Can Steel Battalion Really Work on Kinect? (Kinectaku article)

Quoting Kinectaku's Damien McFerran:

"However, there are a few glimmers of hope on the horizon for those in hope of 'core' titles, with Capcom's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor being arguably the most notable. The sequel to what is possibly the most hardcore Xbox game of all time – and developed by From Software (the chaps behind the tough-as-old-boots PS3 action RPG, Demon's Souls) – it's hardly surprisingly that the announcement of this mech-based shooter has aroused the interest of many players who would be considered to lie outside of Kinect's target demographic."

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Stunt2539d ago

I just realized that Cuttlefish's motion controller-based sites "gets" (by that, I mean steals) their names from the Gawker network of blogs.

PS Move site - (taken from
XB Kinect site - (taken from

visualb2539d ago

are they just kids with too much free time?!...seriously =/

tinybigman2539d ago

i never saw the attraction of the first game especially with a $200 controller. i doubt that placing it with kinect will ever get me to have any likes for this one.

ryuzu2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The $200 controller was the attraction since it was cool to have all those buttons to press in a somewhat "realistic" future robot combat setting (!) (and a great box too!)

SB with Kinect seems to miss the point entirely (and still costs $200!) - the fun was using the buttons and doing all that stuff - not so fun when there are no buttons, just wonky voice and gesture control.

Hopefully they'll see sense and produce a proper SB2...

EDIT: Actually, given the sim-lite nature of SB, a proper SB2 would probably find a bigger audience on PC since that's where the simmers are.


tinybigman2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

that price was a complete turn off for me. no game should cost $250 in total(if both game and controller price were separate).

to be honest i never was interested in the game from the outset and whatever little curiosity that did remain went right out the window with the controller price.

at the time this game came out originally i didnt have my full time job i have now, and even if i did no way i'm i paying that high a price for a controller lol.

ryuzu2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Really? Price is largely irrelevant to me. If I can afford it I get it, if I can't I wait until the price drops.

I picked up a used SB+controller, traded it back in about 3 months later for the same price.... I would like to have kept it, but actually the game wasn't amazing - it was fun for a while but not long and not very replayable.

would've been better on PC for mods and other games could have used the controller (which was a bit flimsy in places).


Christopher2539d ago

I can see it working if all the usual controls are overlays on the screen kind of like controls for iOS games. So, you'd have at the bottom of the screen a control panel and you'd have to hold your hand over or similarly interact with each control as needed with motions.

I still think it's likely the game will still utilize a controller but use Kinect for certain actions.

blackburn52539d ago

If you still have to buy a $200 controller then this game is doomed from the start. I don't think anyone now will like buying it and more then they did then. Not to mention unless they have changed up the gameplay I don't remember Steel Battalion being a very good game.

RankFTW2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Well let me think, a game that had like 50 buttons on the Xbox going to zero buttons on Kinect.

Hmm I'd have to say NOOOOOOOO.

lowcarb2539d ago

WHere did developer ever mention no buttons? just curious

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