First Gameplay Video Unveiled For Bugbear's Next Car Game

Bugbear Entertainment has unveiled the first gameplay video for its upcoming racer, Next Car Game.

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sigfredod1527d ago

Looks good and fun!
OT i want that TV for my PS4

angelsx1527d ago

Best tv's fo ps4 are Sony w653,w802 and w905.Only 16-19ms lag witch it's not noticeable.

hay1526d ago

Destruction Derby? F*ck yeah!

ATiElite1525d ago

Just when you thought Project Cars looked awesome along comes this Game.

Wait till you see onscreen video of this game.

Graphics and Physics are gonna blow your mind.

Behold the Power of the PC!

urwifeminder1527d ago

Nice love bugbear car games will be getting this.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Looks awesome. I love me some destruction derby. Destruction effects are good too.

Yodagamer1527d ago

The next gen flatout i've wanted for years and i don't count those crappy ones that were produced :(

bondsmx1527d ago

Yup. Can't wait to pick this up for ps4. It's as close as I can get to a real MX game on consoles. Mx simulator on pc is incredible, but there wasn't been a good mx game for consoles in 8 years. Hopefully this will give codemasters a run for their money and make DiRT end up being a better game.

Viper71526d ago

Then Better start spreading the word about the game, as their kick-starter campaign is struggling.

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