Sexism in Gaming is Not a Big Problem

Lately I have been seeing a lot of hoopla regarding sexism towards women in gaming culture. It’s by no means a new topic, but the recent controversy at Pax East regarding Cosplayer Jessica Nigri’s Lollipop Chainsaw getup seems to have really stirred the pot. The pandaemonium that ensued over Ms. Nigri’s boobs in Boston has spilled over into yet another debate over whether the portrayal of women in gaming is sexist.

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tee_bag2422435d ago

I don't see how sexism is a problem in the gaming industrie. Having pretty well rounded virtual girls in a game..? Whats the big deal. The male hero's are usually buff and chiseled as.. That's fine too. Usually action hero characters are fit people.
Regardless, I dont see too many visually offensive movie stars in movies either, so why pull the sexism card on the video game industry.

jeeves862435d ago

Ha "well-rounded"

I get it!


"Men and Women are BOTH portrayed in unrealistic ways in gaming. There are dragons and spaceships. Guys break bricks with their heads and ride dinosaurs with eating disorders. It’s called fantasy. It’s a major part of why gaming is fun" <- so true. remember Games = Fun, Games = NOT REALITY . just saying

mike1up2435d ago

Your name says it all.

tee_bag2422435d ago

Lol.. Nothing sexist about a good old tee bagin'

BuffMordecai2435d ago

Only feminazis and bitch whipped fags complain about it. This generation is so unmanly.

h311rais3r2435d ago

I remember my high school days. Girls wanted girly guys. Tight pants and makeup. Don't know why all girls wanted to be lesbians.

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Xof2435d ago

Sexism is not a problem, period.

Sexism is an issue. It always has and always will exist in every facet of life where two (or more) genders interact.

There are problems with how both men and women are portrayed in some games: but these problems should be discussed with more specific language than lumped into the "sexism" catchall, that more often than not inflames the less mature among us (those who decry it to be the greatest issue or the least issue with such dramatic certainty) simply by its presence.

TheRichterBelmont2435d ago

lol love the Snake and Juliet photo xD

Yukicore2435d ago

It makes games a better, games need to have variety of stuff in them, and sexism is quite a nice touch in some games. Definitely not a problem

Agent_00_Revan2435d ago

Does it exist? Yes
Is it a problem? No

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