Rumour. Massive 75% HMV Sell Off on Pre-Owned Games

Frugal Gaming has it from a very good and reliable source that all HMV stock is to be sold off at a massive discount to clear stock. Includes PS4 and Xbox One stock - Writes UglyGeezer

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1nsomniac1327d ago

You've got nothing to be annoyed about, I'm from UK & HMV got shut down & died off a long, long time ago nationwide.

I don't know who this website is I've never heard of them but there picture also shows "Blue Cross Sale" posters which are from a chain store in the UK called Debenhams & not HMV lol

BlueCroup1327d ago

Actually those posters are the ones HMV used over Xmas

jackanderson19851327d ago

eh no it did not... they've opened up alot of their stores again... in ireland they've partnered with Xtravision...Hilco bought em out

dunno where you got your facts from cuz they're blatant lies.... also HMV tried out the blue cross sales tactic at least once... probably more

Spurg1327d ago

Funny cuz I was in westfield the other day I saw HMV still open.

Care to explain why it was still open????

ninjagoat1327d ago

HMV is still open Belfast town centre Northern Ireland last i checked we are in the UK ;).

Goro1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

HMV went like Zavvi, their stores were all shut down but they still sell on the internet.

Edit: Oh, only the Irish HMV stores all shut down, the UK ones were saved.

asmith23061326d ago

@xYakuzaz UK and Ireland HMVs are still open. I was in HMV in Dublin last friday.

Baylex1326d ago

Well maybe I'm crazy... but I swear to God that yesterday I was inside a HMV store... oh but maybe it wasn't, it's just me imagining things LOL

liquidhalos1326d ago

HMV Cheltenham is still going strong, I haven't popped down to check if this sale stuff is true because frankly im uninspired by the console release games and unfortunately my nephew nabbed my old 360. Until ISS, the division and watchdogs drops ill stick to the PS+ freebies and save my pennies. Good gaming to those who are able to take advantage though.

Baylex1326d ago

Just so you know.. I've been today in a HMV store and I didn't see any discounts on the pre-owned games. At least in the kingston store there wasn't any discounts...

mixelon1326d ago

The HMV in Leeds is still fully operational. I bought my Vita there a couple of weeks ago. :)

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1nsomniac1327d ago

...Didn't all HMV stores close down 6-12 months ago????

Manic20141327d ago

No they were, but were bought out by another company.

1nsomniac1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The buy-out fell through & was never completed as far as I was aware that's why all stores have now been shut down.

I haven't seen an open HMV in at very least 8 months.

jackanderson19851327d ago

Hilco did indeed buy them out and reopened a good chunk of their stores... also bought out xtra vision in ireland and now they've a partnership here which is handy.

1nsomniac is pulling information from nowhere

FrugalDaz1327d ago

There are still numerous HMV stores around the UK. And HMV also had blue cross sales.

deep_fried_bum_cake1327d ago

Oh, I might pop into one then and see if I can get something good.

BattleTorn1327d ago

Probably over a year ago, a new shopping mall was being built near my rents house, and on the corner unit a HMV opened up...
both my dad and I were like "what. are. they. thinking?!?"

It was gone in no time.

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