PAX East Booth Babe Controversy

Jonathan Heier of writes, "This past weekend was PAX East, the gaming convention held in Boston where thousands of attendees were shocked to find the inclusion of the once believed banned “booth babes”. The problem that fans are having is that booth babes were against the official PAX guidelines for exhibitors. This was brought to my attention by a few female attendees at PAX who were vocal about the subject on Twitter. It wouldn’t take long to find out that the “booth babes” in question would belong to 2K games at the Duke Nukem Forever booth, who were dressed as school girls in white shirts tied up with their stomachs exposed and short skirts. Of course this isn’t the first time that Duke has been getting some attention for being part of the problem of exploiting women. Don’t believe us? How about the fact that their recent media event for the game was held in Las Vegas at a rented out strip club, where the same scantily clad women made their first appearance."

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heroicjanitor2627d ago

Haha brilliant. Duke is quite the legend.

RXL2627d ago

one of those booth babes looks like shes smuggling honey dew melons...


Omega Zues2627d ago

did some one say...Melons!

chainer30002626d ago

shock... sloots getting paid green to stand half dressed at a majority nerd/journalism convention for Duke Nukem. I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams....

Is this really news? If they want to whore themselves out in this way, let them. It's not sex, they're just selling with sex, which every market does in some manner.

Elven62627d ago

Duke laughs at your sanctions.

Can't believe the author didn't mention the infamous G.O.D. lot when mentioning Duke and women.

banjadude2627d ago

Haha, I'm pretty jealous of those guys.

MDK20022627d ago

@ARIJayden so you believe it is okay for booth babes and to take pictures with them?

chainer30002626d ago

I never have, nor will I probably ever go to a convention, but why the hell not? I take pictures with ringside girls at UFC events, pictures with models are bars promoting beers, etc - what is the issue here?

MDK20022626d ago

The debate is for an all ages convention that these models shouldn't be there. Some parents don't want their children exposed to some of these elements. Also it isn't fair to tell those parents or the children to not go if they want to enjoy the upcoming games.

chainer30002625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

@MDK - This makes sense to me. Still, they are no more exposed than they would be should you take your child to the beach, and honestly, as less likely to sleep or do something crazy while being paid compared to getting drunk at the beach.

Just putting it into perspective - it's okay for your kids to be exposed to hyper-realistic M-Rated games being displayed - but not to hot chicks wearing more than a bathing suit? Don't bring the kids to the Duke Nukem booth than FFS.

But I do see your logic and it follows, it comes down to crappy parenting in my eyes.

Gunna need + bub for another response

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