New J-Stars Victory VS V-Jump Scans

Two new scans for the Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Toriko, Kenshin, KochiKame, Gintama crossover game have been released.

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miyamoto1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This is how you make a quality crossover game!

I really want to see the Rei Gun vs the Kamehameha!

Yu Yu Hakusho please!

Come on Namco Bandai!

Only on PlayStation Powah!

HystericalGamez1677d ago

Gonna have these translated tomorrow, as well as the DBZ scans.

Snookies121677d ago

Gintoki is in it! That's awesome!

mitchell11881677d ago

My #1 must have for vita!!!!