J-Stars Victory VS Scan 9 Reveals New Screenshots, Mechanics

Naruto, Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, Toriko, and Kenshin fight on Planet Namek.

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tayz1878d ago

oh gawd yes!!! imagine shooting a getsuga tenshou + kamehameha + a tailed beast bomb! hooolllyyy...that would be fantastic!

Baka-akaB1878d ago

As if anything but a nerd would read n4g to begin with

Shadonic1878d ago

brain beats brawn bro, Iron man and batman has proved that.

Septic1878d ago


Well I've got both so....;-) Back off Superman. You've got nothing on me.

Thirty3Three1877d ago


You may want to make at least some sort of attempt not to use a superhero analogy in public. You will get beat up for it c;

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miyamoto1878d ago

Oh My !!!!

Samurai X and Ichigo!

Don't tell my Yu Yu Hakusho is also joining the super mega awesome ness of this freakin game!!!! *( nose bleeds to the max!!!)

This is one helluva PS3 and PS Vita Exclusive!

Hadoukameha1878d ago

Kamehameha is so strong that the other attacks would just be negated by being anywhere near it.

TopDudeMan1878d ago

Kenshin Himura is in it! Awesome.

Xof1878d ago

Really hope they add Yu Yu Hakusho. Would make the game almost perfect. (Really, they need more than 1 character per series....)

Baka-akaB1878d ago

Along with Hunter X hunter too , it definitively deserves it's place there

ZoidsRaven1878d ago

Yes, it definitively does deserve it.


HexxedAvenger1878d ago

Importing so hard! Lol can't wait!

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