The Journey Begins; PlayStation Store Update Is Live

Journey, thatgamecompany's final game in their exclusive three-part deal with Sony is now available for PlayStation Plus Members on the PlayStation Store. Just search "Journey" to purchase this, or any of the other things in today's update.

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badjournalism1967d ago

I guess it was too hard to actually check but, no, the store update for today is *not* live yet. All it takes is two seconds to pop into the store and see.

jwk941967d ago

If you would've taken a few seconds to actually read the article or even the description, you'd see you have to search for it.

badjournalism1967d ago

Showing up in the search results is not "live". None of the releases are front facing yet, as they *ONLY* appear by searching. Not only that but not all of the releases or discounts are showing up, even if you do search for them. It's not "live" by any meaningful definition of the term.

Hoje03081967d ago

You're wrong , just admit it. I'm downloading the game right now. As melkier has said, stop arguing over semantics and go get the damn game.

thorstein1967d ago

Journey is live. The update, however, is not.

melkier331967d ago

While you play around with your semantics i am downloading journey. Have fun.

McLuvn1967d ago

downloading now.
you have to use the search to find it.

ElementX1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

"The Journey Begins: Playstation Store Update is Live 'for Plus Members'"

There, fixed. It should be in the title so people don't get their hopes up