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CalmDownTom asks: Should I be excited about Next Car Game?

31d ago - Bugbears Next Car Game was an exciting little rumour when it started. Bugbear are undoubtedly bes... | PC

Early Access: Next Car Game [First Drop]

49d ago - "What’s this? An Early Access game that feels complete? Tired of playing betas and alphas, Paul t... | PC

Next Car Game Triple Screen Mayhem

53d ago - VVV: "So far we've tried out a wealth of PC racing sims on the TeamVVV Test Rig, but now it's tim... | PC

Next Car Game Test Drive | Gamereactor UK

55d ago - GR-UK writes: "The fun is already there. Smashing cars in Next Car Game just feels more brutal an... | PC

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Next Car Game - Figure of 8 Crazy Carnage Gameplay

56d ago - VVV: "And now the figure of 8 has found its way in Next Car Game in its latest Steam Early Access... | PC

(WGB) Next Car Game - Preview

58d ago - Baden of WGB writes: "You can stop frowning like someone just stole your Mars Bar, it’s just a pl... | PC

Next Car Game - Chaotic Cockpit Camera Race Gameplay

60d ago - VVV: "So, to keep things fresh, I thought I'd set myself a challenge: can I survive a whole race... | PC

Next Car Game update adds Figure of 8 Track and '80s American Sedan

60d ago - VVV: "By far the most significant addition is a new figure of 8 track modified from the current d... | PC

Most Anticipated 2014 Racing Games

63d ago - Worlds Factory takes a look at some of the most anticipated racing games releasing during 2014 | PC

Steam Early Access is quite possibly the biggest story of 2014

69d ago - It’s official, Steam Early Access is the new Kickstarter for medium budget games. In late 2013 we... | PC

Early Access of Next Car Game Raises $1M In A Week

77d ago - Despite several bumps down the road, Bugbear Entertainment sent out a press release with the news... | PC

BeamNG versus Next Car Game - Destruction Comparison

78d ago - YouTube's member 'jaimswallace' has posted an interested comparison between BeamNG's tech demo an... | PC

Next Car Game Preview | GIZORAMA

83d ago - GIZORAMA - Since the day I first played Burnout 3: Takedown, I have been a huge racing game enthu... | PC

Next Car Game Preview – Smashing Good Fun | Twinfinite

83d ago - Chaz at Twinfinite writes, It’s been years and years since the last time I really played a rac... | PC

Preview: The Next Car Game feels like a spiritual sequel to Destruction Derby | Canada

84d ago - BugBear Entertainment’s in-development title, The Next Car Game, has a rather interesting name. I... | PC

Next Car Game (Hands On) Preview | RGN

84d ago - Garet of RGN writes, "Next Car game is made from the same company that developed Flatout, Bugbear... | PC

Fondling – Next Car Game

86d ago - Crash and burn. Drew checks out this early build of Bugbear’s latest. Our Fondling video se... | PC

N4G Radio 01/20/2014

87d ago - Firestarter. The cold weather can’t stop the guys from playing a healthy amount of games. H... | PC

First Next Car Game update released, new Early Access screenshots

88d ago - VVV: "In addition, BugBear took the opportunity to release the first update patch for Next Car Ga... | PC

Next Car Game Early Access Preview | TPReview

88d ago - This is a look at what is available right now on the early access version of the game. A full rev... | PC

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Taking The Plunge: Eleven Early Access Games That Deserve Your Attention

89d ago - "But Perhaps Not Your Money Yet" Dealspwn writes: "Why we're excited: Starbound offers us an i... | PC

How Steam’s Early Access and Kickstarter are a double win for developers

91d ago - Buying into a game in Early Access earns players full access to the finished product, much like K... | PC

Next Car Game's outrageous destruction is now available to all on Steam Early Access

92d ago - "Bugbear Entertainment have loosed Next Car Game's prototype build onto Steam Early Access, which... | PC

Behold Next Car Game's gloriously outrageous destruction in new gameplay video

97d ago - Dealspwn presents some early access gameplay footage of Bugbear Entertainment's Next Car Game to... | PC

Next Car Game: Early Access doubled sales over Christmas, free demo available + new screenshots

102d ago - VVV: “It was the first time we were going to show the game to everyone, and we were very anxious... | PC
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