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from Brjann Sigurgeirsson, Image & Form CEO First I'd like thank Cat and our other friends at N4G for having us, and even more so for bearing wi...

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Flower Retrospective Review

2d ago - Continue Play: "Flower’s biggest issue is it lacks replayability. It’s not because it’s only an h... | PS3

Indie Stash Cast: thatgamecompany’s Ke Jiang Shares Personal Experiences and Talks Games

37d ago - Blane and Ke Jiang (aka Jacky), Art Director for thatgamecompany, talk about almost everything yo... | Culture

E3 2014: ABZÛ Is Like Journey, Only Under the Sea

43d ago - GeekParty's April Marie writes: "During the pre-E3 Sony press conference, indie game developer Gi... | PS4

[FEATURE] Top 25 Games of the Last Generation…and the Worst (#15-#11)

55d ago - Bryan's list continues as he counts down his top 25 last generation console games. | Wii

Sniper Elite III (PS4) Review

Now - Ken holds his breath and takes the shot with the latest Sniper Elite title. | Promoted post

Dev behind acclaimed PS3 game Journey raises $7 million for next project

58d ago - Thatgamecompany, the developer of 2012's critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 game Journey, has rai... | Industry

Rumor: Journey Creator’s New PS4 Game Will Be Shown at E3

69d ago - If you are one of the many that loved thatgamecompany’s games like Journey or Flower an interesti... | PS4

Journey & Flower Dev – Wii U “A Possibility” For Next Project

99d ago - Thatgamecompany, the team behind popular PSN titles Flower and Journey have revealed that their n... | Wii U

News About ThatGameCompany’s Next Project Coming “Hopefully This Year”

171d ago - ThatGameCompany has carved a special place for itself in the heart of many gamers with the unique... | Industry

Pixelitis Picks: Our Humble Bundle wishlist

175d ago - "The Humble Bundle has grown enormously over the years, and it’s pretty fascinating what that sit... | PC

Best Developer of the Last Generation

175d ago - From Naughty Dog's The Last of Us to Bungie's Halo, game developers have spent countless hours de... | PC

Journey on PS4 'a possibility', says Thatgamecompany

178d ago - PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''Thatgamecompany, the intrepid minds behind the likes of flOw and Flowe... | PS4

Over a year on from Journey: Why it’s still one of my favourites

241d ago - 16BitKings - It’s been over a year and a half, since the brilliant Journey was made available on... | PS3

Interview with thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago - InRetroSpect Podcast

259d ago - In this brief exchange between thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago and Peter Willington, K... | PS3

ThatGameCompany Issue Clarification on Journey for PS4 Announcement, says "It Was A Mistake"

287d ago - The Journey is not coming to Playstation 4, ThatGameCompany has issued a clarification that The J... | PS4

PS4 version of Flower running at 1080p/60fps

294d ago - Director of technology at Sony Santa Monica, Tim Moss, has tweeted about Flower running at a reso... | PS4

Journey: Can Video-Games Be Art?

302d ago - An article both reviewing Journey as well as an interview Robin Hunicke discussing its place in t... | PS3

thatgamecompany Knows Emotion

309d ago - Esteban talks about why thatgamecompany is the definitive developer for delivering emotional expe... | PS3

Thatgamecompany likens next game to 'watching E.T. for first time'

352d ago - GameZone writes, " Not much is known about Thatgamecompany's newest yet-to-be-announced (or reall... | Xbox 360

Before Playstation 4: 5 ‘Must Play’ PS3 Games

366d ago - With the launch date of the Playstation 4 rapidly approaching, it is only a matter of time before... | Culture

Violence can be a "very useful tool to tell your story" if used correctly says Jenova Chen

386d ago - Thatgamecompany's games aren't necessarily ones you would associate with violence. In a recent in... | PSP

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Thatgamecompany open to Wii U games but Flower/Journey exclusive to Sony platforms

387d ago - Flower and Journey are forever exclusive to Sony platforms, thatgamecompany have revealed. | PS3

thatgamecompany Talks Journey Death Threats, PS Vita Port, Journey Sales, the PS4, and Much More

387d ago - Shortly after thatgamecompany revealed that they’re finally receiving royalties for Journey on PS... | PC

Wii U is an option for thatgamecompany

388d ago - nintendoeverything: thatgamecompany made three titles in partnership with Sony. The studio’s c... | Wii U

Life After Journey for ThatGameCompany

389d ago - Jenova Chen uncovers some tantalising hints about the new title along with positive expectations... | PS3

thatgamecompany on post-Journey problems & the future

398d ago - The practically perfect Journey has received no shortage of compliments, awards and cold, hard sa... | Industry
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