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J-Stars Victory VS Scan 9 Reveals New Screenshots, Mechanics

Naruto, Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, Toriko, and Kenshin fight on Planet Namek. (J-Stars Victory Vs, PS Vita, PS3)

tayz  +   297d ago
oh gawd yes!!! imagine shooting a getsuga tenshou + kamehameha + a tailed beast bomb! hooolllyyy...that would be fantastic!
Thirty3Three  +   297d ago
Septic  +   297d ago
And proud!
Baka-akaB  +   297d ago
As if anything but a nerd would read n4g to begin with
Shadonic  +   297d ago
brain beats brawn bro, Iron man and batman has proved that.
Septic  +   297d ago

Well I've got both so....;-) Back off Superman. You've got nothing on me.
Thirty3Three  +   296d ago

You may want to make at least some sort of attempt not to use a superhero analogy in public. You will get beat up for it c;
miyamoto  +   297d ago
Oh My !!!!

Samurai X and Ichigo!

Don't tell my Yu Yu Hakusho is also joining the super mega awesome ness of this freakin game!!!! *( nose bleeds to the max!!!)

This is one helluva PS3 and PS Vita Exclusive!
Hadoukameha  +   296d ago
Kamehameha is so strong that the other attacks would just be negated by being anywhere near it.
Zefros  +   297d ago
TopDudeMan  +   297d ago
Kenshin Himura is in it! Awesome.
Xof  +   297d ago
Really hope they add Yu Yu Hakusho. Would make the game almost perfect. (Really, they need more than 1 character per series....)
Baka-akaB  +   297d ago
Along with Hunter X hunter too , it definitively deserves it's place there
ZoidsRaven  +   297d ago
Yes, it definitively does deserve it.

HexxedAvenger  +   297d ago
Importing so hard! Lol can't wait!
nick309  +   297d ago
iMaim  +   297d ago
Trailer when?!
tayz  +   297d ago
first trailer came out like 2 months ago! short, but epic!
TwilightSparkle  +   296d ago
I hope it comes to the us

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