J-Star’s Licensing May Be Keeping It From The West

J-Stars Victory Vs. is a hot title for many anime fans, including those here in the west. According to J. Kartje, Community Manager at Namco Bandai America, “I don’t know much about it – But I know it’s complicated with all the licensing etc.”

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BlackWolf1439d ago

Unfortunately, it's to be expected. Too many franchises that need agreements. The same thing happened to both Jump Stars games on DS. A shame, but at least it can be imported!

Kingthrash3601439d ago

sad day...i recently saw the villains trailer...this hurts.

admiralvic1439d ago

"The same thing happened to both Jump Stars games on DS. "

Jump Ultimate and Super Stars were a little different. While licenses played a role, I recall there being issues with content in the game and how far Shonen Jump was in the US. It contained a number of spoilers for series they were releasing, which would have most likely angered fans.

BlackWolf1439d ago

Yeah, there was also that. Thanks for the reminder! + Helpful.

admiralvic1439d ago

Want to also report that the sky is blue, fire is hot or water is wet?

From the moment this game was announced, people have been talking about how licenses would probably prevent it from coming to the West. It's hardly news when a rep states a wildly known and almost universally accepted fact.

With that being said, this also doesn't mean it won't happen either. Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Project X Zone and a few other "hopeless" titles made it over here. Now, they might need to cut content (like what happened with TVC) or release it digitally, but just because it's hard doesn't mean it won't happen.

jamespetergriff1439d ago

Hey guys I am the writer of this article and I can say that it's pretty sad its not coming over to Canada or the U.S.A. As a kid who grew up reading Shonen Jump, I may end up importing it despite not speaking Japanese.

DanielGearSolid1439d ago

Japanese never let the "business" side of things get in the way of gaming...

Love that

sypher1439d ago

Hopefully it isn't too text heavy so we can enjoy it regardless of language! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.