Next Car Game's Physics Descruction Derby Arena Showcased

DSOGaming writes: "As we've already said, Bugbear has launched a pre-order campaign for its Next Car Game and has released a sneak peek tech demo for all those who pre-purchased it. This sneak peek tech demo features a 'Destruction Derby' arena and our reader 'Jonathan Gustafsson' has captured some footage from it."

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nitrogav1642d ago

That reminds me so much like stunt car racer from my Amiga day's . A next version of that would make me very happy !! .

FriedGoat1642d ago

stunt car racer was internal view only right? I think I had that on the Atari ST! Really cool for it's time!

T-What1642d ago

I dont know if its just me but I am not impressed by this, it just looks to fake to me, like the care is made out of putty, maybe I am wrong but that's how I feel about it.

EazyDuz221641d ago

Looks shit, reminds me of Carmageddon just with some bits that fly off

windblowsagain1641d ago

There's no way a hammer would do that in real life/s

FragMnTagM1641d ago

Looking good. Hope they make the game that they want to make and not water it down for a publisher.