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PlayStation Store Preview – July 3rd, 2012

"This week’s a little light on content, but an incredible PSN Summer Sale more than makes up for it. The PS3 does have some new content coming this month, but the Vita is all but forgotten. C’mon Sony, I wanna play my Vita! Aside from the update, we wish everyone a very happy and safe Independence Day celebration. Those of you who didn’t blow their fingers off, leave some comments on our new comments system!" - PSLS (Bellator: MMA Onslaught, Dungeon Twister, Max Payne 3 , PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sonic Generations, Sony, Spec Ops: The Line, Summer Stars 2012, Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13)

alexcosborn  +   739d ago
Lots of great deals!
Zabby91  +   739d ago
A "meh" week, could have been worse, could have been better.
Blastoise  +   739d ago
Lookin forward to downloading Just cause 2 & Sideway NY
cervantes240  +   739d ago
The PlayStation Plus sale sounds pretty great. Wish I subscribed. :-(
doctorstrange  +   739d ago
Never too late
Neo Nugget  +   739d ago
Go for it. You can still get the games if you sign up now!
MoveTheGlow  +   738d ago
And this week, you'll get Pac-Man CEDX for free out of the deal. That game is friggin' excellent.
JonnyBigBoss  +   739d ago
I've been playing Warhammer 40k and it's a decent game. That alone almost made PS Plus worth the purchase... let alone all the other stuff!
The_Devil_Hunter  +   738d ago
Yep i agree the game is suprisingly fun despite funny character designs and the weird story. I understand the game is based on a board game but the main character looks funny. this aside the game itself is lots of fun
MoveTheGlow  +   738d ago
Space Marine's great! Same here - wouldn't have picked it up without PS Plus, but it's so fun chain-swording Orks and such.

Be sure to check out Just Cause 2. That game is insane, it's like an open-world game version of the Schwarzenegger "Commando" movie.
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dbjj12088  +   739d ago
Definitely picking up NBA Jam while it's on sale, but I've already got everything else.
SpiralTear  +   739d ago
I really like how Sony is offering solid incentives to give PS Plus a go. Kudos, Sony.
gazgriff2k12  +   739d ago
wheres the walking dead season 2 eu psn release i cant find it on the store
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   739d ago
We will get it late like everything else on the EU store.
TacoTaru  +   739d ago
They should have a sale on small fans that can be used to blow the dust off of my Vita. This could make up for the lack of worthwhile games for it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   739d ago
There's loads of "worthwhile" games for it.
If you don't like any of the games for it then why buy one?
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DlocDaBudSmoka  +   739d ago
some people bought a vita for *gasp* vita games. playins minis and ps1 games is ok. ive had my fill of ps1 games in the 90s. so playing old ass ps1 games doesnt get my juices flowing, so to speak. hell id rather they patch all PSN games. ps1/minis can take a back seat to that. as for psp games, i have a psp for that. so sony bring out the vita software!!!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   739d ago
Why are you telling me people bought a vita for "gasp" vita games?
Never mentioned PSP or PSN minis.
There are plenty of Vita games to play.

Disgaea 3:absence of detention
Dynasty Warriors
Escape Plan
Gravity Rush
MGS HD collection
Wipeout 2048
Unit 13
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat Komplete
Super Stardust Delta
Resistance burning skies
Rayman Origins
Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus
Modnation Racers Road trip

plus more.
All of those games are worth buying.
Not bad for a 4 month old handheld if you ask me.
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NOKIDDING  +   739d ago
Remove Resistance, Unit 13 & ModNation Racers from your "worth buying list". PLEASE...
TacoTaru  +   739d ago
I would have been at least temporarily happy if Gungnir was playable on the vita.
Snookies12  +   739d ago
Yeah, wanted Unchained Blades for Vita as well... Sony is really dragging with PSP game compatibility. :\
TacoTaru  +   739d ago
hmmm... 2 disagrees? I guess I wouldn't have been temporarily happy then. I wonder how they know...
iggypop123  +   739d ago
Didn't Sony promise more free games every month? I see nothing here. Not expecting 8 a month but atleast 1
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   739d ago
the free games so far this month are Gotham City Imposters, Pac-Man CE DX, and Renegade Ops.
doogiebear  +   738d ago
OMFG I can't believe it, dammnit I already own all 3 of those games AND most of the games in the summer sale -_-
Robotronfiend  +   739d ago
They did promise, and they delivered 3 free games this month.
Canary  +   739d ago
They also promised us they'd support the Vita with a strong software line-up, which is why the PSVita has approximately ZERO games this July.
Hicken  +   738d ago
Is that also why the Vita has approximately 40 games already released for it(depending on region), which is likely more than anything else in gaming history had at the same point in its lifespan?

Then comes the part where ports don't count, though they certainly do when the discussion is of the Vita's competition, whose biggest ports aren't even from this generation.

Oh, and entries from existing series are counted as ports, too, even if they're completely new stories.

And everything else is, somehow, not worthwhile.

No, there's nothing being released in July, and that does suck. However, have you finished and mastered the 40 games already out while you complain about a month of no releases? Were there NO PSP games or minis that caught your eye enough to purchase?

The Vita has a little under half as many games as the 3DS, in fully one quarter of the time on the market. Even if not every game available appeals to you, you're being ridiculous if you think any other system out there had a library as large at 4 months old. With that in mind, exactly what the hell are you expecting?

I can only imagine how much more disappointed you must have been in every other gaming system.
Canary  +   738d ago
How, fanboy Hicken, great job refuting all those points I didn't make!

I own a Vita. I love my Vita. And guess what? I'm still angry that we're not getting anything for an entire month, particularly after Sony went out of their way to promise "steady" support.

Honestly, I'm sick to death of you Vita fanboys getting all butthurt every time someone points out this very obvious, very, um... FACTUAL fact. It sucks. Deal with it.

I mean, Christ, I'm seeing more denial and straw man here than I ever did at the height of PS3/3DS fanboys wars.
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Logan832  +   739d ago
I highly suggest Sonic Generations. The highest quality sonic game since Adventure 2 Battle (although I heard colors was pretty good).
Snookies12  +   739d ago
Yeah Sonic Generations is amazingly nostalgic and fun. Did NOT expect to have such a blast with a Sonic game this generation. Though unfortunately I will say after playing it through all the way on both 360 and PS3. The PS3 version suffers from quite a few bugs that are kind of annoying. (i.e. music stopping, slight stuttering after loading back to the main hub world, etc.) That being said though, definitely still worth a purchase.
SuperBeast811  +   739d ago
sypher  +   739d ago
They forgot to add Rainbow Moon coming to PSN this month too.
wnek9  +   739d ago
this would be a good week to give us that ps1 classics on vita just saying....
rhap  +   739d ago
I thought Legasista and Rainbow Moon were going to be out this week. :(
Robotronfiend  +   738d ago
Rainbow Moon comes out July 10th.
sirauron14  +   739d ago
still no PS1 support on the vita
Hazmat13  +   739d ago
PS2 classic, still waiting on BLACK or Timesplitters future perfect. lol
WitWolfy  +   738d ago
Im still waiting for remote play... *sigh* Feels like I am waiting for something that just doesn't exist.
DivineAssault  +   738d ago
take a chill pill bro, be patient.. It will come.. Sony is going to bring a lot to the table in due time.. buy a few discounted psp titles to quench your thirst until it all falls into place.. A new world of entertainment will unfold soon enough
DivineAssault  +   738d ago
that sucks.. oh well.. Im getting PS Plus so i can pay for a service that delivers.. $50/yr isnt bad for free games & lots of discounts
GamerzElite  +   738d ago
But where is Max Payne 3 Local Justice map pack? Its released on 3rd july XBL got this but lazy Sony is not going to update their store before 4th july. I am stupid that I bought Rockstar Pass on PSN. Sony u are breaking ur own customers.
red2tango  +   738d ago
I just got my code in my email. I don't want it though because I sold the game. If anyone wants it, let me know.

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