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Guerrilla Games’ New PS4 Exclusive to Have Improved Facial Animation, Environment Interaction & More

13d ago - It's known that Guerrilla Games is currently working on a new PS4 exclusive, which is rumored to... | PS4

Horizon is Guerrilla's new PS4 game

39d ago - The code name is horizon, which is a new PS4 title from Guerrilla. These information has been rev... | PS4

Top 5 Games we hope to see at Gamescom 2014

87d ago - Carlos writes: All eyes will be on Cologne, Germany from August 13-17 as we eagerly await some bi... | PS4

Guerrilla Games New PS4 Game to Include Animals/Creatures with “Real-Time Animalistic Movement”

87d ago - Very little is known about the Guerrilla Games' unannounced PS4 game, even if there are widesprea... | PS4

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Guerrilla Games Improving its Animation Technology for Upcoming Unannounced Games

108d ago - Guerrilla Games is currently working on a PS4 exclusive, heavily rumored to be an open world RPG,... | PS4

Guerrilla Games' New PS4 Game's Audio Will Be Done By a Four Man Team; Studio Has 200 Employees Now

121d ago - If you’re curious about Guerrilla Games upcoming PS4 title, which is rumored to be an open world... | PS4

Guerrilla Games' New Character Artist's Amazing Art Shows that They Have Great Talent for Monsters

123d ago - Guerrilla Games has been hiring a lot lately, bringing new blood into the team in preparation of... | PS4

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Preview Interview E3 2014

136d ago - Guerrilla Games brings co-op DLC to Killzone Shadow Fall with Intercept. Check out this gameplay... | PS4

Guerrilla Games Talks About Respect for Microsoft and Competition, Explains that Graphics Matter

141d ago - Guerrilla Games held an extensive AMA Spanning two days on Reddit, and touched on a theme that ha... | PS4

5 Big Expectations That We Have From Guerilla Game’s Next AAA PS4 Exclusive

142d ago - IR: Guerrilla Games has managed to leave it’s mark on the gaming industry and managed to deliver... | PS4

GG: With KZ:SF "We Did The Best In The Time We Had";Player Numbers Are Low;Retro Maps Incoming

143d ago - Guerrilla Games talks with honesty about Killzone: Shadow Fall, from the absence of Move and 3D t... | PS4

Guerrilla Games on PS4 Future: "Still a Lot to Discover;" Talks 1080p, New IP and Relation with Sony

143d ago - Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma is currently holding an AMA on Reddit he dis... | PS4

Guerrilla Games Teases New PS4 Remasters Announcements, Talks new IP, Praises Sony 1st Party Studios

143d ago - Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer is holding an AMA on Reddit at the moment, and he dropped... | PS4

Guerrilla Games Confirms That Their Next PS4 IP Is Open World,Talks About Killzone Shadow Fall Co-op

143d ago - "Its been rumored for a while that Guerrilla Games are working on an open world sci-fi role playi... | PS4

Guerrilla Games Confirm That Their New IP Won't Be At E3

143d ago - GearNuke: "Guerrilla Games have confirmed that they won't show their new IP at E3. " | PS4

Guerrilla Games: PS4 Is Easy To Develop For, Focus Is On Gamers First; Teases Next Project

143d ago - GearNuke: "Guerrilla Games recently conducted an AMA on reddit and had quite an interesting respo... | PS4

101 with PMC: Killzone Shadowfall

143d ago - “101 with PMC” is a new series that is coming to Max Level. The series discusses the three T’s: t... | PS4

Guerrilla’s New PS4 RPG: Trailer Ready for E3, But “Other Things” Will Determine if it’s Shown–Rumor

149d ago - Many are wondering about the heavily rumored open world RPG for PS4 in the works at Guerrilla Gam... | PS4

Guerrilla Game’s PS4 Open-World RPG to Include “Robot Dinos, Female Protaganist” and More – Insider

149d ago - OnlySP: Shinobi602 is quickly becoming our most trusted inside source here at OnlySP. He’s provid... | PS4

Guerrilla Games PS4 RPG “Definitely Going to be Unique” According to Insider

150d ago - There have been very insistent rumors that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming new PS4 IP is an open world... | PS4

PS4 Game Release Dates

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As Killzone Shadow Fall gets co-op, Guerrilla plots future on PS4

159d ago - Guerrilla Games is busy working on a significant four-player co-op expansion to its PlayStation 4... | PS4

Sony E3 2014: Next Uncharted, Project Beast, Guerrilla Games' New IP And More

163d ago - IR: "Last year Sony really impressed the hell out of us and made sure that whatever they presente... | PS4

Guerrilla Game's New IP an Open-World RPG, Comparable to The Witcher 3 in “Scope” – Insider

169d ago - OnlySP: We’ve been hearing rumblings about Guerrilla Game’s new IP for quite some time. One of th... | PS4

Why Do People Think Guerrilla Can Make a Great RPG?

169d ago - Just because they can create a great shooter doesn't necessarily mean they can make an award-winn... | PS4

Guerrilla's New IP To Have Significant Online/Social Focus

173d ago - Guerrilla Games is looking to recruit online designers who have a record of titles with "signific... | PS4
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