No plans for Journey PlayStation Vita version

Eurogamer: Flower developer thatgamecompany will not create a PlayStation Vita version of long-awaited PlayStation 3 adventure Journey.

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tarbis2227d ago

Flower and Journey would be perfect fit for PSV. Sony should capitalize on these titles and make a PSV version.

DigitalAnalog2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"The only way we'll go back to an old game is if we can think of something new and exciting to do with it," another tweet reads."

Now that is something I can wholeheartedly agree with. At least a few companies "get the point". Vita should NOT be about about portalizing console "experiences", it's about setting a unique standard in itself unlike anything else in the market.

sinncross2227d ago

Totally agreed. The thing as well is that a PSV release would essentially erode one of the features the devs really like about Joruney: co-op multiplayer with a complete stranger, without communication etc.

Having a friend with PSV could potentially allow both to find a way t hook up and that is not the point.

I want to see them do a PSV title.

Genecalypse2227d ago

..Games still not out? I feel like ive been waiting for years

gigreen2227d ago

Nice, they should focus on PS3.

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