PlayStation Store Preview – March 5th, 2013: Grand Slam

This week’s update points and aims for the bleachers with MLB: The Show 13. The PlayStation Vita anniversary sale continues with new games and more. Zeus and Isaac Clark join the PS All-Stars cast as DLC. And Tiger Woods allegedly offers his wife millions to play his new PGA Tour 14 demo. Plus a whole lot more in what’s shaping up to be a fairly large update.

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doctorstrange2112d ago

Spec Ops: The Line is an awesome game to be plussed

Derekvinyard132112d ago

100% agree, i feel like a moron thinking it was another generic militery game, picked it up for 15$ on black friday story is excellent. great game

thorstein2112d ago

No kidding. I was at Best Buy the other day and I almost picked it up. I have seen quite bit of good press about this one and players really seem to like it. Now I am getting it on PLUS!!!! Awesome.

ajax172112d ago

Yes. When I saw that I was like fuuuuck yeeaah! Especially since my blu-ray drive just died. :(

BitbyDeath2111d ago

Even Yahtzee liked it so it must be good.

Sev2112d ago

Hover over the images. That is all.

Looking forward to MLB: The Show 13. Anyone who missed Spec Ops should really give it a chance. One of the hidden gems of last year.

Wedge192112d ago

Haha oh gotta love the little Easter eggs.

TrendyGamers2112d ago

Many laughs have been had, thanks!

dbjj120882112d ago

Wow, Spec Ops for free? Download and enjoy the campaign everyone!

Wedge192112d ago

Looking like a good month for NA Plus!

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The story is too old to be commented.