J-Stars Victory VS Trailer 6 Antagonists in Action

It shows off all the recently revealed antagonists in action.

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tayz1767d ago


Snookies121767d ago

That was just too awesome... I'm really nervous about getting my hopes up too high for this. I tend to keep my expectations in check for games, but this one is getting me too hyped. I really hope the combat is as fulfilling and fun as it looks!

tayz1767d ago

i know!! it would be a super downer if it ends up sucking!! but it can't this is shonen jump at its maximum!!!

BlackWolf1767d ago

Man, what a blast of awesomeness!! Loving everything about it! (except Allen not being playable... T.T). Pretty much a must-import material.

dboyman1767d ago

Now with Raoh and Kenshiro on board, this game is full of epic awesome win!

My niece's boyfriend just said all they need is Kamina from Gurren Lagann, and this game will over flow with epic manliness, whatever that means!

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