PS4, Sony Exclusives, Gaikai and More in 2013

Look outside – do things look different? Of course it does! It’s 2013! Last year sucked, but things will certainly be different for gamers and PlayStation this time, right? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan rub their balls to see the future, and offer their mystic, absolutely correct, predictions about the next 12 months.

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alexcosborn1970d ago

This year is going to be insane! (Hopefully) new consoles, loads of great games... I can't wait!!

jujubee881970d ago

C'mon, Sony! Make us Playstation enthusiasts proud!

It's not exactly like we had the best of years in 2012. Nevertheless, we are gamers and look forward to some fun this year.

Exclusive games. Exclusive experiences. Exclusively Playstation.

Happy New Year, everyone!

LOGICWINS1970d ago

2012 was great for PS owners if you didn't confine yourself to exclusive games.

Killzoner991970d ago

If you think 2012 was not a good year for Playstation then I wouldn't call yourself a Playstation enthusiast. It sounds like you wish you were but you are NOT . Sony dominated 2012 just like it will in 2013, 2014 , 2015 etc. and anyone who says otherwise is nothing but a troll.

EVILDEAD3601970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

'2012 was great for PS owners if you didn't confine yourself to exclusive games.'

It's a shame that this quote is viewed differently in regards to all consoles, when multi-plats get brought up.

edit @ Kilzoner

The guys said it wasnt the best of years and that was his opinion. LOL @ you jumping down his throat for not claiming mandatory worldwide 'domination if he were to be a Sony enthusiast...LMAO


BitbyDeath1970d ago

2012 wasn't that great for me either luckily PS+ filled the gap with plenty of free games to play.

zeeshan1970d ago

I absolutely love my PS3 but to be honest, I am getting sick and tired of this. No wait, I AM already sick and tired of current-gen consoles. They are taking forever to launch new consoles and breathe a fresh life in the industry. IMO, consoles should not stick for this long!

LOGICWINS1970d ago

"If you think 2012 was not a good year for Playstation then I wouldn't call yourself a Playstation enthusiast. It sounds like you wish you were but you are NOT ."


EddieNX 1970d ago

I just want the ps4 NOW!!!! Not interested how powerfull it is (although would appreciate it looking good obviously)

But I just want a new console because it's NEW. You know it's gunna be supported for many years in the future and all that. This is the main reason I like my Wiiu. Just because It's new.....

xursz1970d ago

^ i always thought you were LX-General-Kaos posing as a new user but obviously he'd die before posting that. Good on you for supporting new consoles.

MaxXAttaxX1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Lot's of good stuff on both PS3 and Vita.

1969d ago
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Sony will most likely let you play anywhere you want.

CD Projekt red is a partner with then and you can play the wither 2 on gaikai.

Sony needs to make big profits to get out of trouble and I think they will want to expand into something more bigger and universal.

We could play on a calculator or toaster!

OR not.

I just don't think they spent 380M for a demo service. And on top of theat they invest 1/4th of 1.9 billion to further develope gaikai.

Gaikai was gonna start a full service just before sony bought them anyway.

But anyway Xbox will have only console games and ps4 might have pc games also.

Like alan wake!

RevXM1970d ago

"Sony will most likely let you play anywhere you want."

You know, when putting it this way it kind of makes me see a whole another main area of use for GAKAI technology.

Streaming game content like demos and so forth is cool... but what if its main purpose is to be fully implemented on PS4 and VITA to have seemless communication between them?
Stream your ps4 games to vita anywhere and anytime and access content to any PS certified device. Ps3 and Vita does this already to SOME EXTENT which I really hate because its a major tease because at one point I thought every game would be streamable to VITA day 1 but here we are with like almost no games supporting it...

Imagine having music, pic's and videos on your playstation and stream it to your android or iOS device and the other way around?

Knight_Crawler1969d ago

If Sony really wanted to get out of trouble they would start by putting SOME OF there exclusive games on the PC.

Ezz20131969d ago


lol in your dreams

GribbleGrunger1969d ago

Ezz213: I think you'll find it is more than likely going to happen when Gaikai is fully utilised. Perhaps not the brands new AAA titles, but Uncharted 1, Motorstorm or Resistance would probably be part of the offerings.

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Orionsangel1970d ago

This looks to be the best year for gaming in years. Tomb Raider, Gears of War Judgement, Bioshock Infinite, GTAV, The Last of Us and even better if MS and Sony announce their next gen consoles. Big year!

Conzul1970d ago

Yeah March especially is gonna be mad.

akaakaaka1970d ago

Reading the comments in this tells one thing is sure

(Just making sure Sony gets the f&%$ message )

PS4 need to be a solid console in term of polished games and lag free online..

MasterCornholio1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


If releasing it now means releasing something similar to the Wii U i would rather wait because i want something that a lot more powerful than the PS3.


showtimefolks1970d ago

a lot of games-check
most like new systems--check

insane year in gaming Check and check

i am so excited for early 2013 but i am also jyst as excited for what's to come in fall 2013(which most of it is still unknown)

TruthBTold1969d ago

Lol, "rub their balls", should have been "rub their CRYSTAL balls" so their would be less fun to make of it. Anyways, I hope we at least get to see some next gen console games this year. I am ready if the jump is decent enough.

TAURUS-5551969d ago

PS4..bring it on ¡¡¡¡

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Foolsjoker1970d ago

Nothing like some ball rubbing to start the year off.

doctorstrange1970d ago

Meh, wake me at 2014 so I can get all the games on PS+

Foolsjoker1970d ago

Maybe we will see The Last Guardian also...or maybe not. =(

Killzoner991970d ago

It's people like you who really piss me off. You need to buy these games to support Sony , not wait around for them become free on PS+. You are nothing but a free loader IMHO and frankly I don't think you should be posting here until you realize that. Now GTFO.

JaredH1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Based on the maturity of your comment I'm guessing you were born in 1999.

Foolsjoker1970d ago

That will be a bit late, especially since late 2013 is pretty much empty for both Microsoft and Sony. So we will see next-gen by the end of this year, or Jan/Feb of 2014.

BitbyDeath1970d ago

You can wait if you want but i'll be picking it up as soon as it arrives in 2013.