Guerrilla Games Teases New PS4 Remasters Announcements, Talks new IP, Praises Sony 1st Party Studios

Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer is holding an AMA on Reddit at the moment, and he dropped some quite interesting pieces of information.

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XiSasukeUchiha1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Killzone Collection for PS4 confirmed, and unknown remake as well!


This is my guess not the actual annoucement.

Abriael1386d ago

Uh, that's not really what he said.

ZodTheRipper1385d ago

And I hope it stays that way. Even though I bought the last 3 Killzone games on Day1 I really hope that there won't be any HD remasters for these games ...they're simply not good enough to justify spending resources on them.

thorstein1385d ago

I just think it will be an announcement that they will be playable via PSNow.

strifeblade1385d ago

Isn't it too soon to remaster killzone shadowfall? Man time flies, it feels like it just came out 6 months ago.

UltraNova1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I would love to see KZ, KZ2 and all PSP/VITA titles remastered on a single disc on the 60 it would be a steal...

Come to think of it KZ2 weighted something like 30-34gb...*(I'm too lazy to search right now) which means all of them wont fit.

Well its nice to dream..

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JMyers1386d ago

That's not what the article or the forum posts states.

SgtBrianB141386d ago

This guy talk senseless thing in every comment he makes

kanyewesting1386d ago

Oh a bunch of remakes..great.

pixelsword1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

If they re-do the ORIGINAL Killzone, plus put all of the multiplayers together(including the original KZ's multiplayer), that would be something I'd buy.

Deadpoolio1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Ummm actually reading the article it really isn't even mentioned, so I'm not sure why it's even in the title...Soooo nothing confirmed....

But at least it confirms the people who only actually read the title on N4g as opposed to actually reading the article itself

ssj271385d ago

KILLZONE remaster day one!! I hope with their online section.. specially Killzone one and two online.. i don't care much about Killzone 3 online.. they could left that out..

And I hope the other remake remaster is Socom 2 ufff that will be a huge boom!!! GG have work on nam77 and they could easily remaster socom 2 or confrontation.. but this is me just dreaming

showtimefolks1385d ago

I for one wouldn't mind playing the Via KZ on ps4 as a digital download. Also i feel like many of sony europe's games won't be shown at e3.(gamescom a better time, especially with europe so big with PlayStation brand)

here are my realistic expections from E3 2014:

new Ceo comes out introduces himself
talks about how ps4 is doing so well
tags along ps3 and vita
a Video trailer shows many of games coming to ps3
some Vita games are shown

Drive club on stage demo

psn-now(this new ceo is the one who has been pushing for psn now for a while. 10 plus minutes of talk and on stage demo, release date,price etc will be revealed

Right after we get 10 or so minutes for project Morpheus, possibly a old ps3 game shown to br working with it or a new IP.

ps4 games 1st and 3rd party:

God of war collection coming to ps4
GOW4 teaser trailer
NBA 2k15 on stage demo
AC Unity on stage demo

Project beast is demon souls 2
ND 3 plus minute gameplay trailer

RS agent NAH
GTA5 exclusive to ps4 for one year(R* owes sony big time for letting them out of their exclusive deal with GTA4, so expect some sort of reward)

ps4 bundled with Vita for $549
ps4 bundle $399 with Knack and one more digital download

If MS drops the price of xbox360 to $249 than ps3 same and if xbox360 is at $199 than same for ps3

The last of us coming June 13th

I fully expect few more remasters

thank you ladies and gentlemen, before we close the show here is The Last Guardian coming December 16th 2014

sony bend
sony london

their new Ip's saved for gamescom

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SmokingMonkey1386d ago

All praise ye go to Sony 1st party

FIREsafety1386d ago

Dammit.... I wanted to see their new RPG at E3. Here's to hoping for something at Gamescon, which is starting to become more and more attractive.

Phatty1385d ago

If they show a re-master and not a new ip at E3, I will literally and metaphorically crap myself.

Lucreto1386d ago

I was hoping for their next game. They might save it for Gamescom since they are an Eu developer.

I expect a branding like the platinum range for the PS4 definitive edition games

I am guessing Beyond Two Souls, Uncharted Collection, Puppeteer, Grand Turismo God of War Ascension.

fonger081386d ago

Seriously, can we stop with these and focus resources elsewhere?

bleedsoe9mm1386d ago

fast and dirty , easy money they can't help themselves

andibandit1386d ago

Remasters are the Megaton, todays system, playing yesterdays games, how can it get any better than that?

B_Real1386d ago

Yeah, I'm okay with remasters that are older titles with updated graphics, but the original Killzone is the only game that really deserves a remastered version, but two extra games thrown in is good value. Remember when they did a remastered version of Chronicles of Riddick with updated graphics with the new Riddick game Dark Athena: now that's how you do remastered games.

GameDev11386d ago

Did you read even the article??

No remaster has been confirmed

Silly gameAr1385d ago

No, they just saw the word remaster in the headline and ran with it.

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