Spec Ops: The Line: Apocalypse Soon

War changes men, there are very few men or women who see comba that aren't changed on a fundamental level. Mentally, we as humans can only take so much stress before we mentally break. Video Games have never been shy about portraying the violence without any consequences. Spec Ops: The Line seeks to change that.

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UCForce124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

The game want us to watch the horror of war and it caused the hallucinations.The game want us players go deep as possible. Even more frightening is that the game loading screen changed and it say: “This is all your fault” The game insulted us for our actions and when we reach to final mission and it said : “You are still good person”. But are we good people after what we have done ? Spec Op The Line has a great story and a terrifying one, too.

RememberThe357122d ago

I loved this game. I think I played it all the way through over a weekend. Sort of Hellblade, but a shooter.

TheOttomatic91122d ago

A perfect comparison no wonder why I enjoyed Hellblade so much.

TwistedV122d ago

Gameplay was so boring i couldn't get myself to play this more than a few hours.
Shame if the story rly was that good...

NarooN122d ago

Same happened to me, man. A friend of mine was telling me repeatedly I should play it and after a while I finally caved and listened to her. Then I played for about 4 hours and was done. Was just way too boring to keep going lol.

TwistedV122d ago

Haha i almost thought i was the only one.
Guess even if veryone tells u something is the bomb still doesn't mean its the bomb.

dreamoner122d ago

Boring as fuck gameplay yeah. I finally finished it after several tries over the years thanks to constant nagging about its story and it took about 4 hours to finish it. Yeah the story was great but I would never play it a second time.

OoglyBoogly122d ago

I didn't think game play was horrible but I also played it soon-ish after it came out or so? Might have just been a "fresher" experience then. Also, even though I enjoyed the game and finished it I'd be lying if I said it wasn't the story that mainly kept me going. Not bad in execution but definitely a more mediocre cover shooter.

Germaximus122d ago

Nobody hypes it up for the gameplay. It's always about the story. The gameplay isn't bad or anything, just nothing special. The story is really damn good.

EazyC122d ago

I wonder if this game got an upturn in sales since it was outed as a bit of a hidden gem? I remember it was an initial financial failure but I think it was sold as a gung-ho "ooh-ra!" type military game. Loved it though, such an affecting story.

OoglyBoogly122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

"it was sold as a gung-ho "ooh-ra!" type military game"

I certainly don't remember them advertising it as some deep storied game. I remember them talking about the sand tech and how you could change the environment but outside that it was all run and gun.

I can't remember why I played it...might have been bored and wanted something different (edit: it was Nolan North voicing the main character and my love of Uncharted that drew me to it now that I'm looking at the game)? I remember getting JUST deep enough in the game for the story bits to grab me as I seem to remember people talking about it after I played it. I think I saw TotalBiscuit do a video on the game shortly after I played it and was like "I'm not the only one!" and then it's been this "hidden gem" since.

guacman88122d ago

i literally logged in just to say that this games is amazing. the game is super under appreciated

tim666122d ago

For me it was one of the best games last gen. This would have been a goodchoice for a remaster.

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