Has Sony scrapped the XMB?

With the PS Vita brining a new interface to the line of Sony PlayStation products, what happened or will happen to the XMB?...

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Abash2608d ago

While the XMB is classy, it's a little bare bones. Sony also has to make an interface on their next console where they can advertise their games better, similar to what the the 360 does

jidery2608d ago

UI's change drastically every generation, I doubt that next gen will be any exception.

MaxXAttaxX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I think it's 360 that's doing something similar to what PS3 does instead.

Haven't you noticed how the new Xbox interface is going to look more like the PS3's XMB?
Here's 360:
Here's PS3:
They just freaking replaced the symbols with words(video, music, games)in the same horizontally layered sections LMAO

Livin_in_a_box2608d ago

@Nathan you know, I never even noticed that.

Still, I think there's something about the XMB that makes it feel a little empty. It might just be me, but I can't really say what it needs.

MisterAV2607d ago

that's thew new metro design for zune, live and windows 8

GrieverSoul2607d ago

I dont think the XMB is boring.
Looking at that picture might look boring but the dynamic themes makes the XMB awesome.

^^^Look at this! Awesome! The xmb is simple and really organized. No problems with it on my end.

I_find_it_funny2607d ago

I think their new UI will be more in your face with all new PSS stuff, deals, etc.
Right now you don't what going on unless you go to the store

ElementX2607d ago

"UI's change drastically every generation"

Um.... no. This is the only generation with a UI. The previous generations required you to insert a disc/cartridge when you powered on. There were no UIs in previous generations.

ABizzel12607d ago

The XMB is bare bones, but to the point. It's a very business minded UI.

The NXE is similar, but it has video clips playing, trailers, and other things that you can see instantly to help you find what you want quicker, and they also highlight specific games to promote those games.

The XMB works, but it's not fun compared to the competition.

Oner2607d ago

@ NathanExplosion ~ Also how the NXE update changed the blades to mimic/copy how the XMB basically works. Here look

PS3 XMB: you scroll left and right to select category, then up and down within the category.

360 NXE: you scroll up and down to select category, then right and left within that category.

Nothing new from MS, just the same old copy/spin and tout it's revolutionary when others have done it before.

Blooper622607d ago

I personally love the XMB its straight to the point I know what I'm looking for and where to find it. Its all automatically loaded in front of me. The NXE killed it for me on the xbox I mean just to watch a video I have to do 10 button presses on the PS3 its left and select movie. it doesn't get a simpler. Also all consoles last gen had a UI its just there was nothing to do but manage memory cards, except on the xbox it had a xbox live selection and could play music which was awesome at the time!

Klaykid1232607d ago

The PS2 had a UI to some extent. If you took out the disc you could go to your memory card and launch the disc, eject it etc. Very basic though.

DarkTower8052607d ago

Am I the only one who likes the XMB? It's like the XP of consoles, simple and to the point. No need to change it and I hope they never do. If anything Sony should make an alternate UI and offer it as an option where you can switch between the two.

Bull5hifT2607d ago

I have a feeling there ps4 is going to use that SUPER ZOOM tech for the hud... The one where you get a page with buttons mini view of next page and you click on it and it zooms into it and in there , it keep going further in , i though it was a pretty clean way to navigate... Im on my itouch 4g im not sure if i can post a video from youtube

the_best_player2607d ago

The XMB is so good and supports really nice dynamic themes.

Dee_912607d ago

i dont really care about the xmb its okay the way it is .. could be better ofcourse but
i just want them to work on the internet browser and the stuff your downloading..downloading multiple items at once would be great

admiralvic2607d ago

@ Nathan

That is actually Microsoft trying to unify all their OS's in a similar metro theme. The square patterns also appear on the Windows 7 phone + Windows 8. Thats just how they got it working for the Xbox.

The Great Melon2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


That would give it a really unique feel. I hope they look into implementing that zoom tech.

The XMB is great until you start to accrue a large stock of games, music, videos, etc. Right now digging around my games is a little tedious. I wish I could make custom folders in the current XMB. That would improve the experience greatly for me. Also I would like to turn off some of the services that appear in the various vertical bars that I don't use.

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BiggCMan2608d ago

I think the 360 dashboard is way to cluttered with advertisements and useless shit. I like the layout of it, just not what's presented on it. I do agree that the XMB is a bit boring though, but it is very efficient and easy to use as well, and also looks nice.

NellyNel_7_1_32608d ago

i totally agree with your statement...

vishant1012607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

turn them off?

you can its just hard figuring out where its located

Adolf Hitler2607d ago

That's just for email advertisements. You can't get rid of the ads on the dashboard unless you disconnect the system from the internet.

3dawg2607d ago

can anyone please post a link to how i can turn the ads off?

Adolf Hitler2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Apart from disconnecting your 360 from the internet, you can't. Sorry but that's just the Microsoft way.

The Great Melon2607d ago

The xbox dashboard looks great when you are not connected to the internet. I always forget how cluttered it is with crap I don't care about when I connect. Put all the advertisements in the marketplace tab and I would be happy.

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gamingdroid2608d ago

Yeah, but the new design (from that picture) is far from better. Changing it to confusing icons is hardly better.

I like the XMB on PS3, but they needed to fill the screen more. The design is solid, just need overall polish and it's a winner.

RememberThe3572608d ago

Well that UI is made for a touch screen. There's no way they'd use it for a console UI.

egidem2608d ago

They need to get rid of the XMB and redesign a whole new interface. It was nice, but a new one could really be nice.

RedDragan2607d ago

Yeah, get rid of the UI which has won several awards across a few industries and not just gaming.

Good idea mate!


HappyGaming2607d ago

@RedDragan That is how companies improve their products...

So what if the XMB won awards? It doesn't mean its so perfect that nothing else could ever be changed about it!!

seinfan2607d ago

One major flaw is how slow it loads up.

RedDragan2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

That is not an XMB flaw, that is a RAM flaw.

xAlmostPro2607d ago

Dynamic themes drastically improve the look of the XMB, even some well designed static themse do..

However they should opt to an xmb similar to PS Home's

Gray-Fox-Type02607d ago

when was the last major update which added useful features?.....

cross game chat anyone?

zeddy2607d ago

i wouldnt miss it if it went. it looks like a sub menu.

JsonHenry2607d ago

If they did then I wouldn't care because it would be with something better and more intuitive than the current XMB I am sure.

NeoTribe2607d ago

I dont want a bunch of advertisement. Ps interface is straight to the point and all out in the open. Everything i need is easily excessed. Ive seen xbox's at my buddys house and they even agree that the advertisement is rediculous. Why the hell do i want advertisement in my face. U get that shit everywhere u go. I commend sony for not stickin that shit in my face.

oohWii2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Wow, utterly amazing. There are people below stating that the 360 interface us actually copying the XMB. It's amazing how people can talk themselves into shit when they get together in a group and that group mentality thing kicks in.

"PS3 XMB: you scroll left and right to select category, then up and down within the category.

360 NXE: you scroll up and down to select category, then right and left within that category.

Nothing new from MS, just the same old copy/spin and tout it's revolutionary when others have done it before." do you select different objects unless you can scroll up and down and left and right.

Besides, the original XBL blades slide left and right and you can select thing within them going left and right or up and down. Really dude?

Keeping it real, the XMB is dated, it's copied form the PSP, and it desperately needs to be updated. Deny it all you want, but the XMB is thin and unattractive and eventually will be replaced because Sony knows damn well it needs to happen.

subtenko2607d ago

xbox360 interface SUCKS, blastin you with ads. No I dont want no ****kin TacoBell when Im tryin to game!....ok maybe I'll take some tacobell :/ gamers gotta eat no?

I wanna do the mcdonalds big mac rap when ordering food with the kinect and on ps3, I wanna order the food with the ps move support so on playstation home I can run out the car and just take the food and do all kinds of crazy stuff cause its not real life and I can do anything! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! P-pr-professor Chaos will run the land! mwahahAHAHAHAHA!

xtremeimport2607d ago

i'll tell you 1 thing for sure....tumblr is the stupidest site on the internet.

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DigitalRaptor2608d ago

PS Vita interface has been designed for the touch generation.

They might change it to be better designed, but unless the PS4 has a touch screen, I doubt it. The XMB is great in terms of functionality, but it could do with looking better.

The Great Melon2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

It is functional when you have a small amount of content. There are only two directions that you can add content in the current design. Up and down or left and right. This leads to huge lists if you have a lot of media.

I loved it in the beginning, but as the PS3 gets older it is becoming more difficult to use.

directed @bwazy below

Having a different in game menu akin to the Xbox's menu would improve system greatly. I find myself when on the Xbox using the smaller menu more that the advertisement laden dashboard. Quick and simple that gets you where you want fast.

bwazy2608d ago

Not that I don't mind the XMB. But if they had an interface that could multitask with ease (music while playing games) and a spiffy new look, it would draw ALOT of people back to the PS3 and other sony devices.

HeavenlySnipes2608d ago

with KZ2/3, and GT5. I know those 3 support it because I use that feature.

Nitrowolf22608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Not killzone 3
unless they patched it back in and i didn;t notice

n4gisatroll2608d ago

Pain does as well. Really it's up to the dev, I don't mind listening to the games music though.

HeavenlySnipes2608d ago

into KZ3 actually. It was in the last patch.

guitarded772608d ago

Doesn't Wipeout too? I may be wrong.

Ddouble2607d ago

Sports Champions and Burnout Paradise as well.

purple1052607d ago

Don't forget Modnation!!!!

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2607d ago

Wipeout can access music from the pause menu. Tetris and Digger can access through the XMB. And LBP2 can play your music in the Pod and Create mode. I should try it in the mission editor on InFamous 2. Sucker Punch did consult with Media Molecule on their UGC.

-EvoAnubis-2608d ago

Not going to bother reading an article with a typo 5 words in.

DrRichtofen2608d ago

HA I didn't even notice that.

coolasj192608d ago

If that's the case you should promote yourself and watch over the incoming section and leave tips and stuff and approve comments. The process IS user driven.

-EvoAnubis-2608d ago

If a person writing and submitting an article can't be bothered to run a spell check, that sounds like a personal problem.

GunofthePatriots2608d ago

I never really liked the XMB. Seems too messy with a lot of sub categories

f7897902608d ago

Would you rather have music, videos, and games all in the same area? It's very convenient to have them categorized like that.