Journey Reaches A Milestone In Japan

A month after its release in Japan downloads for thatgamecomapny's Journey have reached 10,000.

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sinncross2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Congrats thatgameconpany !

or should I say, omodetou gozaimasu :)

scotchmouth2432d ago

Congrats! It's nice seeing a small company succeed! :)

Shikoro2432d ago


Congratulations to thatgamecompany and Sony. :)

tarbis2432d ago

Congrats! Thatgamecompany. =D

b163o12432d ago

I know I've enjoyed my Journey at lease 10x. Truly a, Masterpiece that goes left while everyone else goes right

wenaldy2432d ago

Japanese have taste..and the weird one.. btw, congrats TGC!!!

Perjoss2432d ago

So many good download titles lately! Journey is just bursting with magical atmosphere and fantastic music. Fez is another top title that I was never expecting to be as good as it is. Makes you wonder what is wrong with some of the bigger devs, have they lost that golden touch of making special games, the kind that you never really forget?

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