Infinity and beyond: Take-Two bets on 2K for FY13

VG247: Take-Two Interactive is one of the most close-mouthed of the big publishers, but it also has one of the most comfortable catalogues. We look over its 2012-2013 line-up and predict nothing but sunshine and daisies.

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roadkillers1973d ago

Give me Agent, Bioshock, GTA5, Red Dead 3, Bully 2, Manhunt 3, and System Shock 2 remake, and something that plays like The Warriors please.

Pwnage182021973d ago

that is a GREATT LIST!!!!

roadkillers1973d ago

Thanks. Vast majority of those games were in my childhood years.

Pwnage182021972d ago

I know System Shock 2 was an INSANE game!!! That also scared the crap out of me at some points.

GamingManiac1972d ago

You forgot Rockstar'TableTennis lol

jamesgtaiv1973d ago

Give me V on PC and RDR on PC so I can play through it again in first person.

GraveLord1973d ago

I'd love to pirate GTA V on PC :D

jamesgtaiv1973d ago

Yeah, haha... I guess since I don't live with my mom and have my own income, I can afford to buy things and support developers I like.

Good comment though. You really added a lot to the internet today.

OcelotRigz1973d ago

I live with my mom, have my own income and download movies and tv shows, and if i played pc games i'd download them too..... without paying for any of it. Best of both worlds, hahahahahaahmawhamwaahaMWHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAH!

But seriously, i have the choice to pay or get something for free, im gonna get it for free. The world is a crappy place and the last thing i care about is the 0.0001% reduction in game sales of a said game because i downloaded it for free.

jamesgtaiv1972d ago

So you justify the world being a crappy place by slowly making it a crappier one?

Grap1972d ago

good for you both.

limewax1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Not sure you would feel the same if it was your studio that loses money for it. However you spin it piracy is theft, and unless you would happily rob your favourite store, why rob your favourite devs?

The world is nowhere near as bad as you make it seem. If it was we wouldn't have the time to be hyped for E3.

OcelotRigz1972d ago

Your question doesnt make sense. I simply meant that there is much bigger problems in the world and in our own lives, as a result i simply dont care about the insignificant problem i am causing developers/producers. Keyword "I". Do you believe im making the world "crappier" by what i do?

You're right, i wouldn't feel the same way if it was my studio. But i dont own or work in a studio so i cant see it from that perspective, just as the studio owner/worker cant see it from mine. Because we are in completely different situations and environments, i can justify what i do. For example, killing another person is wrong, but put a gun in a mans hand and call him a soldier then its ok. Its all about perspective.
Also, you're assuming one act of theft is no different than any other, you know thats not the case, obviously.
As for the world not being as bad as i said, that being "crappy", no you're right, its much worse. We have the luxury of living in our comfortable bubble and being somewhat oblivious to the horrors of the world we live in, thats why we can get hyped for E3. Saying the world isnt "crappy" because we can get hyped for E3 was a ridiculous thing to say.

The fact that im writing a big comment on N4g about theft and the state of the world in a post about GTAV's rumored release is ridiculous!

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nik666uk1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

PC gamers, there's nothing superior about being thieving bastards!!

limewax1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

common misperception, those people are the same people that will have jtag'd xboxs and cfw 3.55 ps3s. They were never going to pay for it in the first place.

Plenty of PC gamers buy their games, otherwise Steam would not still be in business

C0MPUT3R1972d ago

GTA V has to come out in OCT doesn't it?
Bioshock & XCOM are delayed to 2013.

nik666uk1972d ago

Ocelot, you're a credit to your parents, mummy must be SO proud!

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