August 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in Europe Reveal Likely This Week, Titles Teased

We made an (educated) guess on Friday when we said that the PlayStation Plus free games for August 2013 in Europe would be revealed this week, which Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager, heavily hinted at by saying, “should be a little later this week.” He then went on to say that there’s a “great mix of genres this month, I think” and it’s a “nice varied line up.” - PSLS

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SythMoi1498d ago

Now what is your views on Free tp Play PS 4 or even XBOX one games ?

TrendyGamers1498d ago

It's more games....that are free.

s8anicslayer1497d ago

I hope the U.S store gets DMC!

minimur121497d ago


usually would be, but they've said so far we've got the one, the only Jet Set Radio for free

usually the games are the same though, minus Catherine on EU PS PLus the games are the same (Battlefeild 3, SR 3, Uncharted 3, LBP K, XCOM)

s8anicslayer1497d ago

@minimur12 I'd prefer DMC over JSR any day!

Roper3161497d ago

There is no such thing as f2p on the xbox because they are all behind the XBL paywall. Whereas f2p on PS3/PS4 will be just that and will excluded from the PS+ to be able to play.

Just another example of MS effing over their customers by charging for what it supposed to be free.

Yi-Long1497d ago

Well, vote with your wallets, which I'm sure many gamers will be doing...

.... which means they'll be getting a PS4 where you can enjoy those F2P games, among many other great benefits, instead of buying an Xbox One.

minimur121497d ago

what i love is how the World Of Tanks dev was at E3, showing off how awesome and happy he is with the X360 system

and in an interview post-E3 conference, he was pissed at how there was a paywall.

hkgamer1497d ago

not a big fan of free to play games, but i guess its better than not playing a game at all.

vigilante_man1497d ago

They are not normally my cup of tea but if they are free then they are worth a try.

Come on Microsoft - how can you charge people to play online in a free to play game? Do the decent thing and move them in front of the Paywall.

hkgamer1496d ago

I dont see the problem of needing live to play f2p.
I do see problem if you have to play subscription + live to play an mmo though. Same as Netflix or any other streaming service needing Live... Kinda annoying

Blastoise1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Great update, PS+ keeps getting better

This is probably all true. Here's the leak I saw a while back, spot on so far


sashimi1497d ago

Little King's Story...IF that comes to NA PSN+ i'd buy the dlc!

minimur121497d ago

funny thing is i was plannin on getting DMC next month anyway, but I guess I'll wait till it's on PS Plus :D (if it's coming to US Plus that is)

Koyes1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Only Spec Ops: The Line intrigues me, slightly and even then, I don't really like shooters. The others seem totally 'Meh!' and a bland month overall

superterabyte1497d ago ShowReplies(2)
Skate-AK1497d ago

Spec Ops is very underrated. Great story.

Williamson1497d ago

I hate what PS plus did to my HDD.... It used up the majority of my space. Just gotta figure out what to delete....

Minato-Namikaze1497d ago

Thing is like pacman to your HDD Space.

Lord_Sloth1497d ago

I usually do the Instal Shuffle. My uncle updated to a 1TB HDD which I intend to do within the next few weeks.

devwan1497d ago

Did the same thing, took a good few hours to backup and restore but well worth it!

minimur121497d ago

videos, game installs that you don't play (sometimes they amount to like 2-5GB, GT5 had 7)

also, bear in mind that if you delete a PS Plus game you don't play it is still in your DL list

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