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knight6262988d ago

Only game iam waiting for is for mafia 2 nothing else intrest me well only Metal gear solid peace walkers but ill get that soon

Conloles2988d ago

Mafia 2 lol all 2K get money from is GTA style games and Nba 2K.

MightyMark4272988d ago

The only game I'm waiting for is Mafia II

killyourfm2988d ago

O_O - Not interested in XCOM?

Syaz12988d ago

nice. waiting to see what mafia 2 and spec ops the line has too offer. not into rts games, so civ 5 not for me, and not too familiar with x-com series.

AliTheBrit192988d ago

I think 2K are probably the best Publisher.

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The story is too old to be commented.