The top 5 best games at the Microsoft Spring Showcase

Microsoft presented some 28 games at its recent Spring Showcase event, but which were the cream of the crop?

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Sanetoshi2447d ago

As a horror fan, Deadlight looks sweet. Can not get enough of the genre, so I hope Deadlight lives up to it.

StraightPath2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Halo 4 will dominate and desimate the PS3 eclipsing it.

Jobesy2447d ago

And who says there is nothing but Sony fanboys on N4g?

cpayne932447d ago

Calm down it's only one game, and a sequel at that. And we still don't know much about it.

ShadesMoolah2447d ago

Steel Battalion is looking pretty hot...for a kinect game.

RaidensRising2447d ago

I'm surprised to see Tiger Woods on the list. Surely Halo 4 was better?

from the beach2447d ago

Steel Battalion - looks absolutely awesome. After that, Halo 4.. the two new Fable games.. was a really strong showing, it must be said.

MrMister2447d ago

Honestly i'm not all that excited about yet ANOTHER Halo. What will it do that other shooters that came out since Halo 3 and reach haven't already done? Who cares about graphics, its only 720p so its not anything that will blow our minds for long. Sick of the same crap. I don't care if it sells more, selling the Xbox for a PS3 (which i hear has free online) might be the best move...The well is dry for 2012 at Xbox.

from the beach2447d ago

I don't know what it'll do that other shooters aren't - it's a new installment in an excellent series made by people with excellent track records so naturally a lot of gamers are excited.

Sick of the selective 'not another'-ers, complain loudly when YOUR favourite fanchise gets a new installment!

ATi_Elite2447d ago

Ah yes Steel Battalion!

where's that two ton $100 controller at?

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