless you really listen.
so thats my public service and 1 of many black culture secrets you may not know....also btw let me clear this up too.....rodney king had nothing to do with the L.A. riots. the police beat up blacks all the time... it was over a korean store owner killing a innocent 15 year old girl the same day as the rodney king beating...that why all thos stores got burned down (we are very over protective of black woman)..that riot was a imbarassment imo but the media misled people on the "n" word and the riots.
...your welcome

Peekayboo1802d ago

Never Ignorant?

That's ironic, LOL

Kingthrash3601802d ago

lol see, its people like you who hide behing a computer screen and mumble things...what so ironic? are you saying blacks as a race are ignorant? if so do you feel your are not ignorant for beliving such a thing? ive told you what [email protected] means...can you tell me what [email protected] means originally and why blacks were tagged with such a ugly word? i can, im sure you can too ,you know because your so smart.

Sitdown1802d ago

Going to go out on a limb and say you are not black.....and if so, please stop.

Kingthrash3601802d ago

lol man whatevs this is a gaming site but to see so many disagrees on this topic is me im black or dont whatever man. but to tell me not to try to have people understand my race more is something i would never do. i got nothing to prove i was just trying to stop the confusion of blacks saying the "n" word and the differance of the two similar words...just so saddening to see peekayboo below me have less disagrees than my comment was fact and not disrespectful to anyone while his disrepected millions of people...smh. im done.

snipab8t1802d ago

Um no matter what the spelling is, it means 'nigger' which was a derogatory term used for negros by white man. Personally, I dislike how people continue to use this word in ordinary language and in music, especially as their ancestors may have been called 'nigger' in a racist and demeaning context.

zeal0us1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Sorry but the n-word ending with "a" instead of "er" does not means that.

Some see the term "n*gga" as a way of taking the word n*gger back and making it something of our own.

While others(Oprah for ex) view the word no different from the word n*gger.

I personally find it stupid someone would call their friends and or family a derogatory term that was used to label slaves. There are several others words one could use instead.

Eyeco1801d ago

I'm going to tell YOU something as an educated black man, I don't advocate the use of tthe "n" word in any shape or form, it was a derogatory term used to demean an entire race. It's an ugly relic of our past and serves no purpose in today's modern society whatsoever, usage of the word is another form of self hate, it's shameful, embarrassing and an insult to our ancestors.

And how did you end up with the L.A riots of 92 ?

BX811801d ago

@ kingthrash360 step into my office.... Because you're [email protected] fired! No this is not a black culture psa. It amazes me that you verbally oppress your self and others and think its normal. No worries I'll call dr. Phil for u.

Letros1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Or maybe they mean the same thing it's just that some people choose to not pronounce the "er" at the end of all their words. The word should never be spoken by anyone, that's when it will go away.

1nsomniac1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@Kingthrash360 That's the stupidest thing I've ever read... Did you get this from Wikipedia??

You sir are an embarrassment to the black community if indeed you are black or just a poor attempt at a troll..

HellaWasted1801d ago

Saying Nig**r or Nigga are not the same thing. I've known this since middle school back in the late 90s, and I'm not black nor white. Come on people!!

refocusedman1801d ago

Its sad an its says alot for the state of affairs in the black community when you have people trying to justify the N word. No its not okay, and many people who died to give blacks a better life are rolling over in their grave because of the overwhelming ignorance. So please dont justify ignorance with a lame acronyom. The statement abt the LA riots......... No disrespect but sometimes its good to just keep your internal thoughts internal. People did not burn down store because of Rodney king or a innocent child, people rioted because they were ignorant and saw opportunity (yeah I little girl was murdered and a black man was almost beaten to death....... so im gonna get me a brand new tv). Not to mention, the jamaican language is a derivative of the english langauge due to it being a colony of Britian until 1962 and the langauge isnt only an accent but, has words, terminology, and phrases that are authentic to the jamaican culture.

nypifisel1801d ago

That's the most absurd and stupidest thing I've heard in a long while lol.

FragMnTagM1801d ago

@Kingthrash, definition of nigger: Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

That is why Never, IGNORANT, Getting, Goals, Accomplished, is ironic.

No offense to any black people.

Blacksand11801d ago Show
DragonKnight1801d ago

You know what I hate? I hate that a stupid 6 letter word (or 5 depending on how you say it) is being censored by so many people because words rule their lives. Geez.

mochachino1801d ago

I'm black and totally disagree.

I think everyone should just stop using it, especially black people. A racial slur is a slur no matter who says it. And it's never an acronym.

inveni01801d ago

I think there's some confusion here over the difference between black culture and just plain ol' inner city culture. It's an insult to millions of blacks to pretend that the "n-word" in any form is part of the culture. What a joke. That would be like saying racism is a part of white culture. It's not. There are just some racist whites. And there are some blacks who think they're cool. Quit drawing a line between black culture and white culture. There's no such thing anymore unless the groups choose to segregate themselves.

Heisenburger1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

So... I can say [email protected]@a then, correct?

You keep calling yourselves racial slurs, but pretend that it's something else. Nobody throws around the slur for Chinese people now do they?

Oh no we changed a letter to an a, because English hasn't been butchered enough(All of us have attributed to that specific part. Didn't want that to sound like I meant that only BLACK people screwed up the language)

And now a terrible hateful word is now magically okay to use. But only if you have darker skin.

It doesn't sound like you want the world to be equals, you simply want the benefits whilst simultaneously getting special treatment.

Just like some of the feminist out there. There is nothing *wrong with seeking women's rights, or equal rights. It's the blatant hypocrisy surrounding all of it that is counterproductive.

MagnusX1801d ago

Im addressing this article first "oniki" doesn't seem to me racist or a big deal. Addressing "thrash" umm you just set black people back at least 50 years lol

hankmoody1801d ago

Let someone who isn't black say the word "nigga" around a bunch of black people and see what happens.

Bimkoblerutso1801d ago

I'm going to be honest here...I hear the "n" word muttered, in one form or another, on a daily basis at my work.

...I work at a High School.

And now Nintendo and Ubisoft are going to get crucified for releasing a commercial containing a word that KIND OF sounds like it?

Yeah, this certainly hasn't gotten out of hand. /s

venom061801d ago

man... this is the DUMBEST P.O.S response/explaination i've have EVER seen on N4G... dude, IM A BLACK MAN AS WELL... and it's pathetic that us blacks folks feel its ok to say that say that STUPID [email protected]#$ word, but get made when non-blacks say that same thing. THAT'S PURE IDIOTIC IGNORANCE ON OUR PART..... PERIOD.... if others can't say it, NO ONE SHOULD SAY IT... PERIOD... this is why the majority of our people are jail and having kids out of wedlock, because so many of us are too stupid to realize our culture is corrupted from the acceptance to us using that horrible, disgusting word on ourselves... GTFO with your lame explanation..

Hicken1801d ago

Okay, so here's the thing, and it may shock you:

Different words have different meanings to different people or groups of people. And, over time, words gain new meanings and lose old ones.

Nigger will never go away. Deal with it. There will always be some ignorant fools who look at my skin color and have that word pop into my head. Frankly, I consider it sad more than offensive, as using it as an insult denotes a small-minded individual.

But you're all rather close-minded, yourselves, if you think there isn't a difference in how people use the word. I'm seriously sick of people trying to tell others "You can't change the definition of this word to something positive. It HAS to be negative."

To hell with that. "Shit" was a negative word for... centuries? Excrement, regardless of the term, has never had a positive connotation... until now. Now it has both positive and negative definitions.

If you wanna be offended, then do so, but be offended for yourself, not for anybody else. As for me? I intend to own the word, to give it a definition I prefer; it's hard for somebody to insult you with a positive word, isn't it?

Kingthrash has his own definition of what the word means, and it's in direct contrast with what it was originally used for.

Isn't that fine? Isn't there enough negativity in the world? Can we not change some of it into something positive?

It's almost as if people want us to react and feel a certain way. "No, damn that. You WILL be offended when somebody calls you a nigger. You will not rise above the ignorance. You WILL be upset, want to fight, do whatever. But you WILL NOT change things."


Dirkster_Dude1801d ago

A derogatory word used by black people to retain (and exploit) their ancestors past as slaves. Many blacks claim it's a term of endearment (akin to brother, homie, etc), but in no way can it be as its root meaning is ignorance. It's another double standard of racism in our current time.

xHeavYx1801d ago

My question to Nintendo is, if they want to show diversity, why not hire a black person who is not a self centered B who has no talent other than showing her "guns"?

Underworld1801d ago

Accidentally clicked agree. Meant to disagree.

GraveLord1801d ago

Why did you get so any disagrees? What you said is true. You forgot to mention how "nig*a" is used as an alternative to "bro" in hip hop culture. It's not used as an insult.

Lord_Sloth1801d ago

Actually it didn't start as an acronym so you're wrong. It started as a misspronunciation of the big N word just like "Sista", "Brotha", and "Gangsta" and what-not. No it doesn't stand for anything, it's just a mispronounced word. Tell yourself what you will but do not parade your falsehoods as facts.

edwick1801d ago

but yet, if a white dude said that in a subway, he'd still end up in the hospital.

Realplaya1801d ago

As a black person if you do not realize that no matter if it's a a or a r at the end the it stills means the same thing your crazy. I understand that it's just music but please don't try to justify the use of such a discriminatory word.

Kingthrash3601801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

wow..such a large crowd...most still dont understand what im saying...smh.
look up [email protected]
now look up [email protected] find nigga anywhere? yeah i know, and thats why i put up the true definition.
to really think rappers call each other [email protected] is just baffling.
most of you dont know and just want [email protected] to mean [email protected] just trying to stop the confusion.... OR YOU CAN REMAIN CONFUSED idc.

btw ALMOST EVERYONE SAYS [email protected] SAYS [email protected] that word was eliminated and reduced to the few racial cowards who use it in this country.
im not offended by people who say [email protected] or [email protected] because both are words thats all. its 2013 people! my president is black and nobody is getting hurt over this topic. times have changed for the better i take offence to none of the opinions above because we couldnt have this kind of debate 60 years ago.
hats off to nikkie too GET IT!

wishingW3L1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

between latino friends we often use the word "cabron" to denote each other like "yo cabron what are you doing today" and stuff like that but this is not a word you would use to call someone else you're not friends with or that you don't even know (it's a derogatory word). Well, the same happens with the word "nigga", a word you only use between friends and people you know.

Why is this concept so hard to understand to some people? I don't know, maybe they are too closeminded and fixated on traditional thinking based on a black & white world. But then again, of-course you could get beat up by latinos if you call them "cabron" without even knowing them/him too because they are gonna take it as an insult.

There's a place and a time for everything.

Kingthrash3601801d ago

i would like to shake your hand man....awsome comment.

solid_snake36561801d ago

So if "nigga" and "nigger" are two different things, are we as white people allowed to call black people "niggas"?

KwietStorm1801d ago

As a black man myself, you make me sick. In 2013 a you're still trying to justify the use of the word, and you get upset when other "races" use it. Of course they're going to because the way you all throw it around like it's nothing, young and old, you're telling everyone it's ok to use it, that it's completely non offensive. Never ignorant getting goals accomplished. How old are you? I've never heard something so stupid in my life. Making up acronyms for something like that is something young teenagers do because it's cool. So what, you call yourself a nigga because you're getting goals accomplished? That's the best you could come up with? Christ man.

Deltaguy1801d ago

lol dude wrong place for these kinda comments...

Lord_Sloth1801d ago

Actually you CAN find "Nigga" via search. It brings you to a page on Wiki which tells you it's an offshoot of "Nigger". See for yourself...

NarooN1801d ago

Well I happen to be black...But that acronym is incredibly stupid (and also blatantly incorrect if that's what the rappers nowadays actually mean when they say it, LOL!)


Bullshit.......nigga and [email protected] needs to be deleted from the english language and done with.

NewAgeisHere1801d ago

White man in America invents a racial slur that only he man makes his own version of this word.....white man forbids black man from using it....gotta love America.....home of freedom and democracy....

cleft51801d ago

I am Black as well, you only speak for yourself. Stop trying to assume you can speak for all other Black people one way or the other.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc it doesn't matter, people can only speak for themselves not others. You have one way of seeing thing, that doesn't make your way correct or wrong, it is just your one way of seeing things. Do try to remember that.

Ritsujun1801d ago

Tell me the definition of nippa, teacher.

FamilyGuy1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Wtf, are people retarded? She doesn't say the n word during that part of the song in either the clean or explicit versions. I don't care what people "think it sounds like", that's not what she says in any situation.

What's wrong with peoples ears? There's nothing wrong with the ad aside from the warping sound they use during transitions to make the commercial more dynamic.
the ad:

You guys are so focused on the topic of "the N-word" that you don't realize how pointless this whole discussion is. On that topic:

1. I'm black
2. I almost never use the word nigga, not because I'm against it but rather because it just doesn't fit in my manner of speaking.
3. When I do say it it's describing some one acting wild or stupid, not "endearing" by any means. I don't "my niggas", I say "those niggas", as in people I don't like or associate with cuz they're acting immature/like idiots
5. I don't care who uses the word "nigga" as long as it fits with they way they talk in general. People that use a lot of slang or consider themselves "hood".
6. If someone calls me "nigga" it does not effect me but if a white guy (yes, white in particular) called me "nigger" I'd try my best to hospitalize the guy. None have though, only over the internet.

kornbeaner1801d ago

Dude don't bother, I grew up in Long Beach, CA and let just say that I grew up with the word begin thrown around by everyone. Black, Brown, Islander even a few select white folk, HA!.

It's a culture thing, you either understand it or you don't. [email protected] is not the same as nigg3r, but people outside of the culture would not understand. Even if the history of the word started as a racial slur the meaning of racial origins have been so heavily diluted that the word [email protected] basically means Homie, Homeboy or friend in today's day of age.

And if this sounds stupid to some people, which I know it must. Remember the word Gay used to mean Happy. Now it is used to describe someone who loves a person of the same gender.

IceKoldKilla1801d ago

I literally just showed this to my black friends and they just laughed at your comment. How can you be so stupid? You really think black people think of each letter and their significance when they say nigga? You just made that up. People also need to stop crying over a word. It's just a word. The meaning you give it in certain situations is what makes it good, bad or neutral. Like I just used it to explain what I explained. Did I try insult or offend someone? NO! If you felt offended I'm sorry but you need to open your eyes to more important things than stupid people using the word. Here: "The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger ("color black"). Often used slightingly, by the mid 20th century, particularly in the United States, it suggested that its target is extremely unsophisticated. Its usage had become unambiguously pejorative, a common ethnic slur usually directed at blacks of Sub-Saharan African descent." Like me getting offended when called Brown. Just silly. America has gave it a horrible meaning and the people getting offended only help keeping it alive as an insult. If everyone calmed down and didn't give a shit then it wouldn't be a big deal.

DoggyBiscuit1801d ago

I'm from the Bronx and everybody says Ni99a even Spanish and white dudes and nobody gets beat up for saying it

Pushagree1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

This comment is probably going to get lost in the sea of text, but whatever.

First off, I am white, but I am not going to use that to justify any sort of position. Being one race or another doesn't give you any more right to speak on a subject. That in itself implies that there is something "different" about me that excludes me from this, which is not true. There are no inherent differences between races, and saying that there are is ultimately the true definition of racism. What really gives someone a more valid opinion over another is their use of logic and facts to back up their views and that knows no racial boundaries.

Anyway, on the GER/GA thing being two different words, that is just not true. The reason for the supposed "a" or "er" sound heard at the end is because of accents, just like how someone might hear someone say "somethin'" insead of "something", the "g" sound is missing because of an accent, but no one says those are two different words. It is one word used with different accents.

When it comes to trying to take a slur and turn it into a term of endearment, that too has ultimately failed. Notice that the only kind of black people that are called "n***a" by other black people are those who are perceived to fall into negative black sterotypes, mostly economic or legal. Black people that choose to make something out of their lives (and there are a alot of them) are never referred to in this way because they have lost that "blackness" somehow by staying out of jail and making something out of their lives. See the problem here? The word, despite the attempts to take the negative out of it, has been turned around again to insult the "lower class" of black people by other black people within their own community. It's a subtle, but still very effective way of placing suggestions into a black person's mind that all he will never be is a "n***a" and never a "black person". There is nothing empowering about that whatsoever.

The only thing that the GER/GA distinction has ultimately done is desenitize a word that should never have been densenitized. People wouldn't argue over whether this word is offensive today if it wasn't for the rap communities ludicrous attempt to "take back the word" in the 90s. There should be no controversy of whether a racial slur is offensive or not. The word is rooted in way too much history to ever change and it's best to just label the word as offensive no matter what context it is used in or what person is using it.

Of course, you could go the other way, say the word is no longer offensive because it has been densitized so much and just allow everyone to use it, but I don't see that as the best way to go. Either way, we have one word. Decide whether it is offensive or not. It can't be both.

Outside_ofthe_Box1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It's not simple as a lot of people are making it seem.

People of all races (in the US at least) use the word nigga. Black people aren't the only ones that use it. I've seen White, Spanish, Asian, Indian, etc. use the word nigga among themselves and in the presence of other black people. No blood was shed.

Whether or not someone is offended by the n word depends on the individual. There are black people that will be offended if you say nigga no matter if it ends with an 'a' or 'er', no matter if you are black or not, and no matter if you are saying it directly to them or not.

Most people that use nigga use it among people they are familiar with. Some people use it to refer to a male so anywhere someone would normally say 'guy' or 'dude', nigga would be used instead. People that live in "the hood"/projects, the word nigga is part of their everyday vocabulary. There is really a lot situational, context, tone, location etc. sh!t that goes on in the use and meaning of the word nigga. That's the thing people really need to understand. You can't look at it from one perspective.

Also that:


acronym is from 2Pac's song N.I.G.G.A . That is where Kingthrash360 got that from. He didn't make up out of thin air, but that isn't the "true" meaning.

nosferatuzodd1801d ago

I'm black and what you say is bullshit sir and I'm Jamaican has well..

koloco91801d ago

"what so ironic?"

the definition of ni**er is ignorant, so misspelling it is supposed to mean some acronym that most people(black or otherwise) have never heard before? I am a black man in my 30s, my father was a Black Panther in the Bay Area in the 70s. Your defence of the word and excuses for "why its not the same" is embarrassing.

bviperz1801d ago


You claim to be a black person, yet you say in #2 that no rapper has put the n-word in their songs. You clearly have not heard of N.W.A. You my friend, should turn in your black card.

InTheLab1801d ago

What is this s***? I'm Black and I can tell you there is no difference between Nigger and NIgga. NOne. It's 2013 and the word needs to die.

You listen to too many of these ignorant rappers and comedians telling you the word is something positive and it isn't.

When someone steals your car, what do you say? Them Niggas stole my car. They're not your boys or your friends.

It's an ignorant word for ignorant people and no one I know uses the word.

Ask yourself this. If Doctor ML King were alive today and you got a chance to sit down and talk to him, would you call him a Nigga? No you wouldn't and it will kill him to know his struggles were basically in vein because our people continue to use a word that proves how backward our people are.

BobBelcher1801d ago

dumbest sh*t I ever heard. People can put a spin on 'nigga' all day long, but kids don't know sh*t about our history or they just don't care. It's a negative connotation turned positive through jesture and now- now it's something that's just said JUST BECAUSE. Why the word's still relevant is beyond me, blame it on the media, pop-culture, or whatever else- It really doesn't matter. All I know is- N.I.G.G.A. might mean something to you, but I can guarantee that the N.A.A.C.P. doesn't confirm or officialize this.

thejigisup1801d ago

Racism is so worthless. Words only have meaning is you give them meaning. Minaj uses the word nigga in a song or Miley Cyrus New twerk dlc in just dance... which is worse?

UltimateMaster1801d ago

Well, at least it's nice that Nintendo and Ubisoft actually tried to clean up most of the explicit lyrics in all the songs, nonetheless.

Why they didn't block the N word, I don't know.
Most black people use the N word to refer people among themselves, but a white person can't use it.

It is still? If a white person were to say "you're a good N*word" would it still be offensive today?
If so, please tell me as a reply.

Because I don't really think people Should be racist by today's standards.
I mean, we have a black President, it just shows how people aren't racist.
Now if only we could get a woman president...

IaMs121801d ago

The N word is a derogatory word no matter who says it, white, Mexican, Asian, even black. I don't understand why the black culture says it to each other its just a bad word... The main reason racism is still very prevalent is the fact that a lot of black people make it an issue. I look at someone wrong im racist or say anything wrong regarding the color of that persons skin... Its happened i live in a majority black neighborhood.

BoNeSaW231801d ago

I think the G key on your keyboard is messed up. You should get it checked.

SITH1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I'm black and I disagree with you. The word is stupid and when fellow black people say it to me I tell them, "that is not my name, learn my name, or shut the FK up talking to me." Other races do not say it to me. My response would probably be little more physical than just verbal. And regardless, she never used the N-word in any format in the song anyways.

UltimateMaster1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Yeah, tough so.

It's just black people use it among themselves sometimes.

I don't think we are racist as a society, or at least we shouldn't be.

I don't judge someone by the color of their skin, just by their actions they take.

denero11801d ago

hello sir and props to you :) its hard for us black males -_-

2pacalypsenow1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )



When blacks stop calling white people crackers , have BET , black singles dating site, having all black cast movies then you can bitch about racism , IM sick of all these people who think cuz they are black they cant be racist all of that is racist

GoldenRimz1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Tupac didn't make up the word 'nigga,' and even if it's in black culture it doesn't make it right to say, nor does should it be on the advert. She never even said the word in the song anyway, so this article is pointless.

"My name is ONIKA, you can call me Nicki."

I believe people are trying to turning this into a context thing. It's not. Stop it. It's her name, obviously.

HAC5221800d ago

if "that" is actually an acronym, then, quite honestly, probably less than 5% of the words users are aware of it.

maddfoxx1798d ago

I'm black, and I never use any version of the N word. Its all the same no matter how you spell. . . a word used to put black people down. Only the ignorant use it.

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Eonjay1801d ago

Believe it or not, context is way more important than the language itself.

chazjamie1801d ago

Heres the link. most racist shit i ever seen. wtf is wrong with this world.

JustInTlME1801d ago