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J-Stars Victory VS: Mod Makes Support Characters Playable

175d ago - Through game modifications, support character models are matched with a playable character’s audi... | PC

J-Stars Secrets: Battle Announcer Files Found

180d ago - J-Stars Victory Vs. has some secrets hidden in the game disc. Modder SergioM3 found hidden announ... | PS3

J-Stars Victory Versus – Luffy & Ace Model Mod

201d ago - With J-Stars Victory Versus already being released for over a month, someone was already able to... | PS3

Checkpoint Reached #34

224d ago - This week the Checkpoint Games crew talks at length about Infamous Second Son, Ground Zeroes' iss... | PC

Wasted Compilation

Now - How people get wasted, not necessarily in GTA 5. | Promoted post

Check Out All the Ultimate Attacks in J-Stars Victory Vs, Now With English Subtitles

229d ago - A new video featuring every ultimate attack in J-Stars Victory Vs popped up today, which should p... | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – All Support Actions

237d ago - Support actions in the game for all 52 characters | PS3

J-Stars Victory Vs Review | Gamergen

237d ago - Gamergen writes : "J-Stars Victory Vs is a great fighting game that will delight, without a sh... | PS3

J-Stars Victory Versus - 4 New Characters Planned as DLC?

238d ago - As you recall, there are only 39 characters who are playable in-game. When counting the “000″ slo... | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS First Week Sales

238d ago - 18,240 copies of the PlayStation 3 and 97,821 copies of the PlayStation Vita. | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS Review | Explosion

241d ago - Explosion writes: " J-Stars Victory VS is a game made for manga and anime fans and every gameplay... | PS3

Saiyan Island: Review of J-Stars Victory VS

242d ago - Saiyan Island: "J-Stars Victory VS made it’s official release in Japan on March 19, 2014 and fans... | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – J-Adventure Menu Translation

242d ago - J-Adventure, the story mode for J-Stars Victory VS takes players around the world to lands spanni... | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – BGM, Victory Road Menu Translation

243d ago - BGM custom soundtrack menus and a Victory Road menu English translation. | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – Online Menus Translation

243d ago - Translation in English for online mode. | PS3

J-Stars Translations: All Battle Characters Intros

243d ago - Translations of all Playable Battle Characters Intros. | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – Free Battle Translation

244d ago - Both 1 and 2 player screens, the pause menu, result menu, and end match menu | PS3

J-Stars Translations: All Taunts

244d ago - All Taunts in J-Stars Victory VS Translated with English subs. | PS3

J-Stars Translations: All Transformations

244d ago - J-Stars Victory Versus' Transformations with English Subtitles | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – All Special Attacks, All Ultimate Attacks

244d ago - All fancy attacks for J-Stars characters. | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS Translated Menus

245d ago - The Japanese game with English translated menus. | PS3

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J-Stars Victory VS – Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, JoJo Character Videos

246d ago - Videos of Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure characters have been uploaded on... | PS3

J-Stars Victory Versus – All Taunts

246d ago - Like any other fighter, J-Stars Victory Versus also has taunts to infuriate your opponents. Here’... | PS3

J-Stars Victory VS – Now on Sale Commercial, Now Available to Download from PSN

246d ago - Namco Bandai Games has released a brand new commercial for J-Stars Victory VS | PS3

J-Stars Victory Versus – All Battle Characters Intros

246d ago - Here’s a compilation of all Battle Characters’ Intros. Enjoy! | PS3

J-Stars Victory Versus – Victory Road Playthrough

246d ago - J-Stars Victory VS has different modes aside from J-Adventure, the main mode of the game. Here’s... | PS3
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