Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Player stats are mind-boggling

With Sony revealing that Horizon Zero Dawn has moved over 3.4 MILLION copies since launch, it was only time before Guerrilla Games would release some new updated player stats and they did so today.

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UCForce66d ago

That's freaking awesome !

chrisx65d ago Show
65d ago
SolidStateSnake65d ago

@ croota

Well it is backen up by 3.4 million sold copies and +60 million sold PS4's.

morganfell65d ago


You do not understand such stats given as an "addition to", rather than an "in lieu of".

BIGBOSS0865d ago

Did you miss the over 3.4m copies part? That's the difference between sony and Microsoft.

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tyasia066d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I'm glad the investment in new IP paid off. This is an important statement to the industry. When this game makes it to a bundle the sales should really explode.

PlayStationBrah66d ago

I can definitely see it being their bundle game this Fall.

brokenbracket65d ago

Waiting on a GOTY edition myself.

SolidGear365d ago

When I was visiting my girlfriend in the Netherlands, they actually had a bundle of this with an OG PS4. I'm guessing since Guerilla is based in the Netherlands :3

ooquis64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

We got the Horizon Bundle for a while now in South Africa. Got me the Pro bundled With Horizon + extra controller for the standard Pro price. This game is the reason i got a Pro and 4k TV. And it was for every penny.

AspiringProGenji66d ago

Corrupted Sawtooth are deadly, but the Rockbreakers are the real pain. I took me over 10 retrys to hunt a pair of them

PlayStationBrah66d ago

A-freagin'-men!!! That pair ticked me off SO BAD!!!

Shakengandulf65d ago

All i did was cross a near by river.. lol they couldn't get me.

fenome66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I remember stumbling into my first Rockbreaker, it was a real "Oh Sh!t!!" Moment I couldn't even tell what it was, I had to run away and scout the situation because I couldn't even tell what was trying to kill me.

I went in fighting hard, but I was ahead of myself. I was way under leveled and it crushed me. Lol

I came back later and tore it up though, and I know which two you're talking about too. That was an epic fight, some Snapjaws even came in and added a badass distraction. I love this game for moments like that. Can't wait for that DLC to drop!!

SolidStateSnake65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Those, the Stormbird and the Stalker was the hardest ones for me.

fenome65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

My first run in with a Stormbird was so frantic!

The first time I stumbled into a Rockbreaker was right out in the open. I pretty much just ran screaming through the first desert part with the Glint Hawks and the Tramplers because I wanted to see what was on the other side. I ended up running right into the Rockbreaker. I started taking it really slow after that. Lol

RevXM65d ago

Yeah I was underleveled too. I just accepted a side mission outside of a a dig site near meridian. and I died a few times. I cheated as I found an unbreakable shack and I took cover in it and bombed the shit out of the rockbreaker with the slingshot. lol. It still took a while.

Never wanted to see that thing again. pain in the ass.

@Solid. Killed my first Stalker in one try, it went down pretty rapidly and I did so just after my first first longleg.
I died a few times on that longleg, dunno why that was so hard. lol.

I hate the little flying robots so much. they are often flocked together like 5 of them and they are hard to get a lock on and they piss on you with freeze attacks all around you and they love to hover straight above you so you cant aim at them and go rapidly back and forth above you. flying turds. they dont take that much damage but they are the most annoying ones for sure when there are many of them.

Summons7565d ago

I don't think I even fought a regular one. I remember seeing it but I probably noped the fuck out. The Sawtooth I found a way to exploit one so down he went.

FITSniper65d ago

You find a town with a quarry and if you accept the quest from the guy there and go in, there's a regular one. I haven't gotten to a corrupted one but if the fight with a regular one was any indication, it'll be a pain. Just the regular one was a pain to fight. Can't imagine more than one at once.

Sawtooths are easy though.

thekhurg65d ago


What's crazy is the rock quarry one is the easiest because they put explosives around the area for you to exploit. The ones in the wild.... OMG so intense

RommyReigns65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

On the way to Sunfall travelling from east to west, travelling on the recommended route given suddenly shows up not one but TWO! First time encountering them (a legit WTF moment) it took me 30 minutes camping behind some rocks to kill them both (being more experienced it now takes me about 3-4 minutes to kill them), one of the side quests (required for the all allies joined trophy) next to the location mentioned above, has another rockbreaker but this one's easier to deal with if you keep the high ground. A Corrupted Zone near the Thunderjaw hunting ground has two corrupted rockbreakers, you can either use the rocks for cover on one side of that area or use the high ground on the other side of the stream to take them down.

rainslacker64d ago

That regular one is kind of a surprise if you're not expecting it. Seems like an arena where you're going to fight a bunch of enemies, then you just have this thing pummeling you and it's hard to analyze because it's not above ground too much.

I just laid tons of traps, went through most of my resources making more during the fight, and barely survived in the end. lol

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jerethdagryphon65d ago

First try. Use the arch duck and dodge from there

mafiahajeri65d ago

buwhahaha go play nioh my friend you'll be repeating some bosses at least 20 times xD

AspiringProGenji65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I beat Nioh months ago and the only one who gave me a lot of trouble was that samurai from the first map. Most bosses only cost me less than 5 retrys actually. I'm not trying to say Horizon is harder by any means

1Victor65d ago

Get the skill to call a ride it helps a lot distracting them and dodge a lot

itBourne65d ago

Yes! When you had to take on two Rockbreakers at the same time... by far the hardest part... guess it may depend on difficulty? (I played on the hardest) I probably died 17 times there, when I finally got those two bastards it was so rewarding.

The flower between the two Thunderjaws was pretty insane too, until I leveled and figured stuff out at least, now those guys are a piece of cake.

pody65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I just used the environment to my advantage. They're right by some big rocks and they can't climb that shit. It still took a while to take them down but you're pretty safe the whole time.

It's the cowardly way to take them down. :D

KickSpinFilter65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I just made them fight each other, and then mopped up the other one!

RommyReigns65d ago

Exactly what I did the first time I faced them!

rainslacker64d ago

I tried sniping them from across the river atop some rocks that was higher than the ones near them. They can shoot rocks at you, but they're easy to avoid. The baddies that normally patrol that area are the most annoying part, and they ended up killing me because I wasn't always paying attention. I think I went through several days on in game day/night cycle just to get that one down to 50%.

I have some ideas to try out the area when I go back though.

mafiahajeri65d ago

I call BS 5 retrys my ass...

II__BONE__II65d ago

I got lucky on my first run in with Rockbreakers.
I was up high on a ledge and they seemed to be stuck on the other side of the river and never came any closer to me. There were also a few Sawtooth attacking them so it made my job easier.
90+ hours in and still enjoying it.
lol,...what is the plural of Sawtooth anyway,......? Sawteeth?