Rumour: First details of the new IP of Guerrilla Games surfaces

PSNow! claims to have a close source, and has unveiled the first details of the new IP of Guerrilla Games, which Herman Hurst announced a few months ago.

We'll see if E3 is the moment to announce the right place to make it official.


In order to keep it as accurate as possible, the original source says: New details of the new IP based in a fantastic universe.

And this could well be the new IP Guerrilla Games has been developing for months.

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Surfaced2753d ago

What's up with that website's header image for the article?

And "Custom Lairs"??

Oh god... is it really.....?

Hidalgo2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Google doesn't translate properly.

It makes perect sense in Spanish, maybe I can solve your doubts. Please feel free to ask if you will.

ie: where it says "NPM", the original article says NGP.

ie2: Jesus... where google says "Sony's Laptop" the original article says "Sony's new handheld". Just to let you know.

velocitygamer2753d ago

Will be interesting to see what they come up with. Guerilla Games are very talented, and when they mean they can deliver, they CAN deliver it. Remember that 2005 Killzone 2 trailer? Everyone thought it was impossible? Look at Killzone 3, it surpassed it by miles.

afterMoth2753d ago

I love the Killzone games (II more than III) but the games don't look nearly as good as the trailer. Same goes for Motorstorm, easily one of the best racing games but it doesn't match the trailer.

Back on topic, I'm 100% positive they'll put out something awesome.

WhittO2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

TBH, I think Sony should employ GG for developing tech/Game Engines etc for others to use.

I think their games have the most impressive quality visuals out there on ps3.

BUT.. I have to say, no matter how amazing GG make their games look, they just don't seem to be good at actually making them fun to play.

Playing through K3 for me, was just really boring and ideas/sequences that should have been fun (like jet packs or no grav areas etc) just didn't turn out that way at all, it just felt like I was killing wave after wave of enemies that keep spawning from nowhere, ended up using same gun most of the game since the interesting/Unique guns only come with a few shots and all basically do the same thing anyway = Machine Gun/Make things explode/Useless.

The ending to K3 was dire imo, I couldn't believe it ended so fast like that, after 9+ hours of game play, we got a 20 second clip that didn't have one ounce of story closure. The entire story has gone down the drain, just a cutscene to set up the next enemy spam fest, then rinse & repeat...

I know I will get so many disagrees, but I have to say, that was one bland gaming experience for such an amazing looking game!

(It reminds me of Stargate Universe (TV Show lol).. has amazing visuals/set design/sound design/Lighting Design// basically everything production wise etc, BUT with bad writing, it almsot all just goes to waste with so much potential of being amazing! (Even though it did improve towards the end haha))

afterMoth2753d ago

I agree Whitto. They really could use somebody to make better level designs. The tech is amazing that they have. KZ3 took a few steps backwards in level design.

There is so much potential.

ForceCSW2753d ago

I love Killzone 3's multiplayer, but I think that Killzone would have been much better if they had made it more personal in the campaign(a problem I believe all military shooters have). They didn't do a good job of making me sympathize with the plights of the ISA soldiers stranded on Helgan. Killzone 2 was better at this especially in the earlier parts of the campaign. For 3 I think more grit was needed, for war is dirty and miserable. Someone needs to make a shooter with characters I actually care about and have me follow their journey through hell.

zeeshan2753d ago

Oh hell! I wana see this revealed at E3 not before or not after but during E3!

HardCover2752d ago

"TBH, I think Sony should employ GG for developing tech/Game Engines etc for others to use."

Dude Sony in-house devs already share info like that.

Even Insomniac shares, and they're not a first party dev.

WhittO2752d ago


Ye they share tech and give eachother guidance/tips to get extra power out of it.

But they all have their own engines and tech, what I'm saying is, GG should make the perfect engine for PS3 and sell it to 3rd Party devs (Like Unreal engine..).

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lil Titan2753d ago

i dont believe it, i remember a LONG time ago when gears came out they said Guerrilla was working on a third person shooter to rival that game. if i can find the article ill put it up

Rage_S902753d ago

no but they confirmed they were working on a new ip a while back


Sony Needs a modern day FPS... It already has Killzone, Resistance, Warhawk, Starhawk, Mag, and even Time Crysis as Futuristic shooters, and Metal gear solid & Uncharted as 3PS... But No Modern day FPS...Even though they are the most popular shooters by a landslide.

With Multiplats like Call of Duty and Homefront getting better ports, servers, and earlier DLC, I believe sony needs a FPS EXCLUSIVE to the PS3... I just want a game with dedicated servers and a Modern array of weapons. I was hoping Killzone would be the ones to make it because they would topple cod easily!

Takoulya2753d ago

MAG's pretty damn modern day. 2025 with the same guns as today, only with fancy repair and medical kits that BF:BC2 has.

MinusTheBear2753d ago

We need less FPS you fool. More Platformers and RPG.

slinky1234562753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I doubt it will be announced at this years E3, maybe next years tho.

Infernostew2753d ago

Oh boy! Can't wait to catch a glimpse of this baby!

Headquarters112753d ago

"Multiplatform Game"

WTF? I'm guessing it means NGP and PS3?

TheKindRoost2753d ago

@kon haha! dream on. Does first party ring any bell in yer head?

Eiffel2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )


Fable III, and D.C Universe are both first party and are both on PC and Consoles.

PC is a platform under no one. So it's highly possible.

Arksine2753d ago


Windows is still a MS platform, which is why you see MS 1st parties occasionally release games for it. SOE games (MMOs) are always developed for the PC, because that is where the largest MMO audience is.

Guerilla isn't under the SOE umbrella, they are under SCE. To my knowledge not a single game developed by a SCE 1st party has been ported to a non-playstation platform.

Kleptic2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Windows is a MS platform, but it doesn't have licensing fees anywhere near that of the 360 or PS3...the main reason PC software sells for less than console versions...and MS doesn't impose any QC testing on the developers...which gives developers total control of the software and updating it...

basically all a developer has to do for windows licensing is acquire rights to print the windows logo on the box...because of the relative ease to develop for windows (which is completely unlike the gestapo approach they take to the 360 and XBL); it is why windows as an OS is still so popular...

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DonMingos2753d ago

Reading it in spanish and making my own conclusions, it looks like it will be some kind of MMO (Don't know if RPG, FPS or any other kind) wich you'll be able to play on your ps3 and then keep playing it on your NGP, The kind of cross platform that the Panasonic "Jungle" was aiming to do with others MMO's

Graey2752d ago

If that is true, I'd be very curious to see how that's done. All in all GG makes good games. They do need to tighten up the story aspect, perhaps branch out and create something different.

ME19892753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

"Multiplatform Game"

WTF? I'm guessing it means NGP and PS3?"

Oh no, the HORROR.

Headquarters112753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Yea, I bet your panties got wet when you read "multiplatform"

Mista T2753d ago

please be better than Killzone

Machioto2753d ago

It might be a game that fuses cabella hunt and Turok.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2753d ago

you say that as if killzone wasn't freakishly amazing.

Graey2752d ago

for some honestly i can see why they don't like it. Visually KZ is astounding. But it takes more than that, and let's face it. KZ will always get more flack compared to say COD. I personally favor KZ but mainly because I think it has potential and I love the lore of it.

Istanbull2753d ago

Ignored for insulting my intelligence about Killzone's epicness.

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