Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review (TheSixthAxis)

"Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor does not work. I don’t mean that on a conceptual level or as a critique against the narrative set-up. Technically, it doesn’t function. It’s broken. And not in the internet forum doesn’t-quite-work-as-I-expect ed way of using that terminology. It’s fundamentally broken."

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StrongMan1949d ago

WOW! I've never seen a game score this low.

MariaHelFutura1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Amy is last one that comes to mind and Review on the Run (Scott Jones) Ninja Gaiden 3 review. The Scott Jones one is great, because he is literally the world biggest NG fan and you can see/feel/hear his pain the entire review.

guitarded771949d ago

I can understand a very poor score if the game is broken... Steel Battalion is clearly broken and deserves a crap score. The 1 is a statement to the dev telling them to get their s#!t together.

What I can't stand is when a game gets a 2 (ex. Resistance Burning Skies) and the reviewer just doesn't like the game.

ApplEaglElephant1949d ago

Kinect can make most hardcore games into crappy ass kinect games.

and xbox fanboys still say its for hardcore. lol

egidem1949d ago

This is further proof that there are things that Kinect is absolutely not suited for. Kinect has limitations that Microsoft doesn't want to admit to. There are things that can be achieved much easier with a controller with buttons.

Makes one question the whole Better with Kinect thing...

rezzah1949d ago

i once saw a game get -2, it was funny.

MariaHelFutura1949d ago

Big Muthertruckers? Cause that deserves a -2.

Blaze9291949d ago

anyone who played the demo knows exactly whats up with this game.

splinter1949d ago

Sadly it rings true with my experience of the game's demo... but I had hoped the motion recognition issues would be resolved by release :/

FlashXIII1949d ago

"better with kinect" trololololol

Hanuman1949d ago

Kinect is such a crappy piece of hardware. I gave it an hour in Forza 4 and haven't used it for gaming since. Worst gaming investment ever!

mt1949d ago

it is the worst idea from the gamers prospective however, you buying kinect means it succeeded from the business and advertising prospective.

Hanuman1949d ago

Actually my wife bought it for me (and herself!) resulting in a really akward Christmas moment with me having to pretend I liked it. But that still proves your point...

MariaHelFutura1949d ago



Biggest1949d ago

Good on you, Hanuman. Your wife is a lucky woman. I think I would have cancelled Christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.