Thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke on working on Journey and how to be a great producer

Robin Hunicke is currently facing two challenges at thatgamecompany: being the best producer she possibly can and working on thatgamecompany’s new experiment, Journey. Scheduled to talk during a panel, Hunicke shared her experiences with us on building Journey, working at thatgamescompany and what she thinks actually makes a good producer.

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e-p-ayeaH3001d ago

Arnold talk - "Allo kutie pie!!!"

DORMIN3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Must See Journey Trailer, where is it?!

Cat3001d ago

I love Thatgamecompany's approach (and I'm getting kinda hooked on these Gamesauce features with game makers).

Gamesauce3001d ago

Glad to hear you like our stuff Catastrophe! Are there any particular kind of stories you'd like to see more of? If so, let us know either here or by mailing us!

And if you like all this, don't forget to check out the digital magazine on our frontpage!

Blacktric3001d ago

Hawt hawt hawt hawt hawt hawt hawt hawt!

LeonVesper3001d ago

Seeing I played both flOw and flOwer, Journey has a unique challenge to overcome. Creating a world where we as the player are devoid of interaction, power, and reason, I am assuming the world will set an emotional tone of desperation and the hopes to finding a sense of self or identity as the game progresses. I fell in love with flOwer because of the charm thatgamecompany has on their IPs, exploring territories not many games have attempted to chart with relative success.

Here's to Hunicke and the rest of the company to produce a game I would gladly pay for. Can't wait for 2011.

Redempteur3001d ago

well after flow and flower , they are one of the few ( with team ico ) to succeed that challenge ( journey is shaping to be really " something" be it good or bad it's almost garanteed to be an awesome expérience

Gamesauce3001d ago

Clearly a mostly male demographic on N4G :D.

NiteX3001d ago

And on every other game site.

Gamesauce3001d ago

Yep, true. I guess we'll have to interview more female developers then :). What do you say?

Cat3001d ago

True, though most of my fellow gals go undercover around here - and we all know Robin Hunicke is cute!! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.