Cliff Bleszinski Calls Out X-Play Over Bulletstorm Score

G4: "X-Play gave Epic Games' Bulletstorm the very excellent score of 4 out of 5 stars, but for perfectionist Cliff Bleszinski, that just wasn't enough, and he showed up at X-Play's PAX East audience Q&A to let everyone know about it."

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SnakeMustDie2704d ago

So he didn't like the score they gave the game because he thinks its a 6/5? It's a good score for a good game.

Abash2704d ago

Cliffy B, learn how to be humble. You're only impressing 12 year old boys with the douche attitude. You're too old to act like that

Syaz12704d ago

i wonder how his wife tolerates his attitude back home? i hope he doesn't bring back work attitude back home.

Lekumkee2704d ago

Ain't that the truth. Trolling N4G when he has a game coming out soon doesn't help either.

I know you're reading this Cliff!! Get back to work!!!

WhittO2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

^^ he doesn't have a wife, he has a younger gf ha.

I think he only jokes around and doesn't really mean what he says, about other games etc.
Just likes to cause headlines and stir fanboys up (which isn't exactly hard to do anyway..).

Sometimes can be annoying though, it does kill him to praise anything PS3 lol, which you don't get that immature behavior in headlines with people from Guerilla/Insomniac/Naughty Dog etc (and they are 1st Party Devs too!)

im-12-years-old2704d ago


He didn't impress me ;)

MAJ0R2704d ago

am I the only one who knows this is just a joke...?

NegativeCreepWA2704d ago

Really, how hard is it to tell he's joking around?

MysticStrummer2704d ago

DIdn't he recently give a speech about the importance of being humble...? Maybe I'm thinking of some other gaming industry loudmouth. I know it wasn't the Kotick.

Active Reload2704d ago

Abash, relax, it was a goofing off moment. Do you really think he's trying to impress people with his personality? Or are you of a sound mind and realize he tries to impress people with the games he works on?

zootang2704d ago

With all the macho man attitude, character design and previous looks. I think he is hiding in the closet.

DarkTower8052704d ago

Its not that he's joking around. Its not that he thinks he's funny when he's not. It IS that he's an attention whore! Its freakin annoying already!

LOGICWINS2704d ago

I keep hearing that Cliffy B is a douche or that hes "annoying". If this is the case...WHY-DO-YOU-KEEP-CLICK-I NG-CLIFFY-B-AR-TI-CLES?

Active Reload2704d ago

I agree with the last two comments above me...

Scenarist2704d ago

@Abash .. hes being himself..
FTW and what they think of him .. hes not doing it to impress u or anyone else

I mean everyone in the world should act the same right ? ...

Every video game should have all the same characters right?...


I dont give a F about Bulletstorms score..
I dont care if it was CLiff that said something

The fact that a person shared their opinion about something is just that... thats all it is.. someone sharing an opinion regardless of how you perceive it

Yea humbleness is good but if u dont want to be humble SO WHAT? Might close some doors ,, Might open others... its life


captain-obvious2704d ago

they added score to the game because they send them a big action figure
"" its part of the Microsoft money loop ""
and the other guy responds while laughing
"" Yah ""

cant say it better my self

jophus2704d ago

Howsabout you learn how to take a facetious tone so you can realize when people are simply goofing and not 'douching'.

I'd like to see any regular nut bag handle getting some fame. I'm sure they'd be super humble and not have fun with it at all. Yeah. That's the life!

Raendom2704d ago

Lol he was clearly just kidding, but uhm can someone explain to me why these guys had their OWN CONFERENCE?! They're freaking journalists. :o And the game developers are there listening to them!

Active Reload2704d ago

Cliff is an attention whore. But he's not being a douche in the video. Now that I think about it, it would've been more entertaining if he was upset with the score and decided to be an a**hole. Oh well....

killershadow1172704d ago

Oh my god guys, he is joking! You know, that thing that you all use to do before your fanboyism just consumed you and made you hate everything about everyone who doesn't agree with you.

No Way2704d ago

So is Jaffe, typically. They can both be annoying.
But, for the most part, the both just try to have fun.

evrfighter2704d ago

Imo whitto is cliffy b. If I was cliffy b that's the kind of comment I'd leave if I wanted to remain anonymous.

Zydake2703d ago

it would be funny if he submits these articles lol.

nix2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

it would have got nothing higher than 7. so cock up cliff. i admit that Gears series is the only game i want to play from 360's entire library but CLIFF... GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!!! YOUR GAMES ARE AVERAGE PLUS AT BEST!!! YOU'VE JUST BEEN DAAAAMN LUCKY THAT THE MEDIA IS ON YOUR (360) SIDE!!!

i know, you're joking here but you STILL NEED TO GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE... make ONE, just one PS3 exclusive game that gets 9+/10 then we'll see.

now, go tweet about this!

I_find_it_funny2703d ago

goddamn he's annoyign recently

STFU Cliffy

Vherostar2703d ago

Sales were terrible and he is now blaming reviewers.. So sad...

lh_swe2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

@Vherostar - and everyone else who hold his opinon, I am going to repeat what many people have said multiple freaking time's but you guys just seem to stupid to freaking realise; He is just goofing around...he is not bitching about the score, he is not trying to do anything but get a few laughs and I didn't know that was soo freaking offensive, Jesus H Christ!

antz11042703d ago


Its sad that you're so pulling that one out of your a$$. Think what you want of Cliff, but Bulletstorm is a great game that sold a ton and deserved the score it got.

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LOGICWINS2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

He's passionate about his game and he wants the gaming public to be just as passionate about it...problem?

The creative director of AC2 did more or less the same thing.

Please consider the effort people put into making these games for us AND then comment.

I see people whining about reviews on N4G all the time(GT5, Yakuza 3, Killzone 3, Crysis 2), but when CliffyB does it...its a PROBLEM lol.

Inconsistent logic will always prevail on this site....and for the record, he was JO-KING.

Syaz12704d ago

being passionate and being offended by peoples opinion of your work is totally different. you don't see the dead space 2 guy mouthing his mouth against critics right, and from interviews he seems to take criticisms well.

KwietStorm2704d ago

Being passionate and being annoying are two different things. I don't care that he was joking, the attention whore thing grew thin a while ago.

Blaze9292704d ago

hilarious bit. I'm sure he was just having fun. a 4/5 won't sway anyone from the game and he knows that.

you all need to chill out and learn to laugh. He's just poking fun.

mfwahwah2704d ago


I don't know how long some of these N4G posters have been cooped up inside, but people joke like that all the time. It was meant to put them in a silly awkward position so everybody could get a laugh. It's G4TV. People should be able to spot the humor.

gypsygib2704d ago

You guys didn't watch the vid, you can tell Cliffy wasn't completely serious.

I'd give the game a 3/5 personally.

Redlogic2704d ago

I used to not like him much, but after hearing him on the latest Mobcast...dude is extremely smart, knows a ton about programming and knows us as video game players. I suggest everyone give it a listen, Mobcast #97 I think.

powney912704d ago

It's kinda funny how many people here don't realise this is a joke.

DelbertGrady2704d ago

You need to be around 8 years old to understand irony. Of course, most people on N4G are much older than that. Physically...

frostypants2704d ago

Bulletstorm would have been 5/5...if it were a $40 title.

At $60, 4/5 sounds about right.

xAlmostPro2704d ago

Anybody else hear the guy shout "you suck" at like 18 seconds in? lol

Eyeco2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

4/5 is a really good score for a short game with a sh!t story, gimmicky arcade gameplay and a sh!tty online.

elpresador2703d ago

.....whats funny is that while he i obviously joking, many fanboys are like that. Remember KZ2? Ign gave it like a 9.6 or something outta 10 and they STILL got btched at from tose thinking that since it was a Sony Exclusive that is must earn a 10. Hell, some fanboys now think that ANY game that is a SONY exclusive should get an auto 10/10. Even when say x-play gives a SE (my shorthand for Sony Exclusive) a perfect 5/5 they STILL get crap from the fanboys. DOn't believe me? Go to x-plays site and look up sessler's soapbox for kz2 and you will see what I mean.

Its amazing that he makes a joke and the hornets nest gets stirred up like it has.

I bet if it were Jaffe doing something similar you would hear nothing but "Jaffe is a funny guy and this is classic," cause let's not forget, he is a Sony guy who is AS arrogant as CB but he gets a free pass cause is is a Sony lover.

Jonah_Reese2703d ago

Oh my God lets not remember the whole KZ2 9.6 debacle that was... oh man, maybe the lowest point in gaming history. But the real reason people gave Sessler and others crap was because they didn't believe the score, stupid I know. But I agree that Jaffe and Cliffy are basically the same in attitude. But I respect confident sometimes arrogant person, sometimes.

fr0sty2703d ago

And once again, Cliffy B reminds us of how much of a douchebag he is.

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oricon2703d ago

Lol this is why cliff trolls N4G 90% of the people here are idiots, and i find it hilarious people here by reading the comments get salty because he is obviously joking.

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sirsnits2704d ago

Cliff is a friend of G4, I'm sure even if he made a shitty game they'd give it a decent score, or not review at all.

StarScream4Ever2704d ago

Doesnt this further confirm his status as a douchey dev?

Downtown boogey2704d ago


aviator1892704d ago

Dude, do you seriously think cliffy's being serious about this?

It's a joke!

anubis562704d ago

douchey? who? ahh you mean that filth called Jaffe right got it!

DirtyLary2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

And we all know most of the sales came from the gears 3 beta invitation.

BLAKHOODe2704d ago

I would've gave the game a 3/5. I tried playing it the other day and, while the style killing was fun for awhile, it wore off quick. I'm usually into these kinda games, but not this one.