Sasuke (Naruto) and Vegeta (DBZ) Join the J-Stars Victory Cast

Two brand new characters have been confirmed in the anime/manga crossover game.

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tayz1934d ago


DarkBlood1934d ago

thats assuming it comes out here?

staticdash221934d ago

Ps3 is region free. Just import it.

miyamoto1934d ago

I am so happy for you and me ^__^!!!

Believe me it will get a western version like One Piece and Naruto games.

Lavalamp1934d ago

Is there a reason why the author neglected to mention Zebra? He's clearly in the scan.

CaptainSheep1934d ago

I was wondering the same. Maybe it's 'cuz the site is a Naruto and DBZ only site?

Anyway, great additions. I can see Zoro being added soon. :D

kwiksilver991934d ago

zoro.hope he's in it.:)
one of my fav characters in one piece.
how can they not bring

tayz1934d ago

he's in the article but they probably left him out of the title cause he's not important like sasuke and vegeta is!!!

xActionBasturdx1934d ago

Please give us kid buu. He was the best villain in the dbz universe

DA_SHREDDER1934d ago

Thats a bold statement. What makes it so to you?

xActionBasturdx1934d ago

In dbz he was the only villain that goku didnt have a chance in beating. Kid buu destroyed goku in that fight and the kicked his spirit bomb, which is goku's strongest attack, right back at him. But goku is the poster boy and cant be defeated and got his power back from the dragon balls. Hands down kid buu is stronger

DA_SHREDDER1934d ago

bah, boo series was cool at first, then it got retarded.

DarkBlood1934d ago

wtf are you smoking, what episode did kid buu "kick the spirit bomb" from lol, that is what destroyed him when goku couldnt stay in his third form that long

SegaGamer1934d ago

Goku would have beat Kid Buu if he could keep his SS3 form longer. I think Super Buu with Gohan absorbed is the strongest DBZ villain, but i don't think he should be in the game. Frieza or Cell would be my pick of the DBZ villain.

Knux1934d ago

He wasn't due to his complete lack of personality. Now who we need to see is Frieza.

JadedWriter1934d ago

I hope Hiei and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho make it in there.

SegaGamer1934d ago

I would have Hiei and Taguro.

JadedWriter1934d ago

Why not Genkai as well, would be pretty cool, and Koenma as a gag pick.

miyamoto1934d ago

Hiei vs Vegeta will be EPIC!

JadedWriter1934d ago

The battle of the tall haircuts.

PrimeGrime1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

AWESOME! Ugh I want to import this my only concern is if there are combos or something I won't know how to do any of them or read them.

Brazz1934d ago

the combo system will be simple as hell, like the "naruto storm games". Go gamefaq and see tutorial/video of combos and real battles for the best oki/zoning/ pokes/etc. for the characters.

trickman8881934d ago

"the combo system will be simple as hell like the naruto storm games". I'm just curious, but can you show me the articles, videos, or gameplay impressions from people who have played the game that hint that it will be like the UNS games?

Thanks. obviously you have some insider info that us regular folks dont.

Brazz1934d ago

@ trickman888.
Man, take a look at Youtube game play videos. See the revealed mechanics in " ", and take in count that this is Bandai Nanco using the same, or at least a similar, engine as that used in "Naruto Storm series".
It's prety safe to assume that the game will follow the same line, simple and fun.
I bet my 20 years playing all kinds of fighting games that this game will be easy to get in and only a "little bit" hard to master, as "naruto storm".

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