Next Car Game: Wreckfest - Next-Generation DX11 Rendering Engine + Overhauled Physics In Next Update

Bugbear Entertainment announced that a new major update for Next Car Game: Wreckfest will be released next month. According to the team, this update will feature Bugbear’s next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine that will ‘make it possible to faithfully recreate realistic environments with advanced physically based materials and lighting (PBR).’

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Retroman1281d ago

Wreckfest??? you mean Burnout fest.

Yodagamer1281d ago

More like "the real flatout 3" and man i hope it comes to consoles O.o.

Enyxodin1281d ago

What a terrible name of a title! Sounds like a uwe boll movie

NiteX1281d ago

Cool deal. It's about time they started back with the updates.

crazychris41241281d ago

They need to hit a home run with this update. It's been 8 months since the last update and even the most loyal fans were losing patience. This game has an insane amount of potential and could be a game changer in the racing genre if done right. I'm sure will get this update during the Steam Summer sale to get as many people as possible to play this game. Right now the game is averaging 50 people a day.