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Sexism in Gaming is Not a Big Problem

Lately I have been seeing a lot of hoopla regarding sexism towards women in gaming culture. It’s by no means a new topic, but the recent controversy at Pax East regarding Cosplayer Jessica Nigri’s Lollipop Chainsaw getup seems to have really stirred the pot. The pandaemonium that ensued over Ms. Nigri’s boobs in Boston has spilled over into yet another debate over whether the portrayal of women in gaming is sexist. (Industry, Jessica Nigri, Lollipop Chainsaw, PAX, PAX East, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

tee_bag242  +   922d ago
I don't see how sexism is a problem in the gaming industrie. Having pretty well rounded virtual girls in a game..? Whats the big deal. The male hero's are usually buff and chiseled as.. That's fine too. Usually action hero characters are fit people.
Regardless, I dont see too many visually offensive movie stars in movies either, so why pull the sexism card on the video game industry.
jeeves86  +   922d ago
Ha "well-rounded"

I get it!
"Men and Women are BOTH portrayed in unrealistic ways in gaming. There are dragons and spaceships. Guys break bricks with their heads and ride dinosaurs with eating disorders. It’s called fantasy. It’s a major part of why gaming is fun" <- so true. remember Games = Fun, Games = NOT REALITY . just saying
mike1up  +   922d ago
Your name says it all.
tee_bag242  +   922d ago
Lol.. Nothing sexist about a good old tee bagin'
BuffMordecai  +   922d ago
Only feminazis and bitch whipped fags complain about it. This generation is so unmanly.

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h311rais3r  +   921d ago
I remember my high school days. Girls wanted girly guys. Tight pants and makeup. Don't know why all girls wanted to be lesbians.
Xof  +   922d ago
Sexism is not a problem, period.

Sexism is an issue. It always has and always will exist in every facet of life where two (or more) genders interact.

There are problems with how both men and women are portrayed in some games: but these problems should be discussed with more specific language than lumped into the "sexism" catchall, that more often than not inflames the less mature among us (those who decry it to be the greatest issue or the least issue with such dramatic certainty) simply by its presence.
TheRichterBelmont  +   922d ago
lol love the Snake and Juliet photo xD
Yukicore  +   922d ago
It makes games a better, games need to have variety of stuff in them, and sexism is quite a nice touch in some games. Definitely not a problem
azshorty2003  +   922d ago
Does it exist? Yes
Is it a problem? No
mike1up  +   922d ago
No social issue is ever a problem as long as you are on the side of the empowered gender, class, ethnicity, and/or religion. Sorry guys, but I wonder what female gamers have to say about this subject.
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NeoTribe  +   921d ago
Considering female gamers are fat and hideous I imagine they like playing as a slutty hot sexist charachter to act out there phantasy of being attractive.
Hicken  +   921d ago
I doubt there's a blanket opinion, as far as female gamers are concerned. It's pretty much just how there isn't a blanket opinion for all male gamers: many males here have said it's an issue, yourself among them, it seems.

Sexism exists. And it's tangible int he gaming industry... to a point. But attractive characters in a game is no more sexist than attractive women in a movie or on a TV show. Consider, also, that men are generally portrayed as being rather prime specimen, as well. It's not this one-sided scheme to turn women into sandwich machine(that can actually be found more frequently here on n4g than in games).

It would be the same as me complaining that black people were being discriminated against exclusively on some front, while the majority of white people were having the exact same experience.

Does it exist? Sure. But is it happening overwhelmingly, and on the scale that some people would like to indicate? Not in the slightest.
mike1up  +   921d ago
Thanx for the response, and believe me, I have no problem with attractive game characters (especially of the female variety).

Furthermore, I do not think that anyone is complaining about characters being too attractive. People are complaining about games such as: DOAX, Rumble Roses, etc.. That's all, just the extremes.

... you should have stopped there.

Racial discrimination in the United States has been well documented since the birth of this country. Racial discrimination/intimidation has been used against the Irish, Italians, American Indians, and Blacks (try reading a history book some time... soon). Please don't compare this issue to women (rightfully) complaining about video game triple D's.
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Saladfax  +   921d ago
Eh, it just makes the industry and the primary creators of it seem more juvenile.

No, there isn't anything inherently wrong with the juvenile appearance or appealing to prurient interests, but I wouldn't mind having a little more balance on the end of maturity.

My favorite example is the art direction in League of Legends versus Dota 2. In League, every woman is essentially concealing basketballs inside ribbons. Couple this with every female character (except Annie, pervs) also has an extra-provocative skin available. Every piece of it screams, "HORNY TEENAGE DEVELOPERS." While Dota 2 isn't shy about showing skin or a little cleavage in the female characters, it's not nearly to the same level of absurdity.

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