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Lollipop Chainsaw Too Sexy For PAX East

Gamesta.com reports on some commotion on PAX East. Actress Jessica Nigri, portraying a very provocative cheerleader from Lollipop Chainsaw, was deemed unfit to present herself as the game's likeness and asked twice to change her revealing outfits. Keith Apicary, notorious at game shows, was also banned from the event. (Lollipop Chainsaw, PAX East, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Lucretia  +   1239d ago
Wooooooooooooow. amazing
dcortz2027  +   1239d ago
I second that, what a babe!
vulcanproject  +   1239d ago
This is why i carry scissors around with me. For this exact circumstance. People say i am crazy, but tell me you wouldn't have me walk up to her and quickly snip that little strap holding everything together :D
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M83_  +   1239d ago
I know that guy is so hot! Wait... We are talking about men here right?
MmaFan-Qc  +   1239d ago

Oh Snap! (in every ways possible)
Gaming101  +   1238d ago
lol this got this many hits and why?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1239d ago
Hmmmm... I have the sudden urge to buy this game.... This tells a lot about myself
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ATi_Elite  +   1239d ago
She's too hot for PAX!!!

Can't have in shape Hot girls walking around but it's OK for Fat people wearing fanny paks with their stomachs hanging out to be every where!!

This is discrimination against the Pretty! She can wear that around my house any day!
dredgewalker  +   1239d ago
Why does she need to wear anything? :P At my house she'll probably be naked and won't go out of the bedroom bwahahaha..I hope my girlfriend doesn't read this....
meetajhu  +   1239d ago
Watch Jessica Nigri in action

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MidnytRain  +   1239d ago
Blood stains have never been sexier.
Squadron40Dive  +   1239d ago
Probably the Head woman was some prissy bitch and was jealous of the model's body and she made a big deal about it.
ShaunCameron  +   1239d ago
So much for the Northeastern US being liberal.
soundslike  +   1239d ago
besides being completely irrelevant
ummm, where do you get your info from?
ShaunCameron  +   1239d ago
Isn't the PAX East event located in Boston? Norteastern US?
rdgneoz3  +   1239d ago
I think it was just the staff being d!cks about it. Hell, Anime Boston (which was going on at the same time on in another part of Boston) had some outfits that were just as good. The only thing people got in trouble with there were the cosplay guns / knives that looked somehow "real"...
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1239d ago
Well Suda51 is trying to appeal to the western gamer,since shadows of the damned did so poorly here....

But yup, they are going to get a lot of sales this time around.

Did the same thing with Bayonetta... found a very nice action game, minus the excessive loading on PS3, all because I went... Oh cool a hot chick on a game cover... sigh Im pathetic

Well I also played the demo at home... but once again, oh hot chick made me download it
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Frenza  +   1239d ago
Violence + dead people + blood + gore = Okay.
Naked skin = OHH HELL NO.

Makes sense /s
LoaMcLoa  +   1239d ago
You know, you can't really compare those things (Atleast in real life)

When you see someone dressed up as a zombie or something, you know it's fake.
You can't really fake nudity.

I don't really know how to explain it, but when you start thinking about it.. You kinda understand what all this is about.
Bakkies  +   1239d ago
It's a US thing.
Kalowest  +   1239d ago
Yep, Sex&Nudity in the US is Taboo.
rdgneoz3  +   1239d ago
Yep, US hates nudity/sex, while other parts of the world prefer to hate violence. How many games get censored for violence in other countries while they're just fine in the US...
M83_  +   1239d ago
^^^^ well if you were going to hate one or the other you should choose violence over sex/nudity any day.
Personally I don't think sex in media/games is a big deal at all, nor do I think violence in games is either. But countries should choose to hate violence rather than nudity all the time. Sex is natural and doesn't hurt anyone....unless S&M is your thing...lol
STONEY4  +   1239d ago
More like the parents here in the US seem to have a fit over nudity, or anything sexual.

"Lawlawl, I'm fine if my 7 year old kid is watching gore and language on TV... WHAT!? SHE HAS A MINISKIRT ON? GET OFF THE TV BOB, THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE!!!"

Parents and the TV media hate it (remember Mass Effect anyone?), everyone else doesn't really care.
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arjman  +   1239d ago
Apparently shes an arrogant and rude person, just saiyan
buddymagoo  +   1239d ago
In her interviews she asks the interviewee a question then cuts them off after a second and begins to answer her own question. Still bone it though.
Leio  +   1239d ago
Oh so shes a rude person ? thats have nothing to do with her boobs
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1239d ago
You're a saiyan? o.O
Getowned  +   1239d ago
lmao Team Four star owns :P " i'm just saiyan."

Related video
chazjamie  +   1239d ago
what else were you expecting?
lifesanrpg  +   1238d ago
Disagree. I talked to her and she was real friendly..

Of course, who knows if its just because it was at a public event. I'm sure outside of PAX I'd never have a chance to even talk to her lol
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rhap   1239d ago | Offensive
Majin-vegeta  +   1239d ago
69 her oh yeah ;).
Summons75  +   1239d ago
She had more clothing to her than the half naked man next to her, kick him out too it's only fair.
snowman2149  +   1239d ago
fap fap fap.
Bakkies  +   1239d ago
The word actress is used very loosely here.
j-blaze  +   1239d ago
Lollipop Chainsaw is day 1 for me!

but damn, Jessica looks sweet, i want to hug her ^^
Convas  +   1239d ago
Is that all bro? Perhaps you're not being completely honest with yourself about the activities you'd like to perpetrate upon Mrs. Nigri ... XD
NeXXXuS  +   1239d ago
I lol'd ;D
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1239d ago

Lol, you just made my day...
ChickeyCantor  +   1239d ago
Take a good look guys...Closest you will ever get.

*flies off*
NeXXXuS  +   1239d ago
Wtf is wrong with people nowadays? I think Ivy from Soul Calibur most likely has the most revealing outfit in gaming...
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1239d ago
Not in love with the nose, but I guess it works for her. The hair is a bit much (unnaturally blonde?). Also, fake breasts.

Low cheek bones that make her look younger now will look BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD in about 7-10 years, giving her an awkward smile.

Don't let the pink tramp outfit fool you, guys.
Waddy101  +   1239d ago
Just to point out her hair is purposefully dyed to fit the role and her breasts aren't fake.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1239d ago
1) Her hair is always like that.
2) Not sure if you're serious about the breasts or not...because they are. Look her up.
Waddy101  +   1239d ago
I met her at E3, her hair is a darker shade of blonde and im pretty sure they aren't. You go 'look her up' and show me some info as to them being fake.
lizard81288  +   1239d ago

What was this story about?...
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portugamer   1239d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
TheLastGuardian  +   1239d ago
Holy tits.
portugamer  +   1239d ago
definitely, a few jessicas like to exhibit and provoque...

maybe this nigri should take some classes, with 'chobot' from ign, to learn how to successfully lick a PSP. but maybe chobot is too busy, trying to do the same trick, but with a full antec P183 tower. or blue gene?

ilovemyps3  +   1239d ago
Lol, a P183...
She needs some practice first... There's a guy that could give her some tips...Lexington something... :)
VTKC  +   1239d ago
Its always nice to see Jessica Nigri, I envy the guy who is dating her.
CoLD FiRE  +   1239d ago
There's a rumor that she's a lesbian though!
Waddy101  +   1239d ago
It seems that people don't like that thought
vojtas  +   1238d ago
So a triangle you say. NICE!
no_more_heroes  +   1239d ago
now that's what I call smashworthy...
Awesome_Gamer  +   1239d ago
"Shitty game is shitty"

no boobs will save this pile of crap from failing
LOL_WUT  +   1239d ago
Man if only she came with the game i would soo buy it!
Ness-Psi  +   1239d ago
i just wanna put my head between them and go bwwwrrrrrrrlll...
Daavpuke  +   1238d ago
I'm sorry, but I just have to follow that up with a visual
Ness-Psi  +   1238d ago
LOL nice catch. :)
honkyjesus  +   1239d ago
When you think of crappy Japanese games from Suda 51 that sell terribly and don't do well critically, think of these fake tits.
Reaper9937  +   1239d ago
Jeez I love tits, and what a pair! Definitely day 1 for me, actually already paid for me preorder.
user7792788  +   1239d ago
Only a pair of tits would sell a mediocre game made buy a nobody studio
Reaper9937  +   1239d ago
Sorry bro, but I can't agree with your statement, 'nobody studio' have you been under a rock for the past few years, Grasshopper is anything but a 'nobody studio'. Killer 7, No More Heroes, Shadows of the damned, Sine Mora, etc. I understand that Suda-san's games aren't for everyone, but nobody is forcing you to buy them are they?

Please, next time when you want to bad mouth the great Suda-san or his studio, keep your comments to yourself, because there are many fans of his work like myself who don't appreciate it.
Drithe  +   1239d ago
I dont know about you guys, but I think she is a cutey pie. Heh.

End of Line.
GlossGreen  +   1239d ago
Nice outfit and she looks good in it. As far as the article goes, PAX is always a family friendly environment. Did they overreact with this? Maybe. But what you or I think is irrelevant. It's their show. The dress code is what they make of it.
NeloAnjelo  +   1239d ago
She made this costume herself. Maybe the cheer leader one would have gone down better... She has been chosen to be the official Mascot for this game... we can see why.

Love You Jessica.
bubwright  +   1239d ago
OMEGAZONE  +   1239d ago
That guy is hot.
Cablephish  +   1239d ago
... Combo-breaker?
Fullmetalevolust  +   1238d ago
I was just going to comment about him...mayor haggar from final fight!! Sexy as hell.
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