Homefront's Multiplayer Destroys [Insert Title Here], Day One Buy

Jon Ireson writes: "I asked the tough questions at the Homefront multiplayer Booth at PAX East and was very happy with the answers I was given. At the first glance at Homefront's Multiplayer segment you might wonder what makes the game special, well I'm about to tell you. Homefront is not like other first person shooters. While it's already known that the single player campaign is based on a Korean invasion on USA soil and produces an emotionally gripping experience, I am a multiplayer addict and keep hearing how amazing this game's online shooting is. Now I know why."

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fromasterjay2535d ago

I hope this games good...

thrasherv32535d ago

If it's not we can lynch the author for giving us false info :)

HolyOrangeCows2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

The multiplayer is just Bad Company 2....

And the campaign is pretty much just COD:
...from the gameplay, to some of the set pieces, to how the cutscenes work.

Don't get absorbed into the hype. Homefront does little unique or spectacular.

Ducky2535d ago

Gotta love steam. Pre-loaded and just unlocked. =)

Ascalon942535d ago

just did the same with Shogun 2.

chriski3332535d ago

cant wait hope this game will be great fingers crossed

frostypants2535d ago for this game are across-the-board. People either love it, or say it's a grossly outdated CoD ripoff. Which is it?!

I desperately need another game to play online against my 360 buddies. We've all abandoned Reach, and only a few of us bothered with Black Ops. I *need* this game to not suck, but frankly with the lukewarm reviews, it's giving off a sketchy vibe.

If this game doesn't fill the need, then BF3 can't come soon enough.

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Hitman07692535d ago

I am so pumped after seeing the Multiplayer at PAX. Single player is guaranteed awesomeness.

Boody-Bandit2535d ago

Damn, game was barely on my radar but now I am going to have to put it on and move it to the top of the list.

rajman2535d ago

Multiplayer is hella awesome, but you will be dissapointed with the single player after you complete it in only 3 hours (how long it took me anyways)

WetN00dle692535d ago

Which is pretty much in the norm for FPS.

paintsville2535d ago

Man, this game wipes the floor with that Killzone 2 with more color sequel...what's it called??? Oh yeah, Killzone 3.

frostypants2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Most of the reviews sure don't seem to validate your statement.

So far it's reviewing more like Bulletstorm. I.E., a fun game, but probably not worth $60. Bulletstorm is a BLAST but whenever I play it, I can't help but feel like it's more of a fun downloadable game than a full blown retail production.

There needs to be a $40 price point for games like this. Why must everything automatically be $60, content be damned?

Anon19742535d ago

What did IGN have to say about how this game looks? Oh wait, here it is.
"it looks rather bad if you place it next to the likes of graphics-pushing titles such as Killzone 3 or Crysis 2."

Disappointing and Typical are two phrases that I'm seeing crop up in the Homefront review.

But paintsville doesn't care about that. It's not about the games - only about the trolling. Just have a look at his posting history.

ASTAROTH2534d ago

OMG DONT COMPARE this game with Bulletstorm. This game may have a better online experience but Bulletstorm is funnier and has better graphics. The single player campaing is better to. Comparing it to Killzone 3 just show how delusional fanboy you are. Also 360 gamers... stop using multiplatform games to compete against PS3 exclusives... you know that they can be played by PS3 gamers too? And BTW this game is better on the PS3 and that doesnt mean its better than KZ3... ohh ok at least is better than HALO REACH... my bad!!

Stewie2k82534d ago

nearly every comment i saw from you is trolling. pathetic troll >.>

on topic: I'd get this game but i got no money, just spent it on Shogun 2 :(. guess i might just rent it.

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-Mezzo-2535d ago

This game was totally off my Radar, but after all the Positive Reviews, it certainly is a Day 1 Buy for me now.

Aussiegamer2535d ago

Yeah got mine pre ordered, shall be good.

ASTAROTH2534d ago

Positive reviews? Im I missing something?

The other day I said it was just another COD clone and I was ravaged by the fans (mostly 360 ones) . . . Now after the reviews all I can say is... I told you so.

xVeZx2535d ago

im still skeptical because there was no demo and reviews have to come out the day the game comes out which sucks but i preordered from amazon anyway...

SeNiLesBack2535d ago

Going to wait it out on the sidelines on this one but might have to jump in if it kills off COD.

xVeZx2535d ago

i dont like cod much anymore but be realistic the only company that can kill cod off is activision themselves whenever they start releasing "new" cod games less than a year apart from eachother...

WetN00dle692535d ago

I already have it on reserve BUT what sold me even more are the words NO hit detection lag That in itself is a mortal wound to Black Ops.

gorebago2535d ago

i pre ordered this two weeks ago and can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

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