Next Car Game Dev on PS4's RAM Latency Claims And Next Gen Development Costs

"We recently had a chance to speak to Bugbear Entertainment producer Joonas Laakso, who is currently working on Next Car Game (the developer's credits also include the famous FlatOut series)."

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ABeastNamedTariq1649d ago

Strangely titled. Dev didn't even say anything about latency really. It was kind if a politician answer.

gameseveryday1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

He was asked what he thinks about the latency issue and the PS4's ram and architecture and he answered that question in the second paragraph. I am pasting it here for others to read:

"There is going to be room to flex your big power PC’s muscles, too, don’t worry – our emphasis on physics uses up pretty much all processing power it can get its hands on. Sorry for giving a more technical answer than that!"

It basically means their engine will use any resources on offer so latency and the amount of power wont be an issue at all.

black0o1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

GPUs hve no problems with latency, and GPU performance is enhanced by the GDDR series compared to the normal memory ..

if the ps4 was meant to run a heavy OS like WIndows linx ..etc then the latency 'd hve been a big problem and that's why in the pc world as a system memory we use DDR series and to improve the gaming/steaming/playmovies quality we add GDDR to get better performance from the GPU

this Q was stupid to began with and that's why it got no answer

Eonjay1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

This is so backwards.

'Given that they’re developing so far behind the latest technology, it makes sense there will be no problems when faced with GDDR5 RAM. But that power won’t be limited to the PS4 version alone. “There is going to be room to flex your big power PC’s muscles, too..."'

He is saying that the PS4 Ram is more powerful. The title makes no sense.

Ezz20131649d ago


my friend
the title is just for hits
that's how gaming media works

loulou1649d ago

gamingbolt. always a title that is fishing for hits. come on rashid tell us, how many hits a week do your blogs get from n4g? and how many hits a week does flamebolt get without n4g? i would say that flamebolt is nothing without n4g..... ban this site

CuddlyREDRUM1649d ago

That is a stretch to say that is about latency...

nukeitall1649d ago

The article also states:

Laakso stated, “We’re developing for mainstream PC hardware, so some 2-3 years behind the curve right now. We are mostly interested in scalability. We have a lot of fans who are telling us to keep it light, and we’re doing our best to comply.”

i.e. they are developing for 2-3 year old hardware meaning it isn't top of the line so I doubt they even have that demanding game to begin with.

This is a very misleading title, so mark the article and site accordingly as a click baiter.

Death1648d ago


That really couldn't be further from the truth. If the PS4 is a giant GPU that doesn't have an OS like windows, then why so much GDDR5? High end GPU's use a couple gigs of it. Not one CPU uses GDDR5 outside the tablet combo CPU/GPU we have in the next consoles. Graphics Double Data Rate memory is for graphics, not CPU's. It will not enhance the CPU side of the coin, it is actually a technical limitation. This is why we are seeing more and more comments about the GPU helping out with CPU calculations.

Gamer19821648d ago

Exactly title is very misleading it talks about it but not in negative way.

badz1491648d ago

latency claims? who did?

mewhy321648d ago

LOL you got to love how bone fans are fishing for something negative to talk about on the PS4. LOL
Face it. The PS4 is the most powerful gaming console ever conceived...period. Now go pre-order your 900p bone qte Ryse....oh and smile because you're on camera!!!!!

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Blaze9291649d ago

im more interested in this two months minimum part. He's saying, it 'can' be possible to port a PC game to PS4 and Xbox One in two months? Granted everything went right.

KwietStorm1648d ago

That much has already been proven with PS4. The development time is a fraction of what is was with PS3. Warframe is just one example. They had their game up and running smoothly on PS4 in 3 months, before optimizations.

Beastforlifenoob1648d ago

dont get the xbox one involved in this is a ps4 article

Blaze9291648d ago


you clearly didn't even read the article then

GraveLord1649d ago

Because there isn't an issue. Even if there was, these devs are under an NDA.

corvusmd1649d ago

Welcome to the world of being an Xbox One Fan. A misleading title that doesn't say anything bad in the article or even the opposite always turns into a negative about XB1...just showing that no one reads articles...just the headline. Its how the US ended up with it's current set of politicians

ThanatosDMC1648d ago

Yup, mark down this site. It's just asking for hits.

Beastforlifenoob1648d ago

dont bring xbox one into this this is a ps4 article

heliumhead20301648d ago

Anything with the slightest hint of Sony slander. BANNED. There are xbox click-bait articles all over this side

Sono4211648d ago

umm this won't be banned for "Sony slander" it would be banned for having a misleading title... i'm guessing your one of the people who didn't read the article..

heliumhead20301648d ago

I dont care what it is. Theres 20 click-bait articles on Xbox daily with crappy articles and irrelevant titles. The political correctness of the Sony b**** boys all over this article is hilarious

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WeaseL1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Title for hits

They asked but there is none.

black0o1649d ago

''Latency Issues'' since when the ps4 had an issue?
didn't most of devs say that they are in luv with that 8 GB of pure GDDR5

and last time i checked all high-end GPU cards has GDDR5

andrewer1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

It's simply not what they are used to. Imagine you used a car for your hole life and then need to use a motorbike. It has great potential thanks to AMD, it's just like they are not simply going to port stuff or something...Because of the differences, it must have some extra work.

Ezz20131649d ago

you do have a point but
that's not what they are saying though:

'""Given that they’re developing so far behind the latest technology, it makes sense there will be no problems when faced with GDDR5 RAM. But that power won’t be limited to the PS4 version alone. “There is going to be room to flex your big power PC’s muscles, too..."'"

black0o1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

dude the ps4 is machine build to run games not programs -heavy once- and since the GDDR is memory specifically made to improve and enhance the games and any graphical-processes there's no issue with it being the main system memory in a gaming machine

the GDDR become a stander in GPU-cards since 2007 it's not like something new or very exclusive like the eSRAM which require the extra work

so i disagree with u

Death1648d ago

You can't set a Radeon 7990 up on you desk and plug it into your monitor and start playing games. You are 100% correct on GPU's loving graphics memory. What you are completely ignoring is the GPU does not work alone. A PC's CPU is still working when we play games. This is why there is a CPU minimum requirement with games. The video card is just one part of the equation. You will never see a gaming PC with GDDR5 on the main board. You see 8-16 gigs of DDR3 and a couple gigs of GDDR5 on the video card. Latency does need addressed on the PS4 which once again is why we are seeing more devs comment that the GPU can off load some of the tasks the CPU typically does. If the GPU is doing CPU tasks, that will take away from the GPU's peak performance since it doesn't have an infinite amount of resources to pull from.

andrewer1648d ago

I think you guys didn't get it...What I'm trying to say is that GDDR5 was never used for system, cpu memory, only as GPU memory. The integration that AMD made with both is a new thing. And there's where there must be some extra work, in comparison with other systems. I know what's happening here, I just didn't make myself clear lol

Ezz20131648d ago

like i said
i understand you
and your comment make alot of sense and bring very good point

black0o1648d ago

@andrewer now i get it

@death what u are saying is 100% right if we were talking about PCs, but the ps4 doesn't do any calculation or run analysis program such as nastran ..etc
the ps4 only runs games and some stream apps and thats why the cpu job is to feed the GPU and with the new tech GPGPU were coders take task like physic lighting ..etc and run it on GPU becuz the gpu does it better per frame

as u said the ps4 is build around the GPU power while the cpu is taking a 2nd seat unlike the ps3 where sony pushed really hard on the cpu department and kinda ignored the gpu which didnt help that much

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deecee331649d ago


You beat me to it with that AMD link. GDDR5 is THE choice when building systems where graphics performance is the main objective. The title is click bait. I really shake my head at how some of these sites seem to be reaching for some nonexistent controversy a month from launch.

Nerdmaster1648d ago

The problem is that a game isn't only about graphics. The processor also works like hell, and for that the GDDR5 isn't as good as DDR3. If GDDR5 really was better for everything, do you think high-end PCs wouldn't use it for everything, too?

I don't know what Sony was thinking when it decided to use only GDDR5, but I guess it's for the little "5" in the name, like going back to the old "bit wars" (32-bit, 64-bit...) where bigger numbers meant more powerful machines.

nypifisel1649d ago

It's a made up issue. GPUs aren't even latency sensitive...

black0o1649d ago

u summed it all .. +up

Volkama1648d ago

Title is nonsense (per everything form gamingbolt) but that doesn't mean latency is a no-brainer. Consoles aren't just a graphics card, and games can be CPU intensive as often as gpu.

CPUs look like being the challenge and possibly bottleneck for both consoles to be honest.

nypifisel1648d ago

CPUs is the least important factor when writing pixles on a screen you know.. For dedicated gaming machines the CPU is even less important seeing how it won't be needed for simultaneous background tasks.

black0o1648d ago

@volkama look back at the ps2 arch or dreamcast ..etc most of the consoles were build around powerful silicon-based ship which behave like the GPUs this days except for the ps3 ''the cEll''

when it comes to running a game it all comes down to the GPU department and soon in future when the coders switch more to use GPGPu the CPU may take 3rd seat and thats why both X1/Ps4 didnt get a powerful CPU in my opinion

@nypifisel i agree with ya

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Elit3Nick1649d ago

Latency has always been an issue for GDDR5, where GDDR5 has high bandwidth but low latency, DDR3 has lower bandwidth but high latency, this is why gaming pcs use DDR3 ram for CPU and GDDR5 for GPU processing. Although I don't think it'll really be an issue, we'll need to see down the road if it'll have problems.

lilbroRx1648d ago

You got those in reverse.

DDR3 has low latency and GDDR5 has high latency. In fact, GDDR5 is literally just DDR3 with higher bandwidth/latency. Low latency is good. High latency is bad. It makes world a difference in any RAM modules performance.

People downplay this now that Sony is going with all GDDR5 in their next console, and so they want to portray it as perfect "god ram" when its not. GDDR was meant purely for graphics. That is literally what the G is for and why it is only used by GPUs "sometimes"(a lot of GPU's still use DDR3). Its not meant to be used as system RAM and for anything that isn't graphics, it is burden, not a boon.

If GDDR5 was so great, then people would be putting it in motherboards instead of DDR3 and they wouldn't be making DDR4 or any other DDR RAM.

"Awaits disagree hammering for stating inconvenient facts that aren't in favor of Sony on N4G"

nypifisel1648d ago

That's not at all how it works. Latency is not important for GPU tasks. Why PCs use low latency memory is because they're not made to only play games, they're made for mainly multi-tasking, creating a desktop environment for whatever use you might need it for. It that sense low latency is preferred seeing how it's CPU heavy. Games aren't at all. That in mind too the latency of GDDR5 is so negligible that it doesn't even matter.. Stop trying to create issues where there are none just to make MS solution look more preferable cause it's bullshit.

THE ONLY REASON MS went with DDR3 is to be cost effective, it would never be the first choice for a machine created mainly to play games on. Had MS not invested so heavily on Kinect the Xbox One would also use GDDR5 since it's by far the best solution. So just stop it.

Elit3Nick1648d ago

@lilbroRx Ya thanks for the correction, I had the feeling that I made a mistake but I didn't think any more of it.

Volkama1648d ago

Nypifisel a PC is made for whatever you want to use it for. You can build a PC purely for gaming, or any other specialist purpose. There are a huge range of components for every price and audience, and there is definitely an audience for high-end gaming. There are motherboards for gaming, network cards for gaming, even RAM for gaming but GDDR is exclusively used on graphics cards, never on the main board for the CPU.

From the information we've been given about both consoles it looks to me as though the PS4 has a GPU advantage, the One has a CPU advantage. You can downplay the CPU if you like but actually games are about more than "putting pixels on screen".

nypifisel1648d ago

That's an uneducated answer to say the least. The 150mhz increase on the Xbox CPU doesn't even give you 1 more FPS in a game. And I know of enthusiast PC parts, I've build all my PCs by myself, I majored in IT-engineering in college.

And as I said. A computer wasn't designed only to play games, it was designed for a range of different uses. The single most important thing for games is a good GPU with a good amount of FAST GPU MEMORY. CPU is of second rate importance, even more so now when GPGPU is being more and more utilised for things like physics (which was traditionally handled by the CPU). Now why put that on the GPU? Because it's better at it. You're talking out of your ass Volkama. And if you want a good looking game you better know it, putting them pixels on the screen is the just of it.

RevXM1648d ago

The new consoles are a new breed of architecture. Having GPU and CPU on the same die like APU's. I mean, in a modular setup sure latency is a lot more visible as the data have to travel further and through joints of connections. Now it is all very dense, a tight SoC design so Id imagine the latency wont be as bad, also now that the system is all designed around this type of memory.

Only time will tell if latency will turn into any sort of obstacle, but as a console with a light os, tight architectual and graphics heavy design I would imagine it to turn out great.
If launch games are any indication to go by then atleast it is seemingly doing noticeably better than the much comparable XB1.

Nerdmaster1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Games aren't CPU heavy at all? Go play BF3 with 64 players and come back to tell us about the load on your CPU. Or any MMO, actually.

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DJMarty1648d ago

@black0o - Yes, PS4 don't have 'Latency Issues'.

Reason Sony modified the tech they were using to hide any such latency.

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Tooly1649d ago

wheres the issue i dont see it

SkippyPaccino1649d ago

File this under a rock and let's never speak of it again....