5 Criminally Overlooked and Under-appreciated Games of 2012 "2012 has been a busy year in gaming, with plenty of high-profile releases -- Diablo III, Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 and the annual CoD and Assassin’s Creed to name a few. But like every year, for each gaming blockbuster, there's a bunch of quiet achievers lost in obscurity. MMGN takes a look at some of the most overlooked video game gems of 2012."

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jc485732187d ago

if you bought Operation Raccoon city over Binary Domain, then you know you did something wrong.

Myst2187d ago

I made that mistake but I fixed it and got Binary Domain. Lovely game pretty interesting story and the mechanics weren't bad at all. I'd love to see a continuation or something of the sort in the future.

Derekvinyard132187d ago

Spec ops was great, the story is excellent its a shame it got overlooked

Myst2187d ago

Eh I enjoyed it every now and again the final boss on the hardest difficulty on the last spec ops though...Heh it was something. I will admit it was fun but I just hated the fact that I had to buy so much of the story.

Kurt Russell2187d ago

Binary domain was great fun... I even got an achievement for scoring with an Asian chick, that should happen irl.

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R6ex2186d ago

Yup. Enjoyed Binary Doamin. Fun shooter with a Jap. story.

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Somebody2187d ago

Binary Domain easily sit as one of my top ten games of 2012. I simply love how the robots react to our shots. Shoot one in right arm and it'll look around for its rifle and pick it up with the left and continue to kill you. Shoot one in the legs and it'll crawl towards you like an angry TX1000.

The giant spider robot's reaction when it only has one leg left is pretty hilarious. Why does a giant, heavily-armored spider robot designed as mobile coastal defenses can easily be brought down by rifles?

Reverent2186d ago

Or shoot one in the head and watch it kick it's robot buddies in the face. Great fun.

Christopher2186d ago

I don't think we can say The Walking Dead is overlooked or under-appreciated considering it's already in the top of many sites' games of the year lists.

paydayp2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

look at them bubbles :) u must have done somethings right.

but i think they mean sales wise with the walking dead.
critical acclaim doesnt mean it cant be overlooked or even be appreciated by the masses.

Christopher2186d ago

Sales for the game have been way above average as well, paydayp. Not CoD or Halo, but better than the mass majority of games out there this year.

BitbyDeath2186d ago

@paydayp, that's a perk of being a mod ;-)

showtimefolks2186d ago

Binary domain
Yakuza 3-4 and dead souls
Spec ops the line

Yakuza dead souls takes some time getting use to but after that it's a blast to lay a zombie game with a proper story

wishingW3L2186d ago

yeah the story is really good, especially compared to the recent RE games but the gameplay is a bit stiff and outdated. =/

Beastforlifenoob2186d ago

The walking dead WAS NOT overlooked, It was GOTY, what else did the writer want? For statues to be built in its honour?

showtimefolks2186d ago

i agree, let's not act like its the best game ever made. i enjoyed it and thought GOTY should have been it and journey.

its a old school point and click adventure so maybe a lot of gamers haven't played those type games before but games like these were a thing for norm a while back

yesmynameissumo2186d ago

Raccoon City is a damn fine game. I've never understood the hate directed towards it. More Resident Evil than 5 and 6 combined plus 4 player co-op. The game is a blast.

wishingW3L2186d ago

50 agrees and no one gives a poor bubble to this good samaritan. =(

Venox20082186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

After finishing Binary Domain I wanted more :) One o the best games of 2012 and I'm not even a biggest shooter fan! :) good list btw

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sayedstafa2187d ago

Walking Dead is criminally overlooked and under appreciated? Are you serious? The game that won just about every award on the VGAs is under appreciated and overlooked? No, just no...

Enemy2186d ago

Most gamers weren't really talking about it until it won that award.

LOGICWINS2186d ago

MOST gamers don't know what the VGAs are. Most probably don't even know that a Walking Dead game exists.

Braid2186d ago

No one cared what the game was until it put on the m-- I mean, won the VGAs.

-GametimeUK-2187d ago

I managed to overlook the entire year. I am starting to want to play Borderlands2 and Sleeping Dogs, though. Lets see what I can get in the Steam sale.

Dishonored too :-D

RickHiggity2186d ago

You're not the only one. I was still catching up with a few games from 2012, but other than that I didnt do too much gaming surprisingly. Gotta love those steam sales for that reason though :D

Stoppokingme2187d ago

I don't know why KoA was overlooked, It's a great game that you can easily put 100 hours into.

It's a shame that 38 studios went bust, KoA definitely deserved a sequel.

JohnApocalypse2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

It sold 1.5 million copies but that was not enough

Hanso2187d ago

i liked KoA!
crazy how many studios closed this gen..
i am scared when i think about next gen is just around the corner :/

SilentNegotiator2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Just the result of bad planning. KoA sold fine and reviewed fine.

The game sucked, though. Too repetitive.

GREW50ME2187d ago

I got it for 11 bucks, played for abou 11 hours and was bored. Stealth mechanics are terrible. Every fight is punch, punch, kick, and the quests are quantity, not quality. At the end of the day, it was worth my 11, but if you paid more, it was kind of a ripoff. Plus, it came out the same time as Skyrim = death for any RPG...

EZMickey2186d ago

Skyrim came out 2011 and Kingdoms of Amalur came out 2012. KoA was not on the same level as Skyrim, I'll admit, but it was good at doing what it set out to do. It's an action RPG with tons of different ways to develop your character as a fighter. If you found the combat repetitive it was either not the kind of RPG you wanted or not the kind of action game you wanted.

I don't think it was the best, I just respect the effort the designers put in to create an RPG that has it's own strengths to offer in a competitive industry.

MaleManSam2187d ago

Please, The Darkness II takes the cake for criminally overlooked game of the year.

Dark_Overlord2187d ago

It was good, but not great (I think the 1st one was far better). My biggest gripes with it were it was too short and too easy :)