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Submitted by colossalblue 1256d ago | review

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review (TheSixthAxis)

"Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor does not work. I don’t mean that on a conceptual level or as a critique against the narrative set-up. Technically, it doesn’t function. It’s broken. And not in the internet forum doesn’t-quite-work-as-I-expect ed way of using that terminology. It’s fundamentally broken." (Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Xbox 360) 1/10

StrongMan  +   1256d ago
WOW! I've never seen a game score this low.
MariaHelFutura  +   1256d ago
Amy is last one that comes to mind and Review on the Run (Scott Jones) Ninja Gaiden 3 review. The Scott Jones one is great, because he is literally the world biggest NG fan and you can see/feel/hear his pain the entire review.
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guitarded77  +   1256d ago
I can understand a very poor score if the game is broken... Steel Battalion is clearly broken and deserves a crap score. The 1 is a statement to the dev telling them to get their s#!t together.

What I can't stand is when a game gets a 2 (ex. Resistance Burning Skies) and the reviewer just doesn't like the game.
ApplEaglElephant  +   1256d ago
Kinect happened.
Kinect can make most hardcore games into crappy ass kinect games.

and xbox fanboys still say its for hardcore. lol
egidem  +   1256d ago
This is further proof that there are things that Kinect is absolutely not suited for. Kinect has limitations that Microsoft doesn't want to admit to. There are things that can be achieved much easier with a controller with buttons.

Makes one question the whole Better with Kinect thing...
rezzah  +   1256d ago
i once saw a game get -2, it was funny.
MariaHelFutura  +   1256d ago
Big Muthertruckers? Cause that deserves a -2.
Blaze929  +   1256d ago
anyone who played the demo knows exactly whats up with this game.
Captain Tuttle  +   1256d ago
splinter  +   1256d ago
Sadly it rings true with my experience of the game's demo... but I had hoped the motion recognition issues would be resolved by release :/
FlashXIII  +   1256d ago
"better with kinect" trololololol
Hanuman  +   1256d ago
Kinect is such a crappy piece of hardware. I gave it an hour in Forza 4 and haven't used it for gaming since. Worst gaming investment ever!
mt  +   1256d ago
it is the worst idea from the gamers prospective however, you buying kinect means it succeeded from the business and advertising prospective.
Hanuman  +   1256d ago
Actually my wife bought it for me (and herself!) resulting in a really akward Christmas moment with me having to pretend I liked it. But that still proves your point...
MariaHelFutura  +   1256d ago

Biggest  +   1256d ago
Good on you, Hanuman. Your wife is a lucky woman. I think I would have cancelled Christmas.
thehusbo  +   1256d ago
Another great score. Game of the year right here.
mewhy32  +   1256d ago
I had great hopes for this game. The developers really need to fine tune their software for Kinect. If the developers weren't so lazy in their implementation of the motion control this would have been a great game. I am really disappointed in this developer. I can see why ps3 purest place blame on the developers for not taking full advantage of the ps3. It's irritating when the developers just don't deliver.
Rampaged Death  +   1256d ago
Worst game of the year !
eferreira  +   1256d ago
highest score ive seen for this game was 7/10 from oxm hmmm wonder why
Hanuman  +   1256d ago
I would love to see Kinect-like controllers make it's way onto REAL modern battlefields!

Edit: OMFG it almost has?! http://www.innovationnewsda...
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IHateYouFanboys  +   1256d ago

A Sony fanboy site gives a 360 exclusive that uses kinect a 1 out of 10.....colour me surprised lol.
lodossrage  +   1256d ago
Oh please
You act like that kind of low score isn't going on all over the place for this game.
Squall5005  +   1256d ago

You sir, are a MORON! And you're not fooling anybody.

You're an obvious Xbot
InTheLab  +   1256d ago
Instead of crap like this, why not make a Kinect Tetris game. Or any puzzle game that would have you manipulate 3d objects.
Clarence  +   1256d ago
Did people think this game was going to be good? Kinect is good for kiddy games, and watching movies. Any game that's hardcore will not work.

I'm interested to see how smartglass is going to work with kinect. M$ is releasing this tablet, but they want you to use handsfree kinect.
esemce  +   1256d ago
Kinect has ruined another game I see.
ThatEnglishDude  +   1256d ago
Another example of technology that just isn't there yet.
Squall5005  +   1256d ago
Just been on Metacritic. Seems a bit odd that 2 official Xbox magazines have scored it the highest out of 13 critics. Damage control much?
Hicken  +   1256d ago
Edonus, care to explain why this reviewer is wrong? Why the Kinect didn't actually do the wrong things? Why it's NOT cumbersome to have to switch between using a controller ad then both hands for gestures?
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vividi  +   1256d ago
next are kinect dragon ball z and kinect harry potter
ALLWRONG  +   1256d ago
TheSixthAxis? Is OXM going to review the next Uncharted game? Since it's TheSixthAxis, you can pretty much guarantee they have never played a single Xbox game... ever.
PirateThom  +   1256d ago
Or, more likely, The Sixth Axis is a multiplatform site.
ALLWRONG  +   1256d ago
Thanks I needed that. I was beginning to think I would go all day without a good laugh.
Biggest  +   1256d ago
One quick click of their "REVIEWS" tab shows that they play PS3, X360, PC games all the time. Not sure what non-point you were trying to prove. . . Unless it was that you earned your name.
DigitalRaptor  +   1256d ago
Not only do they focus on multiplatform content, they aren't even fanboys - they play everything. they enjoy everything... well maybe not Kinect. Though, TSA is one of the best quality gaming focused sites out there for a range of gaming content and coverage. They keep it independent, real and focused on the readers.
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Knushwood Butt  +   1256d ago
BAM, there it is!
MasterCornholio  +   1255d ago
Pew pew pew

Better with Kinect.

Lol this game flopped so hard and I can't believe that some people still defend it despite its horrible flaws.


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