Rumor: Rock Band 4 to be Announced at PAX East writes: "PAX East is right around the corner and it seems that our favorite plastic guitar game developers, Harmonix, has some interesting announcements planned for PAX East."

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will_c_752289d ago

What if it was pink floyd the wall as a stand alone download like the beatles game with trippy visuals. I thought a while back a band member said something as much in a publication.

ziggurcat2289d ago

they're seriously still making these games?

Skate-AK2289d ago

This is the first one in over a year.

MidnytRain2289d ago

IN OVER A YEAR, wow, that's a long time, lol.

muddy94942288d ago

It's been much longer than a year. Rock Band 3 released on November 26th, 2010. It's been a while.

Harmonix has released two Dance Central games in the meantime. It's about time they return to their roots. :)

SeraphimBlade2289d ago

That could be... anything. I'd expect another band-centric game, more sequels at this point would just be redundant if you ask me.

TheLastGuardian2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Rock Band 3 was great but, I don't see how they can improve the series anymore. I'd love another band centric game. Maybe Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin or Nirvana Rock Band. I'd probably only rent Rock Band 4.

muddy94942288d ago

They can possibly add a feature similar to Rocksmith and take advantage of that market, on top of the plastic guitar. Imagine what they can do with practically two games in one.