PAX East 2011 – HipHopGamer Receives Love From The Gaming Community

PAX East 2011 was a great experience for so many reasons, but probably the most significant reason for myself and fellow GAMERZ411 members T-Hill, and Hitman was to finally meet the gaming journalist who serves as an inspiration, mentor, and friend to us all, none other than the HipHopGamer, Gerard Williams. It was definitely a milestone experience for us to spend time with him and to see his charisma, passion, and swagger 1st hand. Many may have their opinions on HipHopGamer, but to those who truly know him he’s a person who leads by example, showing nothing but love and respect to everyone he meets. We were able to see just how much he is embraced by the gaming community, whether it’s the fans, fellow journalists, and game developers. The following footage has been shown before, but we decided to put it all together to highlight some of those moments we experienced. Shout out to my camerawoman, my very own cousin Melanie of bluensilver Entertainment for producing this awesome video!

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Warprincess1162558d ago ShowReplies(12)
Hitman07692558d ago

HipHopGamer is a great guy. Get to know him if you think otherwise.

hennessey862558d ago

will have an opinion. He puts himself out there so he will get scrutinized. Personally i think hes a decent guy.

9thGenHero2558d ago

Like what Hitman said above, get to know HHG and you will understand why he's respected by the gaming community. He's the realest most humble guy around.

Megaton2558d ago

You must not know many people, or what "humble" means.

9thGenHero2558d ago

You must not know me or Gerard.

Megaton2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

No clue who you are, but if he's the "realest and most humble" guy you know, then you either:

a) Have a very small group of people to choose from.
b) Have no clue what either of those words mean.

I can only base my opinion of HHG on what he does here. If he quit with all the lying for hits while simultaneously claiming himself to be the greatest gaming journalist on the planet (humble, right?), I might come to like the guy myself. You get what you give. Acting a fool and spreading blatant lies with a monumental ego will not earn you a shred of respect from me.

fromasterjay2558d ago

I'm sure he's a great guy inside...but humble is NOT a word I would use to describe him...

vgcgames2558d ago

I agree a guy worth listening too

silkrevolver2558d ago

...I just can’t stand his show, so I don’t watch it. Honestly, I’m done complaining about it. I’ve grown up and I understand that if people like something, then let them like it. Besides, I’m sure HHG really is a great guy in person, and he’s obviously worked hard to get where he is.

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The story is too old to be commented.