BugBear Shows New In-Game Footage In New trailer

The developers of FlatOut are suggesting that a new project is well under way.

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e-p-ayeaH1913d ago

Destruction Derby is back so it seems.

Freak of Nature1913d ago

All in game glory too...Looks great. I have wanted this for quite a long time,really hope we get to see figure 8's and some new creative tracks. A track editor would be a great addition too, as would a car creation tool, for something a little extra...

urwifeminder1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Sweet i just got ultimate carnage again on steam for $4 it links to my xbox account so i can get all the achieves again im a fan of these guys.

Nick_5151913d ago

Yeah, I've been watching their progress for a while now.

Hazmat131913d ago

yes! also why don't they have FlatOut on PS2 classics? cant wait to play this game!