Spec Ops: The Line VGA footage is in-game ... 2K Confirms.

Upon asking more info about VGA trailer build, 2K Producer confirms that footage taken was in-game visuals and they already look better then CG especially Characters. 2K producer also said that game is only going to get better looking from this point forward.


Just want to clarify ... according to 2K Producer, earlier they had a CG trailer (you can find it on youtube) and in comparison VGA footage in-game visuals already look quite a bit better than the CG, especially the characters.

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jesuisankit3280d ago

I agree, this game is gonna raise the graphical bar to a whole new level. It looks awesome.

deadpoole3280d ago

This game is gonna be amazing with excellent storyline.

tdrules3280d ago

brown covered in brown.

deadlyliquidxxx3280d ago

probably by ps3 fanboys who cannot stand anything not exclusive being called graphical wonders.
And if u want brown and gray, play killzone 2

coolcole933280d ago

"And if u want brown and gray, play killzone 2 "

And if you want graphical bar to a whole new level, go play Killzone 2.

SuperM3280d ago

how can it raise the graphical bar to a whole new level when games like KZ2 and Uncharted 2 look better? Makes no sense. It looks damn good though. Also, anyone else finding it ironic that they say the game already looks better then CG? CG can look bad and CG can look really good. Avatar is almost only CG, does this game look better then Avatar? (yes im talking about the movie). Such a stupid statement.

Fishy Fingers3280d ago

KZ2, Uncharted 2? For a change, why don't we try and talk about the game in question?

we won3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Anyways here is another look.

It certainly has an art style and cinematic presentation not seen on consoles. And yes the quality of the environments look like CGI at times, and the environmental effects look like CGI and not possible *yet* here they are showing it because they "Achieved" all of this in gameplay.

My point is the visuals are so outstanding they do look like CGI(Wall-e and some Japanese Animated movies, the list goes on) I find it funny people still think *certain consoles* are maxed out and their precious exclusives are milestones no other developer can surpass on other platforms *or* without being in collaboration with a certain console or publisher/engines/company from Japan. There are games coming surpassing Sony's exclusives, that are multi platform and exclusive to other platforms.

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blackpanther253280d ago

anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool.r I remember people going crazy bout brink till they found out it was playing on a PC

we won3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Behold The O'l "Teh" PC excuse. This has always been my favorite damage control method. This is still using a superior engine with high quality production values. I guess the people with platforms that have hardware close to PC architecture have less to worry about? Assuming there is something to worry about.

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umair_s513280d ago

Am I missing something? To me the graphics don't look all that wow.
Just to confirm, are we all watching this trailer?

Raf1k13280d ago

I love the setting of this game. It does kind of remind me of Killzone2 but that's not a bad thing.

Also, the scripted sequence in there was really cool but most of all I'm glad I'll get to play this on my PC as I'll have a new graphics card by the time it's out :D

cLiCK_sLiCK93279d ago

This is running on the Unreal Engine 3 BTW.

Traveler3279d ago

The game does look amazing. I literally couldn't believe how good it looked when they showed it on the VGAs.

I also know some people that have seen Rage running on the consoles and they say it looks better than anything else out on consoles.

It's amazing the kind of games we will be getting in the next year or two.

theunknown3279d ago

You mean textures thanks to the majority environment being sand?

STK0263279d ago

Just to be sure, when this game is confirmed as being "in-game" it looks amazing and you expect it to look that way when it hit store shelves. When Bungie says the Halo:Reach trailer was also made in-game, people say that the final product won't look nearly as good. Or am I missing something?

Also, I chose Halo Reach as the example since it's the most recent one I can think of, but this could apply to a whole lot of games. It seems that both Spec Ops and Medal of Honor are getting a special treatment, like people forgot that the Spec Ops games sucked, and that MoH has been below average since most of the people behind it left EA to form IW. I'm not saying that Spec Ops and MoH will be bad games, I actually hope they both do well, I just don't understand all the hype surrounding both titles.

As for the Spec Ops trailer, yes, it looked very good, but they didn't specify on which platform it is currently running, which leads me to believe it could very well do a "FF13" (remember when they released screenshots for the game running on PC hardware and the small outrage that followed when they later released screenshots of the game running on PS3 hardware? The game still looks great, just not as great). So I suggest everyone should maybe wait a little before saying this game will raise the graphical bar since a whole lot could happen by the time we get to play what will hopefully be a great game.

cyberwaffles3279d ago

"probably by ps3 fanboys who cannot stand anything not exclusive being called graphical wonders."

hey! i thought the game looked amazing. the new MOH looks pretty good too actually. i don't see how you'd insinuate ps3 fans hating on the game because of it's graphics.

and as far the colors go in killzone 2, you'd be surprised that there are more colors in the game compared to spec ops or even gears of war. there are a lot of neon-lit colors like purple, green, and blue throughout segments of the game and in my opinion offer a really nice contrast to supplement the graphics and the game's environment.

and whatever the case is, killzone 2 is still the best looking game on consoles so far.

DeadlyFire3279d ago

I believe this is PC version for a few reasons, but really what does that matter. PS3 and X360 version will be about the same as PC. Still this game is long way off if they are aiming for October 2011. I find it most surprising that this is in-game video though. So early for such a showcase. BLACK 2 should come along right around 2011 or so as well if I am right. I can't wait. December 2008 leak on EA site said BLACK Second Mission for PC, PS3, X360. No word on that since though. :)

I don't see why people need to argue over better graphics. Game could look lifelike as possible, but if it plays like crap then its crap. Its all about the gameplay not how pretty the graphics are.

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I do see why the developers have to come out and say it's in-game because the game looks very impressive but there was absolutely no need for Bungie to come and say their trailer was in-game because Gaylo:Rehash 3.5 looks like SH1T!!

BX813280d ago

If you thought the halo trailer looked like crap then you're just a hater. Even if you don't like halo you have to admit they are heading in the right direction and the game is going to look way better than any game in the halo series thus far.

Traveler3279d ago

The Halo Reach trailer did look amazing. Lots of potential there.

Belasco3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

The level of hate you have for Halo, that you had to make a comment on a game that has nothing, (besides being a game) to do with Halo. Why do you care so much that you have to do this?

Carbide73280d ago

The star of this game is actually the lighting, I mean it looks great. But if you watch the trailer, even in high def, pay attention to the beginning especially, the textures can tell you right away it's in-game.

xc7x3280d ago

i didn't think it looked that great but i will say it looked fun.

deadlyliquidxxx3280d ago

hopefully this will be better but i feel like it wont.

PISSIO3280d ago

Uncharted 2

Thanks to

Infinty Ward

Bungie ( netcode/matchmaking)

200 people every day.


PirateThom3280d ago

So many bitter tears when it comes to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Game of the Year 2009, only on PlayStation 3.

we won3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Bitter tears? No one likes those only on PS3 games, they flopped LOL.

PirateThom3279d ago

Highest rated exclusive on the HD consoles flopped?

By this theory, so did every single 360 exclusive ever.

Confirm or deny.

Antan3279d ago

"they flopped LOL"

Just like your previous accounts.

Back of the net!

we won3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

LOL This fool is so angry he is using his arsenal of accounts to defend himself. lol

Are you fucin tracking my comments so that you can make shady replies when you think I'm not around? You nut.

LOL you have issues dude. I think you sit there mad as hell when somebody calls you out and you remember it forever as if it just happened. I bet when you think of N4Gs you think of me first or at least I'm on you mind. Sad, get some help. You disagreed with in 15 seconds of my post because you were sitting on your PC waiting lol.

PirateThom3279d ago

You didn't answer my post:

"Highest rated exclusive on the HD consoles flopped?

By this theory, so did every single 360 exclusive ever.

Confirm or deny. "

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