Next Car Game Dev On Nvidia's Claim of Consoles Inability To Have Better Graphics Than PC

"If you've been following Nvidia, then you would know that the GPU manufacturer isn't very high on next-gen consoles. In fact, the company had stated that it was "no longer possible" for consoles to have better graphics than PC. We decided to speak to Bugbear Entertainment producer Joonas Laakso, who is developing Next Car Game (working title), who has extensive experience developing on both PCs and consoles for his thoughts on the same."

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GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Good read, nice to hear someone who thinks that graphics arent the be all and end all.

"“It’s more about interesting, unique takes in an artistic sense than just pushing more bits".


Nvidia sound really butt hurt that their tech isn't in Next gen consoles too, what an immature,irrelevant thing to say.

Dante811799d ago

Nvidia screwed over both Microsoft and Sony. No console maker wants anything to do with them. Nvidia love peddling their performance-hogging proprietary tech, though.

piroh1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

“It’s more about interesting, unique takes in an artistic sense than just pushing more bits"

that´s why the Last of Us or Beyond are the best looking games this gen

can´t wait for Killzone SF and other PS4 gems. see me in the online lobby

GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Look at the disagrees you get, because they see you say "best looking" and the first things that comes into their heads are resolution and fps and textures and volumetric smoke and displacement mapping, they can't comprehend your thought process.

There is more to graphics than numbers and fancy features.

piroh1799d ago

i don´t care about disagrees

Golden_Mud1799d ago

I agree with you at The Last of Us but not Beyond , Beyond Two Souls failed to be like Heavy Rain

Shaolen1799d ago

You do realize that the PS3 has an Nvidia graphics core, so all this anti-Nvidia talk is counter productive.

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kingduqc1799d ago

Nvidia is buthurt is getting old... they where first approche by both and turned it down. They got better plans and all their statement are just true. Ps4 will push 900p and 30odd fps while pcs will do 4k surroud and 60 fps plus better details on texrures. That simple to undrrstand why... a tital has about 3 times the raw power of ps4 and got like 2600 cuda cores... next year maxwell will hit with about 6k cude cores.... tech is exponentielle and consoles are static

Magicite1799d ago

If I must choose GeForce or Radeon, I take the Green Card.
If I must choose Nvidia or AMD, I take the Red Camp.

nunley331799d ago

Nvidia is butthurt over their nvidia shield system bombed. It wasn't just that it was beaten by ms and sony it was nobody cared about it.

Skate-AK1799d ago

I wish I could bubble up the Dev....

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Yep1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It's not a claim. It's explaining a fact.

The only way you'll see better graphics on console is if the developer purposely makes the PC version look worse (i.e. getting paid off by Sony, MS, and/or Nintendo, though Nintendo isn't really in the business of paying off).

Most of the time, that never happens though.

Console gamers will never get a game that looks as good as game such as the ones coming exclusively to PC below and that's okay.

GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

We get it, PC's will always be more powerful than consoles, we KNOW. Have you ever heard the expression "find peace in knowing"? You know PC is more powerful, so why the need to constantly remind everyone?

"Console gamers will never get a game that looks as good as game such as the one coming exclusively to PC below and that's okay. "

"as good" is opinion based, high res and textures doesn't always mean "good" to some people. That video you posted shows amazing graphics, but i would take The Last Of Us' visual style (post-pandemic city setting, nature taking back over after mankind being gone so long) over the video you posted.

Art direction > numbers. I would take Dishonoured on consoles with its watercolour painting style of visuals over Crysis 3 on its max settings.


But i wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars or £ extra just for the higher numbers, either. If i had both right now, of course i would choose the PC version, why would i waste my money on a PC to not play it? Basically the point im getting across is, im not willing to pay hundreds of dollars/pounds extra when i don't think there is hundreds of $/£ difference.

Yep1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

But you wouldn't take Dishonored on console over Dishonored on PCs given the choice (Unless you're a fanboy)

Therein lies the point.

The console version would have to offer something extra that doesn't come with the PC version to be taken over the PC version (Such as Wii U with it's added GamePad support).

Yep1799d ago

"Basically the point im getting across is, im not willing to pay hundreds of dollars/pounds extra when i don't think there is hundreds of $/£ difference."

Except nobody pays hundreds of dollars for a single game. Contrary from popular believe, PC gaming offers more than just better visuals, as it also offers capability and speed. I've also never heard of someone buying a PC only for gaming ;). But that's another discussion for later.

Computersaysno1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

You just have a serious slant on the issue Lukas. It is blatantly obvious you are a non PC gamer and argue as such. The most balanced argument I have see are from people who play on Pc and console and experience them both on a regular basis.

Do we know PC is always more powerful? Yes we do, but it seems console only gamers (such as yourself) are often desperate to deny it or say their cheaper console is as powerful or their version matches the PC version.

When it doesn't. Its just lies and nonsense to make them feel good or rile PC gamers.

PC gamers appreciate the fact the best graphics aren't just about the highest resolution or the highest framerate or the best AA.

Quoting that art matters most is pretty irrelevant, because a lot of the games are SHARED on console and Pc and multiformat.

Which means that their artistic merit are often quite similar or identical- except the Pc version looks better.

Why? Because it usually has much more refined and sharper and cleaner and better and faster of everything.

You are telling PC gamers not to talk about these things and emphasising art is if that matters the most.

What gives the best visuals is having the art direction, AND the best technical aspects of the game.

PC can and does have both.

Videogames whether you like it or not are a technology driven medium. If you can have games with impressive art direction combined with mind blowing cutting edge effects you have a better looking game than one with good art direction and effects running on 7 year old hardware.

Sorry, but you just do.

Magicite1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

N4G rules:

Nr1: consoles > PC
Nr2: PS4 > consoles
Nr3: speed You get bubble downs > speed You get bubble ups

But hey! That's not even sarcasm.

iamgoatman1798d ago

"Nr3: speed You get bubble downs > speed You get bubble ups"

Tell that to the regular trolls with 7/8 bubbles.

ssj271799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

sorry but visually the game seem like a current gen game, nothing impressive..
the idea behind the game does seem cool but who knows by when they finish it and if it actually a good game.. time will tell in the mean while I will be playing KILLZONE SHADOW FALL

Plus that game has a little huge turn off, it's a pay to win game.

Yep1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yeah, if you can't even admit that the visuals are better than anything you've seen on consoles, you're a fanboy in denial. I love Nintendo platforms, but even I can admit to the fact that they are not the leaders in visuals.

And no it's not a pay to win game. Lol you don't even know anything about this game. Those pay options are preorder options to gain access to the alpha built. Their other game is called Squadron 42, a single player experience.

ssj271799d ago

are you blind? the lighting on this game seem very current gen.. the textures does seem nice but next gen games like Killzone for example look much better.

I understand this game is huge in scale and details are nice.. not a simple game but how can you make a space simulator if there is not such a thing lol... the claim they made about been space simulator is just a clear example on how stupid this is LOL

and you call me crazy? LOL

I will keep my eye on this game.. it does seem to be authentic in a genre that is empty.. mass effect was boring for me.. maybe the starwars game from DICE will be good.

but this is on my radar even when I don't game on PC I may or this may come to the PS4.

Enemy1799d ago

Nonetheless, Nvidia sounds so bitter next gen consoles are running AMD.

GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I agree, big missed opportunity for Nvida in my opinion. Think how many next gen consoles are going to be sold in the coming years.


Lol,what? I said "in the coming years", if you think next gen console sales are going to be slow then you must not keep up with gaming news. Take a look at the preorders.

ginsunuva1799d ago

Not many actually. Sales will be very slow.

DomceM1799d ago

its a loss for nvidia but not nearly as big as you make it out to be. Margins for consoles are extremely low for both amd and nvidia. There just isnt that much money in it.

Semiaccurate wrote a great article so as to why a while ago.

Still any bit of money helps, and if they couldve beaten amd they wouldve.

Sevir1799d ago

Oh Nvidia, on a scale of Bland - Mc.Donalds 'Fries, How salty are you?

Dante811799d ago

Nvidia should build a salt factory, they'd make billions!

ginsunuva1799d ago

I'm pretty sure they never said consoles are not capable of better visuals than pc.

That would be pretty stupid, considering the definition of graphics.
Sure pc's (higher end ones than next gen consoles. Not all pc's are faster than the ps4, duh) will have more power and are capable of better things.
But it depends if the developer makes a good looking game or not.
Naughty Dog's games looked better than any game out there, but they weren't as technically impressive as high-end pc games. But who cares because they still looked better in the end.

This article is pointless hit bait for a claim that never existed.

GarrusVakarian1799d ago

Bubble up for well said. I would give you 2 if i could, lol.

stuna11799d ago

I gave him 1 for you!

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