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Diablo 3 Playable on the PS3 at PAX East this weekend.

714d ago - If you are eager to see what Diablo 3 will look like on PS3 and you are near Boston this weekend... | PS3

The Halo Bulletin: 3.20.13

714d ago - BS Angel: In Seattle, there are espresso stands on every corner. In Boston, however, that’s no... | Xbox 360

Want a free copy of Skyrim? Just tell the 8Bit crew what to do at this year’s PAX East

722d ago - As you may have noticed, we’ve been kind of quiet lately. But rest assure, this is only the calm... | Xbox 360

The Soapbox: Why No Press Badge For Us?

1036d ago - Thanks to a very engaging question in a group I'm a member of on LinkedIn, spawned today's Soapbo... | Culture

New looped animations from White Night, a completely black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

GGTL at PAX East 2012: Novus Aeterno preview, backstory and interview

1041d ago - GGTL says: The greatest background story of our entire PAX East trip had to undoubtedly belong to... | PC

GGTL at PAX East 2012: The Showdown Effect preview and interview

1041d ago - GGTL says: "Super Smash Bros. isn't exactly a game developers mimic often. Saying that, Arrowhead... | PC

GGTL at PAX East 2012: Dragon's Dogma preview and interview

1042d ago - GGTL says: "Throwing together an action oriented game tied around a compelling narrative and shro... | Xbox 360

GGTL at PAX East 2012: Skulls of the Shogun preview and interview

1042d ago - GGTL Says: "Strategy games aren't exactly the most popular form of entertainment these days, but... | PC

GGTL at PAX East 2012: SMITE preview and interview

1042d ago - GGTL says: "Slowly but surely, the world is being devoured in multiplayer online battle arenas (M... | PC

GGTL at PAX East 2012: Double Dragon: Neon preview, gameplay and interview

1043d ago - GGTL says: "Few games can compare to the outright classics, and you can bet Double Dragon is on t... | Xbox 360

GGTL at PAX East 2012: Girl Fight preview and interview

1043d ago - GGTL says: "There wasn't many up and coming fighters being showcased at PAX East this year, but R... | Xbox 360

GGTL at PAX East 2012: RaiderZ preview and interview

1044d ago - GGTL says: "Monster killing is a hard business. Hacking, slashing, maiming and otherwise murderin... | PC

PAX East 2013 Date Revealed

1044d ago - In a survey given out to this year's PAX East go-ers, convention company ReedExpo revealed the da... | PC

Irrational Passions: Super Time Force Preview

1045d ago - "Imagine if you will, a game where when you die, all the things you did in that life still matter... | Xbox 360

GamerNode | XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview

1045d ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "With all the attention being paid to the upcoming XCOM first-per... | PC

GamerNode | Guacamelee! Hands-On Preview

1045d ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "This metroidvania-style action-platformer stars a down-on-his-lu... | Xbox 360

Plantronics Gamecom 780 and Backbeat Go Interview PAX East 2012

1045d ago - GamerFitNation: On April 6, at Pax East in Boston Massachusetts, GamerFitNation was able to Inter... | Tech

Six Independent Games of PAX East 2012: Part 2

1045d ago - Matt Giguere talks about three more indie games from PAX East. This time he gives his thoughts on... | PC

PAX East 2012 – Losing my convention virginity

1046d ago - TVGB: "The moment I first approached PAX East’s revolving doors, I could tell that something was... | Culture

Shuffled #31: Boston8Bit Interview at PAX East 2012

1046d ago - Host Matt Giguere welcomes a slew of chiptune musicians onto the show, including Carl Peczynski (... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

PAX East: Black Knight Sword Hands On | DigitalNoob

1046d ago - Carly writes: "PAX East was an overwhelming wave of up-coming games but there were a few that... | Xbox 360

PAX East: Hands on with Sonic 4 Episode 2 | DigitalNoob

1046d ago - Andrew writes: "When it comes to Sonic, I’ll admit that I enjoy playing all games. Yeah, some... | PC

Pax East 2012 Borderlands 2 Interview with Matt Charles

1046d ago - GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte interviews Gearbox Software's Matt Charles on Borderlands 2.... | PC

PAX East: JAM Live Music Arcade Hands On | DigitalNoob

1046d ago - Andrew writes: "This game has to be the most interesting and confusing game I played while at... | Xbox 360

Press Play @ PAX East '12 Episode 4 - Lollipop Chainsaw

1046d ago - It’s all about Sex, Blood and Rock & Roll in Lollipop Chainsaw, and producer Scott Warr tells us... | Xbox 360
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