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Why From Software's worst game is worth learning from

188d ago - Eurogamer: "Heavy Armor might be the perfect Kinect game, or at least, the most honest, becaus... | Xbox 360

Ignore death threats

472d ago - It always seems like the video game industry can’t go a single week without handling death threat... | Culture

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Top Tuesday - The 10 worst video games ever.

586d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The things that you love the most, are also the things that can hurt you... | Culture

Eight Kinect Games That Deserve a Second Chance on Xbox One

888d ago - GameZone - For a device that’s included in every box, Xbox One’s version of the Kinect hasn’t rec... | Xbox One

Games Deserving a Wii U Makeover

1011d ago - Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Some love it, some hate it: many "hit titles" for the Wii U are ac... | Wii U

Pixel Related's 2012 GOTY Awards: Worst Game of The Year

1115d ago - No one in their right mind actually wants to play bad video games, especially if you have to revi... | PC

Worst games of 2012

1128d ago - The worst of the worst games from 2012 | PC

The Worst Video Game Box Art of 2012

1136d ago - Ryan Clements and Brian Altano: As we mentioned in our Best Box Art of 2012 feature earlier th... | PC

The Biggest Disappointments Of 2012

1143d ago - 2012 was a hell of a year for video games. We got a ton of fantastic games to play, s... | PC

Gamecritics - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1202d ago - Gamecritics - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is the fourth From Software title I've played in a yea... | Xbox 360

REVIEW: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor -

1235d ago - 123KINECT writes in their review: "Playing it for 15 minutes will immediately give you the “this... | Xbox 360

GamingTrend: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1265d ago - GamingTrend: There is, perhaps, a good game hiding in this mess. The Kinect idea is a solid one,... | Xbox 360

WorthPlaying - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1280d ago - WorthPlaying - Steel Battalion is a battle-mech simulator that lets you seat inside the cockpit o... | Xbox 360

Impulse Gamer: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Review

1280d ago - Impulse Gamer: Developed by From Software, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a Kinect game that tri... | Xbox 360

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review - Gaming Nexus

1283d ago - From the review: "When Steel Battalion Heavy Armor was announced some time ago, I was looking for... | Xbox 360

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor - The Review - Decades in a Digital World

1285d ago - Decades in a Digital World writes: November 10th 2010, now there’s a date I remember well. Not fo... | Xbox 360

Empire: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1288d ago - Empire: In the past, playing Steel Battalion required using a 40-button controller that was almos... | Xbox 360

Review: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’s controls ruin the experience -

1288d ago - In theory, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor sounds great and appears to have potential to fill Kinect’... | Xbox 360

Game Guys review - Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

1291d ago - While traditionally hardcore gamers have been slow to accept Kinect as a mainstay feature of the... | Xbox 360

Has Kinect failed gamers?

1293d ago - MMGN: It's been roughly one and a half years since Kinect launched worldwide in late 2010, sellin... | Xbox 360

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

CD Podcast Episode 33

1293d ago - Console Domination writes: In this episode the team discuss the latest including rumors that Sony... | Wii

D+PAD - Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor Review

1293d ago - D+PAD Writes: Pay attention soldier, because this part is important: Steel Battalion: Heavy Ar... | Xbox 360

BioGamerGirl: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1293d ago - BioGamerGirl: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, like its predecessor before it, is essentially a mech... | Xbox 360

GameFocus - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1294d ago - GameFocus - We are always told how war is a living Hell, and to this day lots of games try delive... | Xbox 360

XboxAddict: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

1294d ago - XboxAddict: The original Steel Battalion on the first Xbox remains to this day one of the most ha... | Xbox 360
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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

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