Next Car Game To Be Officially Named 'Wreckfest', Multiplayer Modes Unveiled

Bugbear Entertainment revealed today that its upcoming racer, Next Car Game, will be now officially named Wreckfest.

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shloobmm31296d ago

Loved all the prerelease stuff. Fantastic physics. Keeping an eye on this one.

tee_bag2421296d ago

Same. This game is alot of fun to play. I can't wait to play some multiplayer.

mysteryraz111296d ago

looks boring, lol you have a bad taste in games man but thats what you expect from a pc troll

tee_bag2421295d ago

Lol I own the consoles and a PC clown. Butthurt much?

crazychris41241296d ago

Ive put more time in the 3 days since the update then the 3 months between update 5 n this update's release. Yea multiplayer can be laggy n lose connection frequently but its still a lot of fun