J-Stars Victory VS+ Producer: PS4 Version “Really Necessary;” Talks about Xbox One and Steam

J-star Victor VS+ Producer Koji Nakajima explains the necessity of a PS4 version in the west and talks about future Xbox One and PC development

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RmanX10001067d ago

I just think getting more of these games in general would be pretty sweet.

Aloy-Boyfriend1067d ago

Xbox is a huge marker overseas, but not for JRPGs or games based from Animes like this one

NeverHeavyMan1067d ago

I'd wager that Xbox's presence overseas, outside of the UK, is hardly remarkable. However, that doesn't mean it should not get any overseas love, just not to the extent of either Nintendo or Sony.

Brotard1067d ago

According to vgchartz Xbox market share is about 28% right now, and 65% of that is North America and 20% is UK. That's if this last month is representative of most months

TwilightSparkle1067d ago

Well the ps4 is selling like hotcakes so yeah its Really Necessary! But i hope it comes to the xone and pc.....wish it would come to the wiiu aswell

Spyroo1067d ago

Basically a sequel or similar will come to other platforms, the guy seems this version will stay, but future titles may have a chance.

TXIDarkAvenger1067d ago

Should give PC a shot. The Naruto games and the recent DBZ game prove there is a market for it on Steam. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is also making its way to PC too.

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