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Dying Breed: Remembering 12 Awesome B-Tier Shooters

10d ago - MR BLACKMAGIK writes, "Thanks to the rising cost of game development and the insurgence of ind... | PC

Gaming's most beautiful deaths

34d ago - GR: Video games are like a prism. When you shine certain ideas through them you get a kaleidosco... | Fallout 3

Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

10 Video Games That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions

50d ago - WC: "The video game equivalent of would-you-rather. " | Mass Effect 2

The Game Fanatics' Favorite Horror Gaming Memories

101d ago - The Game Fanatics' staff got together to talk about some of their favorite gaming moments includi... | GameCube

7 AI Buddies Who Will Do the Hard Work for You, Hero

106d ago - OX writes: "Occasionally you're paired up with a hyper-competent companion character so effective... | PC

The ex-Dead Island 2 developers on going indie: "it cuts down on the bullshit"

110d ago - It’s never been more difficult to be an indie success. With the likes of Kickstarter, Steam Green... | PC

Another Top 10 Video Games With Great Stories

135d ago - Watchmojo: We can't get enough of gushing over video game stories. | Culture

The 1099 Episode 11: Spec Ops: The Line Creative Lead Cory Davis

147d ago - "On this week's episode, creative director of Daedalus at Tangentlemen and creative lead for Spec... | Culture

The Patch Game Club : Spec Ops: The Line: War Has No Winners

149d ago - Join Ryan Haywood, Meg Turney and Josh Flanagan as they discuss the subversive military shooter,... | PC

Iron Sunset and Killing in Games

167d ago - VGChartz's Corey Milne: "While I might seem to be overly harsh on a small flash game, I think it'... | PC

The Video Games That Deserve a Second Chance

184d ago - Dismissed on release, several games have gone on to represent worthwhile investments of time, a... | PC

SOMA Has Been Inspired By Doom 3, Bioshock, Spec Ops: The Line & Silent Hill

196d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Frictional Games’ SOMA is one of our most highly anticipated indie horror game... | PC

Stories in Modern Military Shooters Need to be More Diverse

203d ago - OnlySP: With an upgraded media team here at OnlySP, means upgraded content and the start off a pu... | PC

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games You Never Played

215d ago - Kdin, Geoff, and Michael show off some really amazing Xbox 360 games you probably overlooked! | Xbox 360

Eight Lesser Known Games for Xbox One Backward Compatibility

215d ago - The Xbox 360 had plenty of hidden-gems which should be included in the Xbox One's backward compat... | Xbox One

5 of the Most American AF Video Games

220d ago - In honor of Independence Day, you gotta play these games if you wanna be a REAL American. | Culture

Top 7… Bad Endings You Really Have to Work For

300d ago - GamesRadar - Learning from failure is an important part of life and, consequently, video games. G... | Culture

10 Incredible Video Game Stories That Got Everybody Talking

311d ago - WC: Whether it’s a cracking last minute twist or a superbly crafted set of characters, video game... | PS2

Defining Moments – Spec Ops: The Line: There’s always a choice

321d ago - "Spec Ops: The Line is a game that revolves around the idea of extreme circumstances requiring ex... | PC

Top 10 Overlooked Video Games of All Time

323d ago - After looking through the most criminally overlooked games out there since the days of the NES to... | PC

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Game Over: 5 of the Most Mind-Blowing Game Endings

327d ago - Here are just a few mind-blowing game endings that broke all the rules and left us speechless, pr... | Culture

5 Games That Changed Dramatically Before Release

332d ago - EGMR writes: "It’s no big secret that a great many games undergo changes during development, espe... | PC

Back Button Retrospect: Spec Ops The Line

347d ago - Taking a look back at this unconventional military shooter from Yager and 2K Games. | PC

IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #200

363d ago - This week on the IncGamers Podcast: Bethesda at E3, Shadow Realms cancelled, Eye tracking (what?,... | PC

11 Moments in Games Where You’re a Huge Jerk

369d ago - There are moments where you can't be a nice guy. You gotta be a jerk, and we've got eleven moment... | Xbox 360
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